The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, June 30, 2006

News for 06-29-06

06-29-06 - FBI says data on VA laptop not accessed Burglars stole the computer equipment from a data analyst's Maryland home on May 3. Law enforcement officials recovered the laptop and hard drive after an informant on Wednesday notified the U.S. Park Police that he had heard about a $50,000 reward and knew where they could be found.

06-29-06 - The High Price of American Gullibility

06-29-06 - VA worker had OK for data later stolen

06-29-06 - West expects reply from Iran next week

06-29-06 - Iran rejects early nuclear reply

06-29-06 - MPs warn of threat from Iran The confrontation with Iran over its nuclear programme could lead to terrorist attacks in Britain, MPs on the Commons' Intelligence and Security Committee say.

06-29-06 - Next We Take Tehran This author thinks it's all about oil.

06-29-06 - Most foreign fighters in Iraq come from Egypt: US military Will we now sanction Egypt (like we did Syria) over this? Oops. Egypt has a peace treaty with Israel; no sanctions.

06-29-06 - Bush about-face on Iran draws friend's ire Richard Perle blames Condoleezza Rice for Bush's softer stance on Iran.
None of the neoconservatives that deliberately misled the American people into going to war with Iraq have been brought to justice. In fact, they're still warmongering - this time the target is Iran.

06-29-06 - Russia chastises U.S. over energy President Vladimir Putin's top political adviser Wednesday accused the United States of seeking international energy domination under the guise of promoting democracy

06-29-06 - Supreme Court blocks war crimes trials for Guantanamo detainees

06-29-06 - German Jewish leader blasts outreach to Iran A German Jewish leader criticized attempts to reach out to Iran.

06-29-06 - Moscow warns against military operation in Gaza Strip

06-29-06 - Syria backs Hamas despite renewed Israeli threat

06-29-06 - Arab anger flares at Israeli incursion An aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said both Abbas and Egyptian officials called Syrian President Bashar Assad to ask him to persuade Mashaal to order the soldier's release.

06-29-06 - Arabs back Syria after Israeli flyover

06-29-06 - U.S. losing war on terror, experts say "The war in Iraq broke our back in the war on terror," said the former official, Michael Scheuer, author of Imperial Hubris, a popular book highly critical of the Bush administration's anti-terrorism efforts. "It has made everything more difficult and the threat more existential."

06-29-06 - White House to Chabad: Bush won't press Israel The Bush administration will not force Israel into concessions, top White House officials told representatives of the Lubavitch movement......Bolten said Bush would follow Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's lead in deciding what concessions to support. Well now there's a shocker! Here is the most important sentence again : "Bolten said Bush would follow Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's lead in deciding what concessions to support."

06-29-06 - Syria vows to defend itself after Israeli overflight

06-29-06 - Kentucky employees denied access to Web sites after an employee distributed material from one of the sites that was deemed religiou What's good for the goose....

Thursday, June 29, 2006

News for 06-28-06

06-28-06 - Two Palestinian refugees killed in Iraq

06-28-06 - Russia will not join ultimatums over nuclear issue: Putin

06-28-06 - Time for an "Agonizing Reappraisal" by Patrick J. Buchanan

06-28-06 - Complaint filed in 32 countries against U.S. bank data mining

06-28-06 - Germany could accept nuclear enrichment in Iran Iran should be allowed to enrich uranium for power generation provided there is close monitoring by U.N. inspectors to ensure it is not trying to develop atomic weapons, Germany's defense minister said.

06-28-06 - Syrian air defenses fire on Israeli jets State-run Syrian television said two Israeli planes flew near Syria's Mediterranean coast early Wednesday, and "national air defenses opened fire in the direction of the planes, and they dispersed."

06-28-06 - Jewish groups hope they can keep homeland security money flowing Jewish groups gratefully absorbed more than half of the homeland security funds last year aimed at protecting nonprofits - and they're campaigning to make sure the money keeps flowing....The funds are an unqualified boon, Jewish leaders agree. And this fact is the most ironic of all.

06-28-06 - World Jewish Congress meets in Berlin on Iran The WJC leaders said they would have meetings with Jewish communities around the world and with international policymakers to help to shape efforts on the Middle East.

06-28-06 - Rice arrives in Russia to discuss Iran, Mideast with G8

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

News for 06-27-06

06-27-06 - Many U.S. Iraq War vets return to homelessness "I'm a young black man from the ghetto but this was culture shock. This is not what I fought for, what I almost died for." "This is not what I was supposed to come home to."
This is unacceptable.

06-27-06 - Iran says will not benefit from talks with US "We will not negotiate with anybody on our certain right to reach and use nuclear technology. However, if they recognize this right for us, we are prepared to talk about international controls, supervision and guarantees, and the grounds for such negotiations have been prepared,"

06-27-06 - No "talks about talks" in Iran nuclear row: UK

06-27-06 - Three Days in Rome? Franklin was the Iran desk officer in a Pentagon policy office that would eventually include the Office of Special Plans, an alternative intelligence shop that became closely allied with Ahmed Chalabi and his band of Iraqi exile informants. Joining the pair in Rome was Michael Ledeen, a neoconservative historian and activist who is among the most impassioned advocates for overthrowing the Iranian regime.......During Iran-Contra, Ghorbanifar conveyed Iran's weapons wish list to the Americans, via Ledeen. In return for sophisticated missiles to be used in Iran?s war against Iraq, he promised, Tehran would intervene to gain the release of U.S. hostages held by Hezbollah in Lebanon; what's more, he told his American and Israeli contacts, the weapons sales would bolster regime moderates, in the midst then, he claimed, of a power struggle.
A must read.

06-27-06 - "Big Brother" Bush and Connecting the Data Dots These computer databanks and programs are technically separate but collectively could exceed the dimensions of the DARPA program killed in 2003. Most of these systems have certain common characteristics, including the absence of congressional approval. Indeed, the recently disclosed financial transaction program was created by the Bush administration as an emergency program, but it has continued for years.

06-27-06 - US cannot accept Israeli nuclear weapons: Arab League chief The United States cannot denounce Iran's nuclear program while accepting Israel's possession of nuclear bombs, the head of the Arab League has said.

06-27-06 - Lone Jewish MP confronts Ahmadinejad on Holocaust but stresses loyalty to Iran

06-27-06 - Russian company to work with Iran on oil and gas ventures

06-27-06 - U.S. Policy and Iran?s Nuclear Challenge The U.S. should mobilize an international coali­tion to raise the diplomatic, economic, domestic political, and potential military costs to Tehran of continuing to flout its obligations under its nuclear safeguards agreements. This ?coalition of the will­ing? should seek to isolate the Ahmadinejad regime, weaken it through targeted economic sanc­tions, explain to the Iranian people why their gov­ernment?s nuclear policies will impose economic costs and military risks on them, contain Iran?s mil­itary power, and encourage democratic change. If Tehran persists in its drive for nuclear weapons despite these escalating pressures, then the United States should consider military options to set back the Iranian nuclear weapons program. Here is another neoconservative 'thinktank' - the Heritage Foundation - telling America what it must do with regard to Iran.

06-27-06 - Feds drop request for library records Federal authorities have dropped their demand for records from a library computer, but not without warning the librarians who refused to release them that under other circumstances their failure to cooperate "could have increased the danger of terrorists succeeding."

06-27-06 - Rumsfeld due to visit Israel on regional tour U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is expected to visit Israel this week. Gonzales, whose post in the American government is equivalent to that of Justice Minister, is one of President George Bush's closest advisors. He will give a lecture at Tel Aviv University on international law enforcement in the post-9/11 era.

06-27-06 - House committee approves Israel-NATO legislation The resolution, introduced by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) and Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.), was adopted Tuesday by the House Committee on International Relations. Just when you think one week will go by without any legislation being proposed on behalf of Israel in the US Congress ...

06-27-06 - Prepared Remarks of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales at Tel Aviv University But the bond between America and Israel is about more than sharing these common struggles against injustice. Israel, like America, is a nation with a deep respect for the rule of law Laughable. To my knowledge, Israel has not abided by ANY international laws since its creation. It has Disregarded UN resolution after UN resolution, along with its utter disregard for the ICJ's ruling on the wall.

06-27-06 - US must check nationalists who clash with Islam: Arab league chief Moussa said the United States needed to acknowledge that the conflict was not a result of "terrorists" but of a military occupation by Israel. The policy of aiming for "security now and peace later" will not work, he said.

06-27-06 - Rebbe commemorated at White House Leaders of both parties in Congress, as well as top Bush administration officials, are attending the two-day tribute to Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who died June 12, 1994. The theme is education, and speakers include Elie Wiesel; U.S. Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff; and Australia?s defense minister. Chertoff and Joshua Bolten, the White House chief of staff, who are both Jewish, will attend the White House briefing Wednesday morning.

06-27-06 - New human rights council kicks off with hope for improvement on Israel With the United States declining to run for a seat, Kessler expressed the hope that Western countries on the council, led by European Union members, would "draw a red line around where they stand when it comes to Israel."

06-27-06 - The Delusion of U.S. Aid The Economic Coercion of Israel: America is to fork over exceedingly high amounts of cash to induce Israeli withdrawals from lands that it should not be occupying in the first place.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

News for 06-26-06

06-26-06 - Ex-officials condemn US intelligence handling Former high-level US Government officials have denounced political pressure that they say intelligence services felt in the lead-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

06-26-06 - Germany urges Iran to respond on nuclear offer Germany's foreign minister said on Monday it was inconceivable that the six powers that made an offer of incentives to Iran to encourage it to give up uranium enrichment would wait another two months for a response.

06-26-06 - Intelligence Officers, Learn From History

06-26-06 - Is US planning large troop withdrawal in Iraq? Media reports say yes, but some leading GOP senators say it's too early to plan.

06-26-06 - Senate Takes on Prewar WMD Controversy--Sort of

06-26-06 - US lawmaker demands criminal prosecution of New York Times The Times was among a group of several US newspapers reporting Friday that the US government had secretly monitored scores of banking transactions around the globe since the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington in order to track suspected terrorists.

06-26-06 - Iraq Christians flee Baghdad for peace and hardship in Kurdistan There are believed to be around 800,000 Christians still in Iraq. Chaldean Catholics form the largest community. Many of those who could afford to do so have already fled the country since the fall of Saddam's regime in April 2003.

06-26-06 - Iran issues drugs threat "The West should have a lot to fear if Iran changes its policy," Maleki said, adding that Iran "cannot tolerate a selective attitude in contributing financial aid" to the war on drugs.

06-26-06 - U.S. to put Patriot interceptors in Japan Japan and the United States will deploy advanced Patriot interceptor missiles on American bases here for the first time, officials said Monday, just days after reports that North Korea may test a missile that could reach both nations.

06-26-06 - Islamic extremists hiding out in Lebanon: Assad Extremist Islamic groups with an ideology similar to al Qaeda have found shelter in Lebanon after escaping Syrian security forces hunting them, President Bashar al-Assad said in remarks published on Monday.

06-26-06 - Syria 'holds Swedish journalist' Reports in the Swedish media identified the journalist as Palestinian-born Rachid Alhajeh, 61.

06-26-06 - Annan: States must monitor arms supplies The nations that were most transparent were the United States and Germany. The least transparent were Bulgaria, Iran, Israel and North Korea.

06-26-06 - White House seeks Israeli soldier's release "There are a lot of different parties working to resolve the issue," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said. "But the bottom line is we call upon this individual to be released immediately."

06-26-06 - Nice video shows policing of the future Nice Systems, the Israeli firm trying to sell extreme surveillance software to the British police, has put out a promotional video depicting the way our friendly bobbies will police our communities a year from now - if they use its latest software.

Monday, June 26, 2006

News for 06-25-06

06-25-06 - CIA officer claims US ignored warnings about WMD errors "The CIA officer took his pen," he recounted in an interview, "and crossed out the whole paragraph" in a statement to be presented by then secretary of state Colin Powell to the United Nations. "A few days later, the lines were back in the speech. Powell stood before the UN Security Council on February 5 (2003) and said: 'We have first-hand descriptions of biological weapons factories on wheels and on rails.'"

06-25-06 - War's Iraqi Death Toll Tops 50,000

06-25-06 - Iranian nuclear assessment worries US They were commenting on a confidential International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) obtained by AFP and supplied to the US.

06-25-06 - Iran repeats oil is potential weapon in atomic row

06-25-06 - Data brokers and buyers anger Congress Almost every piece of personal information that Americans try to keep secret -- including bank account statements, e-mail messages and telephone records -- is semi-public and available for sale.

06-25-06 - U.S. plays terror card in hearing on AT&T wiretap lawsuit A lawsuit accusing AT&T of illegally collaborating in government electronic surveillance will help terrorists communicate "more securely and more efficiently'' unless it is promptly dismissed, a Bush administration lawyer argued in a packed San Francisco courtroom Friday.

06-25-06 - US soldiers charged over Iraqi's death The US military has charged a soldier with voluntary manslaughter for shooting an unarmed Iraqi man in February.

06-25-06 - Iran urges patience on nuclear incentives Iran said Sunday it was seriously considering incentives to halt its nuclear program and that the United States and other nations should be patient about getting a response.

06-25-06 - Money-tracking leak angers Cheney

06-25-06 - Bomb found at Hariri-owned TV in Beirut

06-25-06 - Wary of U.S., Syria and Iran Strengthen Ties

06-25-06 - Bike rally supports wounded war vet Among the riders at the benefit were many servicemen and servicewomen who said they were glad to help one of their own. Veterans need and deserve our support whether or not Americans agree with the reasons for which we went to war.

06-25-06 - 9/11 conspiracy theorists gather at LA conference The "9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda" conference comprised two days of seminars, video presentations and talks by groups including "Scholars for 9/11 Truth," and an appearance by actor Charlie Sheen.

06-25-06 - Iran to host Holocaust conference later this year Ahmadinejad, an ultra-conservative who came to power in a surprise victory last June, has provoked international condemnation with a number of anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish remarks. They include labelling Israel a "tumour" and calling for the Jewish state to be "wiped off the map" or moved as far away as Alaska. On the Holocaust, he has claimed it is merely a Western invention used to legitimise Israel.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

News for 06-24-06

06-24-06 - Japan ready to join US in imposing sanctions on Iran over nuclear dispute Japan is ready to freeze bank accounts held by Iran and its leadership in Japan, in support of a US-led coalition preparing sanctions in the event that Iran refuses to halt its nuclear fuel programme, officials have told the Financial Times.

06-24-06 - Germany presses Iran over uranium

06-24-06 - Iran wants talks on nuclear program 'without any preconditions'

06-24-06 - Terror Suspects Had No Explosives and Few Contacts

06-24-06 - Remembering the Forgotten War North Korea is probably one of the nations with the greatest violations of human rights in the whole world. And this is despite a cataclysmic war in the 1950s and five decades of pressure and diplomacy. The US policy of regime change has appeared only to encourage North Korea in its dedication to obtaining nuclear weapons.

06-24-06 - Why Did Bush Blink on Iran? (Ask Condi) The Washington Post gives airtime to neocon Richard Perle who is suggesting that America is being too soft with Iran (evidently b/c Iran still exists?..).

06-24-06 - Computer expert tried to warn police about London bombers in 2003

06-24-06 - Analysis: Olmert spoils Petra peace summit In what was perhaps the clearest indication regarding Israel's intended policy regarding Iran's nuclear ambitions, Olmert said he supports the efforts of President Bush and the Europeans and the U.N. Security Council to make every possible effort to stop the Iranians from possessing nuclear weapons. "And I am certain they will succeed," said Olmert.

06-24-06 - Win One for the Gipper (Ayatollah Khamenei)

06-24-06 - Hezbollah, al-Qaida mirror Islamic split To the outside world, the two groups appear to have much in common: Devoutly Muslim, fiercely hostile to Israel and the U.S., and high on Washington's list of terrorist groups. Yet al-Qaida in Iraq and Lebanon's Hezbollah are waging a worsening verbal dispute that threatens to burst into confrontation

Saturday, June 24, 2006

News for 06-23-06

06-23-06 - Analysis: CIA program expands Bush's power A secret CIA-Treasury program to track financial records of millions of Americans is the latest installment in an expansion of executive authority in the name of fighting terrorism. The administration doesn't apologize for President Bush's aggressive take on presidential powers. Vice President Dick Cheney even boasts about it.

06-23-06 - 7 men charged in alleged U.S. terror plot

06-23-06 - No Iran nuclear suspension even after talks: official Iran is not considering a halt to its nuclear fuel program even after any negotiations with major powers, a senior Iranian official said on Friday.

06-23-06 - Iran negotiator says U.S. wants to topple govt-paper

06-23-06 - Officials: U.S. didn?t find WMDs, despite claims

06-23-06 - Annan says Iran response won't be soon

06-23-06 - Iran minister starts German visit

06-23-06 - Cheney Says He Might Testify in Leak Case Fitzgerald has revealed that Cheney was upset because Plame's husband _ former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson _ had accused the Bush administration of manipulating prewar intelligence to exaggerate the Iraqi threat from weapons of mass destruction. If you want to get a clear picture of this whole matter then you need to see The Dark Side episode of Frontline. Link is above.

06-23-06 - Iran to halt gasoline imports, impose rationing

06-23-06 - US Senate approves $70b war funding

06-23-06 - Is the NSA spying on U.S. Internet traffic? The room's tight security includes a biometric "mantrap" or highly sophisticated double door, secured with retinal and fingerprint scanners. The former workers say company supervisors told them that employees working inside the room were "monitoring network traffic" and that the room was being used by "a government agency."

06-23-06 - Military says ABC report based on old info The U.S. military on Friday declined to discuss specifics of a media report that it knew the locations of senior al-Qaida leaders' hideouts in Pakistan, but said the story was based on old information.

06-23-06 - A Plague on Both Their Houses the U.S. military was ? and is ? being used to cleanse the Middle East of Israel's Arab and Persian enemies and extend the Jewish state's influence as far from the Promised Land as Kurdistan. An interesting note about the Kurds and Israel can be found here, paragraph 12. See last night's news for more information about Israel and the Kurds.

06-23-06 - Today on CSPAN: Stephen Walt, Int'l Affairs Prof., & John Mearsheimer, Poltical Science Prof. Stephen Walt, International Affairs Professor at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and, and John Mearsheimer, Poltical Science Professor at the University of Chicago, discuss lobbying for Israel. Scroll down page for the video from today's Washington Journal on CSPAN.

06-23-06 - Iraqi ambassador to Washington speaks out on terror, but not Israel Baghdad's first ambassador to the United States in 15 years dismisses any such talk as preliminary. In an interview with JTA last week, Sumaida'ie said he has no contact with Israeli diplomats in Washington, and that such things are not an immediate priority for his government.

06-23-06 - U.N. denounces secret detention centers John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations in New York, strongly criticized Arbour. He said rather than singling out the United States or Israel, she should have focused instead on human rights problems in North Korea, Iran, Burma and Zimbabwe. Bolton - shill for Israel at the UN.

06-23-06 - Prophets in Their Own Land How to go from respected academic to anti-Semite?in one simple step A great read at The American Conservative. Please support this magazine if you can.

06-23-06 - An Idea Whose Time Has Come? by Patrick J. Buchanan it is a vast U.S. presence that Islamic peoples are taught is designed to steal their God-given resources and assist the Israelis in humiliating them and persecuting the Palestinians.

06-23-06 - Nukes and double standards

06-23-06 - Next Victim: Iran or North Korea? Few are aware that such a treaty was broached to Israel after the 1967 war. But a treaty would have required clearly defined international borders, and Israel would have no part of that. It turns out that the Israeli government was correct in concluding it could have the best of both possible worlds. Who needs a treaty when the president of the United States keeps referring to a U.S. commitment to spring to your defense?

06-23-06 - Patrick Fitzgerald One of the good guys.

Friday, June 23, 2006

News for 06-22-06

06-22-06 - US accuses Iran over Iraqi Shias Although the US has no evidence that Iranians were operating directly in Iraq, Gen Casey said "surrogates" regularly attacked US troops......He suggested that Lebanon's Iranian-backed Hezbollah guerrillas were also likely to be involved in training Iraqi militias.

06-22-06 - Official: 7 held in terror probe in Miami The official told The Associated Press the alleged plotters were mainly Americans with no apparent ties to al-Qaida or other foreign terrorist organizations

06-22-06 - Iran defiant over call for nuclear halt Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert meanwhile warned Iran "not to cross the line," saying it would be "intolerable" for its arch enemy to have nuclear arms.

06-22-06 - US presses Iran for nuclear reply Stephen Hadley said it would be "helpful" to have a response before a cycle of G8 meetings began on 29 June.

06-22-06 - Senate panel OKs $160M for vet monitoring

06-22-06 - Iraq chemical weapons too old to use: US intelligence officials They said all chemical weapons found since 2003 were produced before the 1991 Gulf War and they had no evidence Saddam was producing or stockpiling chemical weapons after that...."We would characterize these recovered munitions as being consistent with weapons that have been not maintained, that have not been part of an organized inventory," he said.

06-22-06 - New intel report reignites Iraq arms fight The newly declassified military intelligence report was released Wednesday by National Intelligence Director John Negroponte. Santorum and Hoekstra had urged him to release report this week during congressional debates on Iraq.

06-22-06 - Frontline: The Dark Side You may now watch this program for free online at the PBS website.

06-22-06 - Victims' Families Say Gov't Secrecy Keeping 9/11 Truth Hidden The families are especially angry that the TSA refuses to give them information that was given to the lawyers for convicted Sept. 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui, including about 150,000 FBI interviews of witnesses and several thousand CDs.

06-22-06 - Pre-launch strike on N. Korea unlikely The U.S. suggested Thursday it has limited ability to shoot a North Korean missile out of the sky and spurned suggestions of a pre-emptive strike on the ground. Still, it warned the Koreans would pay a cost for a missile launch.

06-22-06 - Cheney warns of Iraq domino effect

06-22-06 - Russia and China pressure N. Korea over missiles

06-22-06 - Is Iran studying North Korea's nuclear moves?

06-22-06 - In Iraq war vote, Democrats fail

06-22-06 - Red Cross grants membership to Israel, Palestinians Jaafari questioned how the Red Crescent would actually be able to operate given Israeli restrictions on the movement of Palestinians.

06-22-06 - Israeli police investigating contractors In December, an investigative report by another daily, Yediot Ahronot, alleged that a number of private Israeli companies won contracts to provide security services to the Kurdish government in Iraq. The report said Israelis who had served in elite military combat units were teaching anti-terrorism methods to the Kurds.

06-22-06 - Israeli firms probed for illegal dealings in Iraq: report Since 2004, Israeli firms operating in northern Iraq, including Michaels and Kodo, have been ordered to cease their activities because of threats of terrorism. It's been known for a while now that Israel has been helping to arm and train the Kurds of northern Iraq.

06-22-06 - Excerpts from Bush news conference We talked about Israel and Palestine. I assured the leaders here that my position is firm, and that is I envision two states living side by side in peace.

06-22-06 - Time not right for embassy in Lebanon: Syria

06-22-06 - US and EU voice concern at Russia's policies They also noted that Russia's international policies too often ran contrary to theirs, citing the debate over sanctions against Iran, the question of dealing with the radical ruling Hamas movement in the Palestinian territories and Russian President Vladimir Putin's support for Belarus's authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko

06-22-06 - Pro-Israel Donors Rally For Joe, as Left Takes Aim Morris Amitay, founder of the pro-Israel Washington Political Action Committee said his committee already had donated the legal limit to the Lieberman campaign and would support him in the event of an independent candidacy. What a surprise?! Lieberman would appear to be a neocon.

06-22-06 - Illinois, Israel sign cooperation agreement The agreement, signed by Chief Scientist Eli Opper and Illinois State Senator Jeffrey Schoenberg, comes during a week long visit to the country by an Illinois delegation aimed at encouraging Israeli homeland security companies to expand their operations in the US state The Israelization of America continues.

06-22-06 - Study shows divide between Muslims, West "In the Western countries, the Muslims are to blame," said Andrew Kohut, director of the Pew Research Center. "In the Muslim countries and among Muslim minorities in Europe, the Western people are to blame."

Thursday, June 22, 2006

News for 06-21-06

06-21-06 - Pentagon held info in 2 soldiers' deaths "If the American people knew that the people we are directly helping train turned on our soldiers, support for this war would slip," Boxer said. "It's very disturbing to think that the Pentagon might be told to keep this kind of thing close to the vest."

06-21-06 - Bush Critics Want Tougher U.S. Approach to Iran "Time after time, the regime in Tehran has defied the world's demands that it abandon it nuclear ambitions, even heralding its successful production of enriched uranium only a few months ago," said Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, What a surprise? Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Israel-firster extraodinaire, calling for tougher US action on Iran.

06-21-06 - Bush should not be in a hurry, says Iranian FM "When ( European Union foreign policy chief) Javier Solana gave us his suggestions on June 6 no time limit was set",

06-21-06 - Eight Marines charged with killing Iraqi civilian Seven Marines and a Navy corpsman have been charged in the killing of an Iraqi civilian in April, US military officials say.

06-21-06 - Bush urges Iran to respond faster on nuclear offer

06-21-06 - Iran to reply to nuclear offer in August: Ahmadinejad

06-21-06 - All options open if North Korea tests missile: US envoy

06-21-06 - Frontline: The Dark Side This excellent program will be available to watch on the internet at the PBS website Thursday, June 22.

06-21-06 - US lawmaker cautions India on Iran nuclear stance Democratic Rep. Tom Lantos (news, bio, voting record) of California said the controversial India deal was on track to be voted on by the U.S. Congress next month, but approval would be at risk if leaders in New Delhi did not "act responsibly." Lantos is an Israel-firster.

06-21-06 - House panel would ask Bush for surveillance records The U.S. Justice Department would have to turn over records of the National Security Agency's telephone surveillance program to Congress under a resolution passed by the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

06-21-06 - Russia Preparing New Missile Systems to Overcome Any Shield ? Defense Minister

06-21-06 - Muslim world backs Iran over nuclear talks

06-21-06 - A Slam Dunk the preponderance of evidence the program collected and the thorough corroboration from former top military and national security officials who witnessed firsthand what Cheney and his surrogates did ought to end any argument about whether the Vice President bears significant responsibility for waging a disastrous war against Iraq based on weak and manipulated evidence.

06-21-06 - The Battle Before The War

06-21-06 - Bush says US wants to shut Guantanamo prison

06-21-06 - VIDEO: Author of Iraq NIE Says He ?Regrets Having a Role? In Manipulation of Intelligence

06-21-06 - IDF issues international law handbook for combat officers Officers and commanders in combat units are to receive a handbook on international law and war crimes written by the Israel Defense Forces in order to instill in ground forces the importance of observing international conventions. A little late for that, isn't it?

06-21-06 - Edwards visits Israel Edwards, a former senator from North Carolina, is considered a contender for the Democratic nomination for president in 2008. And as such, must make the necessary trip to Israel.

06-21-06 - Energy pact passes committee The bill would establish a $20 million annual grant program ? administered by the U.S. Department of Energy ? to fund joint ventures between U.S. and Israeli businesses and academics

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

News for 06-20-06

06-20-06 - ANALYSIS - Iran seen debating not stalling on atomic offer

06-20-06 - Iran weighing response to nuclear offer

06-20-06 - Military move on Iran could triple oil price: Saudi

06-20-06 - AP Exclusive: Data brokers get by subpoenas Federal and local police across the country - as well as some of the nation's best-known companies - have been gathering Americans' phone records from private data brokers without subpoenas or warrants.

06-20-06 - "Frontline" documentary makes case that Cheney used 9/11 to go to war The CIA repeatedly insisted that there was no connection between Saddam and al-Qaida, and Tenet explicitly warned that invading Iraq would "break the back" of our counterterrorism effort. Tenet even ordered the agency's records scoured 10 years back for links. CIA vet Michael Scheuer, who led that effort, says, "There was no connection between al-Qaida and Saddam." I watched it - I highly recommend it. Buy it on DVD/VHS at the PBS website. A lot of the 'good guys' were interviewed/featured: James Bamford, Michael Sheuer, Vince Cannistraro, etc. Here is the companion webpage at PBS. PBS still didn't mention the neocon factor - the motive of those men. Their role was however mentioned, for the most part

06-20-06 - US effort to rehab image falls short others say that US policy under Bush - from the war in Iraq to rejection of the Kyoto accords on greenhouse gases - is responsible for the new spike in anti-US sentiment

06-20-06 - Persian populist wins Arab embrace on the streets of many Arab states, no deterrence is necessary. In many cafes and barbershops, a nuclear Iran doesn't sound so bad. Neither is the impression that someone is finally standing up to America and Israel.

06-20-06 - Veteran critic of White House turns on 'gullible' press pack she said when it really mattered - when, in her opinion, the media could have perhaps prevented the invasion of Iraq - the press failed to do its public service.

06-20-06 - U.S. harasses in name of terror screening, suit says Dr. Elie Khoury is a Palestinian-born physician who has been a U.S. citizen for more than 30 years, but every time he and his wife return to the United States from abroad they are separated, searched, and questioned for hours -- and no one will explain why.

06-20-06 - Illinois officials visit Israel Officials from Illinois are touring Israel to discuss defense, education and trade issues. This week?s visit comes as Illinois tries to position itself as a center for counterterrorist business following Boeing?s relocation to the state 'Cui bono, who benefits? - is ever the question we must ask about Middle Eastern terror'; PJB..

06-20-06 - LA Times: "Questions Arise Over Case Against Islamic Charity" The Justice Department?s criminal case against officials of the largest U.S.-based Islamic charity relies more heavily than previously known on Israeli intelligence, court records show....The case figures to hinge on the government?s ability to prove, largely with Israeli-provided information, that the defendants knowingly supported groups tied to Hamas. Israel's prominent investigative role appears to be unprecedented in post-Sept. 11 terrorism cases. The Israelization of the United States continues.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

News for 06-19-06

06-19-06 - Bush gives Iran an ultimatum on uranium

06-19-06 - U.S. learns to live with less freedom

06-19-06 - Albright: Iraq invasion encouraged others Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright criticized the U.S. invasion of Iraq, saying Monday it had encouraged Iran and North Korea to push ahead with their nuclear programs

06-19-06 - Divided & Conquered - A visit to Syria, Israel, and Palestine reveals the barriers? It is not a question of the creation of the state of Israel, a country born in tragedy and hope and one with numerous extraordinary accomplishments to its credit. It is a question of the continued dispossession of the Palestinians, an unnecessary act and yet one that Americans sustain every day with their tax dollars. Unlike many other injustices, it is one of the easiest in the world to put right: everyone knows the parameters of a just solution, what the shape of a fair settlement would be.

06-19-06 - US soldiers charged with murder in Iraq

06-19-06 - The Assassins - From character assassination to physical assassination, the Lobby and its agents ruthlessly pursue their agenda

06-19-06 - The real source of the grief Krauthammer, Cal Thomas, David Frum - all Israel-firsters - all on a frenzy to dismiss/downplay/deny the fact that an Israeli shell killed those civilians on that beach in Gaza.

06-19-06 - From Gaza, Tragedy and Propaganda Isn't it strange how an 'American' enterprise group (attempt to) deny/dismiss/defend Israel's Gaza beach shelling? That's because the American Enterprise Insitute is a NEOCONSERVATIVE outfit, whose primary interest is not America, but Israel. David Frum is one of the neocons involved in foisting the Iraq debacle upon the American people.

06-19-06 - Israel's Olmert convenes ex-premiers on Iran

Monday, June 19, 2006

News for 06-18-06

06-18-06 - Iran: U.S. making nuke talks difficult Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said the U.S. insistence on conditional negotiations over a Western package of incentives has narrowed the scope of possible talks and made it tougher for all parties to reach a solution.

06-18-06 - Iran says positive atmosphere helps nuclear row Iran said on Sunday a "positive atmosphere" had been created that could help resolve a dispute over Iran's nuclear program but did not say when Tehran would respond to an offer made by world powers to end the standoff.

06-18-06 - Secrecy in court shuts out defense defense attorneys say the right of defendants to confront their accusers, guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution, is being worn away under the guise of national security.

06-18-06 - Troops Committed War Crimes, Say Americans

06-18-06 - Iran looking seriously at nuclear offer, Annan says UN chief Kofi Annan says the government of Iran is looking "seriously" at a new international offer of incentives for it to give up uranium enrichment.

06-18-06 - Pardon talk for Libby begins Now that top White House aide Karl Rove is off the hook in the CIA leak probe, President George W. Bush must weigh whether to pardon former vice presidential aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the only one indicted in the three-year investigation Libby is a neocon.

06-18-06 - Homeland security officials opting out Loopholes in federal law make it easy for former bureaucrats to quickly capitalize on their government work

06-18-06 - US expects North Korea to return to nuclear talks North Korea last year said it had nuclear weapons and since November has boycotted the six-nation talks on its atomic aspirations, saying it will not come back to the bargaining table until the United States lifts sanctions against it Strange how there isn't the pressure on N. Korea that there is on Iran for its nuclear program. Washington won't draw up the war plans if a nation doesn't threaten Israel.

06-18-06 - Wen: China wants Mid East peace talks The conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis is a flash point in the Middle East, he said, adding that the key to solving it was following the relevant United Nations resolutions and the roadmap peace plan

06-18-06 - US military honoured in secret by Britian

06-18-06 - Israel, Palestinians set to gain Red Cross membership Syria says Israel is neglecting the health needs of the 25,000 Syrian citizens who live in the Golan, which Israel annexed in 1981 after taking over in 1967. Israel rejects that argument.

06-18-06 - On Boycotts, Activism, and Moral Standards The thought of becoming yet another person to abandon the Palestinians was abhorrent. And it was obvious that Iraq would further divert American and world attention from Israel's occupation, perhaps one of the war?s many intended results. So I stayed at my post. It remains a difficult decision today, but I do not regret it. Does it constitute a "moral double standard"?

06-18-06 - New UN rights body under pressure to prove itself European countries have warned they will not allow Israel to be the only one signaled out for censure. Its routine condemnation, in resolutions repeated year after year, symbolized for many the sterility of the old commission.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

News for 06-17-06

06-17-06 - DHS Stands By Anti-Terror Cuts A top official at the Department of Homeland Security said the agency will not reconsider its decision to cut anti-terror grants for Washington and New York by 40 percent, despite criticism and pointed questioning yesterday by congressional representatives from those regions.

06-17-06 - Nuke-Free Zone

06-17-06 - Saudi Arabia orders post-mortems on Guantanamo suicides

06-17-06 - Lebanon to complain about Israel to UN Lebanon will complain to the United Nations about Israel after a Lebanese man confessed to killing Hizbollah and Palestinian guerrillas on the orders of Israeli intelligence, the prime minister said on Saturday.

06-17-06 - The time is right to use 1559 against Israel According to observers, Lebanon can not only put forward the argument that Israel has violated international law and the UN declaration but also UN Security Council Resolution 1559, which up until now has only been used against Syria. The neocons would never allow it. That resolution was directed at Syria for a reason.

06-17-06 - US not prepared for catastrophe: official report The United States is not prepared to cope with a large-scale terrorist attack or a powerful hurricane, the US Department of Homeland Security said in a report.

06-17-06 - Senate endorses Bush approach to Iran

06-17-06 - Former CIA chief Woolsey sharply criticizes 2004 GA decision Former CIA James Woolsey - propagandist for Israel. "Woolsey serves on the board of advisers of JINSA, as well as the Pentagon's DPB, and several other neo-conservative groups, including Americans for Victory Over Terrorism. " Source. Who knew?

06-17-06 - Who Will Miss Zarqawi? The only people who may miss al-Zarqawi are the pro-war neocons, who claimed he was part of al-Qaida to justify the invasion of Iraq

06-17-06 - U.S.-Indian Nuclear Deal Puts Israel In Hot Seat While the Israeli government has not taken a strong position on the India deal, some of Israel's supporters in America, including the American Jewish Committee, have urged Congress to ratify it.

06-17-06 - Palestinian FM boasts Iran pledge of 50 million dollars in aid "We will continue bringing in money through the Rafah crossing," he said. "It is legal and we will not let anyone keep milk from our children and medicine from our sick."

Friday, June 16, 2006

News for 06-16-06

06-16-06 - Ahmadinejad calls atom offer 'positive'

06-16-06 - Condi and the Isolationists by Patrick J. Buchanan Is it the isolationists who cannot end a column or commentary without howling for new preemptive strikes on "Islamofascists"? Was it isolationists who reveled in those Danish cartoons, reprinting them and declaring them to be a fine expression of Western values? ...Was it isolationists who sent an army storming into Baghdad in search of weapons of mass destruction that did not exist.....Is it isolationists who are supporting Israel's strangulation of aid-dependent Palestinians....

06-16-06 - Pentagon confirms Iranian directorate as officials raise new concerns about war A recent trip by Michael Ledeen to Rome has raised red flags among those concerned about a potential war with Iran. Some believe that Ledeen -- a long-time advocate of Iranian regime change -- was involved in the Niger forgeries scandal. Michael Ledeen is a neoconservative. Israel has given us our orders to destroy any nuclear program that Iran may or may not have - and its neocon/AIPAC cohorts in America intend to make sure that we do just that.

06-16-06 - Iran says it has capability to defend itself Iran has the ability to defend itself, the country's president said on Friday when asked about Israel's nuclear capability.

06-16-06 - Get Out Your Tinfoil Hats They appear to be tied to conservatives and there appears to be a tie to, the ultra-right-wing web site. Same outfit visited my blog, on more than one occasion. The comments feature is disabled on both of my blogs. Pro-Israelis, actively engaged in 'Hasbara' or PR ops, and whose numbers are extremely high in cyberspace, flood such media with their cybergraffiti every chance they get. I refuse to give them the opportunity. According to my own research, the visitor using netvocates seems to be based in the same city as this scandal involving that state's Republican party . Perhaps they've changed tack and are now jamming blogs instead of phone lines?

06-16-06 - Lawmakers praise NATO-Israel ties Forty members of the U.S. Congress wrote NATO?s secretary-general in support of expanding the NATO-Israel relationship.

06-16-06 - Suspected Lebanon assassin turned in Israel jail A suspected Israeli agent held in Lebanon over a spate of assassinations was turned while in Israeli detention in the 1980s, a Palestinian militant leader charged in an interview published.

06-16-06 - Israel Holocaust memorial slams Ahmadinejad's anti-Semitism "Yad Vashem reiterates its warning against complacency in face of Iranian Holocaust denial," a spokeswoman for the memorial told AFP.

06-16-06 - Experts: US must win 'war of ideas' How do you expect to win the 'hearts and minds' of a people and their neighbors whom you are directly causing to further plunge into poverty and starvation?

06-16-06 - 'Debating' the Iraq War - It isn't happening ? at least, not in Congress bin Laden and his cohorts are driven by the U.S. military presence in the Persian Gulf, and America's unconditional support for Israel and its apparent indifference to the plight of the Palestinians

06-16-06 - Bush extends Jerusalem embassy delay President Bush delayed moving the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem for another six months.
C'mon, even Bush knows that our foreign policy is decided there anyway. No formality is necessary.

06-16-06 - Peres: World must decide on Iran "Iran is a world problem. We don?t want to make it into an Israeli problem," Too late.

06-16-06 - Israel blocks RussNeft bid in oil refinery tender The source said the Israeli decision might have also been influenced by Russia's relations with Arab countries, a March visit made by a delegation from radical Palestinian political party Hamas and weapons supplies to Algeria

06-16-06 - Open Borders Threaten Jewish Clout Closer to home, massive immigration will obliterate Jewish power by shrinking our percentage of the population ? to a fraction of 1% in 20 years. Jews possess political clout despite tiny numbers because we are concentrated in large electoral vote states, have legendary voting rates, donate significantly to both parties and dominant culture. We will retain residual influence due to campaign contributions, membership in institutional establishments and the endurance of our alliances, but the Latino vote will eventually overwhelm us....And except for the evangelical part of the community, Latinos do not share any particularly strong bond to Israel.....Latino population growth is inevitable, but exponential growth is not. If we can keep the numbers within reasonable bounds ? which would hasten immigrant acculturation and reduce traditional cultural bigotry ? we will likely maintain our position.

Wow. THe Latino immigrants are ok, so long as the Jewish groups can keep their numbers to a comfortable limit - one which would not threaten their interests. The rest of Americans, be damned.

06-16-06 - Ahmadinejad calls for Holocaust inquiry

06-16-06 - Annan warns commission on Israel Kofi Annan warned the U.N. Human Rights Commission not to single out Israel. Lately, Annan is singing Israel's tune like a canary. They must have something on him.

06-16-06 - Homeland Security Expert and Former Security Chief of El Al Airlines, Isaac Yeffet, Joins HiEnergy Technologies' Business Advisory Board Israelis capitalize on and are heavily entrenched in the 'Homeland Security' industry both in America and abroad.

06-16-06 - As China's economy grows, so does the Jewish community - and Chabad "Ninety percent of the Jews who come to China come not because they fall in love with Chinese culture, but because there are opportunities." ..."We are absolutely determined that the infrastructure of Judaism in China should be Chabad. That's why we set up a JCC in each place, because Chabad cares for Jews in a way few other organizations do," he said. "We have the right balance of not compromising Jewish values and tolerating those who do. But tolerance does not mean we have to endorse intermarriage." China is slated to be an economic superpower by 2026 (as America's economy tanks). This move is no coincidence. Israel's survival must be ensured (by these folks).

06-16-06 - Burning Cole Neoconservatism is an elite calling. It thrives in think tanks, not union halls; its proponents want most of all to influence the powerful. No wonder Ivy League labels have always been important to neocons. This fixation on intellectual prestige explains the recent neocon uprising over the possibility that Juan Cole, scholar and blogger, would become a Yale professor

News for 06-15-06

06-15-06 - Iran 'will not bow to pressure' Iran will not bow to Western pressure over its nuclear programme, the country's supreme leader has said, according to Iranian state media.

06-15-06 - Russia to Launch Arabic-Language Satellite Channel Russia is planning to launch an Arabic-language satellite news channel as it seeks to reassert itself on the world stage and expand its political and commercial influence in the Middle East, The Financial Times reported Thursday.

06-15-06 - Supreme Court gives police more power In a boost to aggressive police tactics and a setback to the privacy rights of business and home owners, the US Supreme Court has rejected the legal principle that evidence obtained in violation of the so-called knock-and-announce rule must be excluded from use at a trial.

If someone bursts into your house, and you are an armed citizen, how quickly will you know it's the cops? In other words, this will put both cops and citizens in danger with regard to homeowners that protect their house via firearms.

06-15-06 - Congress struggles to ramp up oversight The moves signal that Congress is trying - again - to revive its flagging oversight role of an executive branch that is claiming broad wartime powers

06-15-06 - US in Iraq greatest danger to global peace?

06-15-06 - US sues New Jersey over phone company subpoenas The U.S. government has sued the New Jersey Attorney General's office on grounds of security concerns to prevent it from asking telephone companies if they gave customer call records to the National Security Agency.

06-15-06 - Thousands resign from Britain's reserve army amid concern over Iraq

06-15-06 - Lebanon accuses Israel of car bombing The government has decided to complain to the U.N. Security Council about Israeli attacks in Lebanon, Information Minister Ghazi Aridi said following a Cabinet meeting where Defense Minister Elias Murr reported on the car bombing.

06-15-06 - World Bank says in talks on aid to Palestinians World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz said on Wednesday the bank wants to help deliver aid to Palestinians and is in discussions with the Quartet of Middle East negotiators on how it can be done. A neocon at the World Bank (playing "good cop" to the US government's "bad cop": 'Well, we want to help the poor Palestinians.. but it's up to the US government').

06-15-06 - US insists on right to develop arms for outer space The United States on Tuesday reasserted its right to develop weapons for use in outer space to protect its military and commercial satellites and ruled out any global negotiations on a new treaty to limit them.

06-15-06 - US says Iran offer more carrot than stick "The focus at this point in time, of course, is trying to show to the Iranian regime a positive path that is available to it, and to the Iranian people," national security adviser Stephen Hadley told reporters.

06-15-06 - Russian president blasts United States after Asian security summit The Russian leader also spoke out strongly against U.S. efforts to mount a financial blockade of the Hamas-led government in the Palestinian territories.

06-15-06 - Military blocks media access to Guantanamo

06-15-06 - Authors of Israel Lobby Paper Get Warm Reception at Military College It was evident to me during my visit that many at the Naval War College were familiar with the paper. By one report, the College came under pressure from an unnamed congressman to cancel the talk, but the College stuck by its cannonballs.

06-15-06 - Iran, Syria sign defense agreement "Our cooperation is based on a strategic pact and unity against common threats. We can have a common front against Israel's threats,"

06-15-06 - Olbermann Disses Mearsheimer and Walt Critique For Olbermann and his bosses, selling our government down the river to Likudites, who engineered the Iraq invasion and are in the process of engineering aggression against Iran, is mere ?trivia? falsely predicated,? thus revealing, once again, the corporate media is faithfully watching the backs of the neocons, an act that should turn the stomach of every American

06-15-06 - Israel, Egypt Jordan on alert for al-Qaeda attack Egypt, Jordan and Israel are on high alert for possible large-scale attacks by al-Qaeda members in response to last week's killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the global terror group's leader in Iraq, security sources said.

06-15-06 - UN Security Council extends, widens UN probe of Hariri murder

06-15-06 - Scholar: A Nuclear Iran Spells Doom for Israel "If - just if - the American-led coalition will not come to the right decision at the right time, then the onus will fall on the shoulders of Israel. And we will know what to do."....."We believe the entire land of Israel is Jewish land by right," said Olmert.....Moreover, he added, "Israel does not meddle in America's business."
It's up to America to 'protect' Israel. And if America won't do it, THEN Israel will act on its own behalf. That last statement above by Olmert is positively hilarious.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

News for 06-14-06

06-14-06 - Iran: no global consensus against it despite pressure

06-14-06 - Ahmadinejad seeks Chinese, Russian support

06-14-06 - ACLU sues Pentagon over anti-war group monitoring

06-14-06 - Public Opinion Polls in Iran's Neighboring Countries Reveals Large Numbers Support Nuclear-Armed Iran, Also Oppose U.S. Military Action Public opinion surveys in Iran's three neighboring countries of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey found large numbers of people favoring the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran and even greater numbers opposed to any American military action in the event diplomacy fails to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons

06-14-06 - U.S. faults Syrian cooperation on UN Hariri inquiry The accusation, by U.S. United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, came despite the latest progress report on the probe led by Serge Brammertz of Belgium, which described Syrian cooperation as "generally satisfactory." John Bolton is a neocon.

06-14-06 - ElBaradei endorses US-India nuclear cooperation deal But he said new approaches were needed to address countries such as India that have nuclear arsenals and fall outside the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. India, Pakistan and Israel -- which is believed to have a nuclear deterrent -- were unlikely to give up their nuclear weapons, he wrote.

06-14-06 - UN probe sees possible link between Hariri and other attacks in Lebanon UN chief investigator Serge Brammertz cited "potential linkages" between his probe of the murder of Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri and other attacks targeting anti-Syrian Lebanese figures. And this comes just as Lebanon uncovers an Israel-linked cell in its midst.

06-14-06 - Lebanon's army 'foils Israeli attack cell'

06-14-06 - Iraq: 60 soldiers a month suffer mental illness The figure is nearly 10 per cent of the total British military presence in Iraq. It includes 66 troops who developed such serious mental problems that they had to be airlifted out for treatment back home.

06-14-06 - Eating Crow - A War Party defector gets it half right Freeman's long association with NR came to an end when David Frum published a screed excommunicating conservative critics of the war ? such as Pat Buchanan, Bob Novak, and others, including myself ? from the "respectable" precincts of the Right.

06-14-06 - Will the White House Moron Bring On Armageddon? To help undermine any prospect for peace in the Middle East, Israeli gunboats shelled a public beach and killed or wounded 50 Palestinians. This was done in order to provoke Hamas into abandoning the long-established cease-fire that Hamas had imposed in the interest of negotiating a Palestinian settlement. The Israeli government succeeded, and now there will a resurgence of "Hamas terrorism" that Bolton and his neocon compatriots can use to build a frightening spectacle of Muslim terrorism.

06-14-06 - Treasury blocks assets for Iran dealing The U.S. Treasury blocked the assets of four Chinese companies and a U.S. company for supporting Iranian missile proliferation.

06-14-06 - Committee OKs anti-terrorism cooperation A U.S. House of Representatives committee approved legislation strengthening anti-terrorism cooperation between the United States, Israel and other nations....The American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobbied for the bill.

06-14-06 - Iraq conflict fuels rise in global refugees to 12 million: survey The UNHCR did not take into account Palestinian refugees, who came under the jurisdiction of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), USCRI spokeswoman Sarah Petrin said.

06-14-06 - Top-level Israeli military now at most important US-government What is interesting is that the author, Lt. Gen. (ret.) Moshe Yaalon
was chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces from 2002 to 2005 and
now " is a distinguished military fellow at the Washington Institute
for Near East Policy." The ignoring by the mainstream media of the
extent of the seamless integration of top-level Israeli military with
the most important US-government connected think tank is yet another
indication of how Israelized our seat of government has become.

06-14-06 - Suicide bombs biggest threat to U.S. -experts I wonder , Why Are They Killing Us?

06-14-06 - Honest Tony, peace broker Rolling out the red carpet for Olmert just four days after the massacre of Palestinian civilians picnicking on a Gaza beach is a stark example of the double standards employed by the British government towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and shows Blair yet again turning a blind eye to war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories.

06-14-06 - Blair salutes 'true friend' Israel

06-14-06 - Anti-Semitism cited in immigration debate One Internet-distributed game, "Border Patrol 2," in which players gain points by shooting Mexicans, features a U.S. flag in which the stars have been replaced with Stars of David

06-14-06 - House Disclosures List Rep. Roy Blunt (news, bio, voting record), R-Mo., House majority whip.....Blunt took one expense-paid trip in 2005 with his wife to Israel. The $14,078.56 cost was paid by the American Israel Education Foundation. The pro-Israeli groups made sure that travel to Israel paid by lobbyists now falls under the 'educational trips' clause and is thus not a part of the lobbying reform legislation brought forth as a result of the Abramoff scandal.

06-14-06 - US & Israeli Propaganda Conflict

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

News for 06-13-06

06-13-06 - Non-aligned states to back Iran at IAEA meeting Non-aligned states will back Iran's right to nuclear fuel production at a U.N. meeting this week, unmoved by U.S. calls to join efforts to get Tehran to stop enriching uranium, diplomats said.

06-13-06 - China, Russia refuse to join Iran sanctions statement China and Russia have refused to join with other big powers in threatening sanctions over Iran's nuclear program during diplomatic jostling at the UN nuclear watchdog.

06-13-06 - Iran's supreme leader calls for cooperation with Saudi on Iraq

06-13-06 - World sees US in Iraq bigger danger than Iran: poll The world increasingly fears Iran's suspected pursuit of a nuclear bomb but believes the U.S. military in Iraq remains a greater danger to Middle East stability, a survey showed on Tuesday.

06-13-06 - Hariri's son says Assad at least partly to blame for father's death "Assad is to blame. Or let me put it like this: 'Based on everything I know, I hold him at least partly responsible," he told Der Spiegel Monday.

06-13-06 - Israeli intel network discovered in Lebanon Investigation conducted by Lebanese military intelligence revealed that the members of the network, whose number was not disclosed, received training inside and outside Israel by Mossad officers.

06-13-06 - 'New American Century' Project Ends With a Whimper aggressive nationalists like Cheney, Christian Zionists of the religious Right, and Israel-centered neoconservatives ? PNAC actually began breaking down shortly after the Iraq invasion.

06-13-06 - Lebanon's army 'foils Israeli attack cell' The Lebanese army said it had dismantled a network used by the Israeli spy agency Mossad to carry out attacks in Lebanon, mainly against Hezbollah and pro-Syrian Palestinian groups.

06-13-06 - New poll shows US image sinking abroad But the poll also showed a growing convergence of views between the United States and the Europeans on issues like Iran's alleged nuclear weapons aspirations and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

News for 06-12-06

06-12-06 - UN atomic agency meets amid Iran nuclear crisis

06-12-06 - Children among dead in U.S.-led Iraq raid

06-12-06 - China opposed to joint statement on Iran China and Russia are holding back from a united message with Western powers to insist that Tehran halt uranium enrichment, a stance that could encourage Iranian defiance, diplomats said Monday.

06-12-06 - Iran welcome in China's new sphere IRAN'S controversial President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is flying to Shanghai tomorrow to take part in a summit that will seal China's plans to lead an Asian rival to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

06-12-06 - British police criticized over 'bungled' counterterrorism raid Reuters reported that Friday evening the police released two brothers they had arrested after admitting they had found no bomb in their apartment

06-12-06 - Bush: Democracy in Mideast is worth price And who is ultimately paying the price?

06-12-06 - US-led war on terror increases risk of terrorist attacks: think tank The US-led "war on terror" is increasing the risk of terrorist attacks and distracting governments from greater threats to global security such as climate change, a think-tank warned in a report.

06-12-06 - Syria satisfied 'in principle' with UN probe into Hariri killing Syria is satisfied "in principle" with a new UN report into the murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri, Information Minister Mohsen Bilal has said.

06-12-06 - Some Palestinians prefer Iraq border camps "I prefer to live here in the desert over returning to Baghdad because there I would die - although I don't know how. It could be shooting, burning or stabbing," Hassan said as he sat in front of the tent he shares with his family. "There is absolutely no security there."

06-12-06 - Just How Far Did They Go, Those Words Against Israel? Mr. Steele added that neither Khomeini nor Mr. Ahmadinejad suggested that Israel's "vanishing" was imminent or that Iran would be involved in bringing it about. "But the propaganda damage was done," he wrote, "and Western hawks bracket the Iranian president with Hitler as though he wants to exterminate Jews."

06-12-06 - China is arming world's worst regimes to fuel economic boom, says Amnesty China's secret arms exports to some of the world's worst trouble spots are fuelling human rights violations and helping to sustain conflicts in countries such as Sudan, Nepal and Burma, Amnesty International says.

06-12-06 - Your Netroots Are Showing Reid is a co-sponsor ? along with Sens. George Allen (R-Va.), John McCain (R-Ariz.), Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), and Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.). ? of the new Iran sanctions legislation, which is opposed by the Bush administration as too radical and warmongering

06-12-06 - US backs away from Guantanamo 'PR stunt' remark Ms Graffy works under special envoy Karen Hughes, a trusted aide of President George W Bush, who is assigned the task of improving the US image abroad, particularly in Islamic countries.

06-12-06 - Oil Rises as Iran Says Enrichment Continues, Gulf Storm Arises

06-12-06 - Lebanon: Israeli spying cell busted Assafir newspaper reports Lebanese authorities caught members of Lebanese nationals spying for Israel; says cell member reportedly admitted to role in assassination of two senior Islamic Jihad members in Sidon

Monday, June 12, 2006

News for 06-11-06

06-11-06 - Iran urges 'constructive' debate

06-11-06 - Iran condemns some nuclear incentives "There are points which are acceptable," he said. "There are points which are ambiguous and there are points that we believe should not exist."

06-11-06 - New enrichment move technical, not political: Iran

06-11-06 - Suicides prompt new calls to close Guantanamo Two Saudis and a Yemeni hanged themselves with clothes and bedsheets in maximum security cells on Saturday -- the first captives to die at Guantanamo since the United States began sending suspected al Qaeda and Taliban captives there in 2002.

06-11-06 - Al-Zarqawi's death may not stop civil war The killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi raised hopes that Iraq's slide toward civil war or sectarian disintegration could be arrested, but there are signs that Shiite-Sunni antagonism may now be too deeply rooted.

06-11-06 - Saudis allege torture in Guantanamo deaths "A crime was committed here and the U.S. authorities are responsible," al Shimri said, echoing the general sentiment heard in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

06-11-06 - Iran says it's happy al-Zarqawi is dead Iran, whose relations with Iraq have warmed since the ouster of Saddam Hussein, said Sunday it was pleased about the death of al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

06-11-06 - Civilians the forgotten victims of Iraq stress disorder US soldiers get psychological treatment. Meredith says he gets no help from his former employer, Halliburton, which had major contracts in Iraq.

06-11-06 - Iraq compensation payments up, especially by Marines Nearly half of the more than 19 million dollars that the US military paid out last year to compensate for killing or injuring Iraqis and damaging property reportedly came from Marine-led units in Anbar Province.

06-11-06 - Judge may decide if US eavesdropping is legal

06-11-06 - Guantanamo suicides a 'PR move' A top US official has described the suicides of three detainees at the US base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as a "good PR move to draw attention".

06-11-06 - Guantanamo suicides 'acts of war' The suicides of three detainees at the US base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, amount to acts of war, the US military says.

06-11-06 - Lawyer, families raise suicide doubts over Guantanamo deaths

06-11-06 - Zarqawi beaten to death, 'witnesses' say

06-11-06 - It's America's U.N. too Official may have been undiplomatic in blasting U.S. attitudes toward the global body, but he was right.

06-11-06 - Why gasoline prices could ease soon Demand for oil has dropped, sending its price lower. Another factor: an expected slowing in the economy.

06-11-06 - U.S. Denies Political Motives in Blocking Russia?s WTO Bid

06-11-06 - Israel's Olmert eyes Europe support on Hamas, Iran

06-11-06 - Google 'spying' on IDF Google Earth now offering detailed photos of sensitive military facilities in Israel in 1996 Congress approved a law stating that US commercial companies must apply for a special permit before selling such high-resolution images of Israel.

06-11-06 - New lessons from the Six-Day War Multiple U.S. and British spy agencies indicated the Israeli numbers of 100,000 Egyptian troops were highly inflated. The CIA, in a May 22 memorandum, declared Egyptian troop strength at 50,000 men, and characterized Nasser's Sinai forces as "defensive in character." Rostow called the Israeli estimates "highly disturbing," and the CIA concluded that they were part of a "political gambit intended to influence the U.S." Israel, according to this CIA assessment, wanted the United States to pressure Nasser into ending his blockade of the Straits of Tiran, or alternately, for the Americans to send more military hardware to Israel or allow Israel to take matters into its own hands.

06-11-06 - Fatah rebukes Zawahiri for urging Palestinians to reject referendum

06-11-06 - Anti-terror measures spawn courtroom secrecy Witnesses used false names, the public was barred from the courtroom and part of the hearing was held in the judge's chambers - with defence lawyers shut out.

06-11-06 - Iran team face mass protest Senior politicians, Jewish groups and a prominent German TV host will join a demonstration today in Nuremberg hours before Iran play their opening match of the tournament against Mexico in the city

06-11-06 - Meet the World's Youngest Queen She's smart, beautiful and royal?the world's youngest queen. And the grandmother of nine who made presidential history. Queen Rania, born to Palestinian parents in Kuwait, was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show that aired May 17th of this year. There is a small clip of her on this page from that show.

06-11-06 - See what a day is like for the modern women of Amman, Jordan. To understand what life is like for the women in Rania's kingdom, The Oprah Show spent a day with a few women in Amman, the capital city of Jordan.
To watch this interesting and insightful footage that was featured on the Oprah show, click the link of the same title that is on the page.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

News for 06-10-06

06-10-06 - Poll: Many support troops, but not the war

06-10-06 - Poll: U.S. disapproves of war in Iraq The death of al-Qaida leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq came as more Americans than ever thought the war in Iraq was a mistake, according to AP-Ipsos polling.

06-10-06 - Ministry shocked by U.S. comments on Russia's position on Iran

06-10-06 - Triple suicide at Guantanamo camp

06-10-06 - Who's next? The US got its man. Now it must target the real threat in Iraq The ease with which Iraqi police and US special forces were able to reach the house after the bombing without encountering hostile fire showed that Zarqawi was never the powerful guerrilla chieftain and leader of the Iraqi resistance that Washington has claimed for more than three years.

06-10-06 - Iran to offer counter-proposals on nuclear crisis

06-10-06 - Lebanon says Islamic Jihad killing suspect arrested "Documents and equipment linked with the crime were seized with him, and he has links to the intelligence of the Israeli enemy."

06-10-06 - China's thirst for oil rattles old order

06-10-06 - Lebanon speaker wants Arab mediation with Syria

06-10-06 - Iraq war bill deletes US military base prohibition Congressional Republicans killed a provision in an Iraq war funding bill that would have put the United States on record against the permanent basing of U.S. military facilities in that country, a lawmaker and congressional aides said on Friday.

06-10-06 - N Zealand expels '9/11 associate'

06-10-06 - Shut up about politics: Iran coach Iran coach Branko Ivankovic said he had no message from the country's controversial president and told journalists to stop asking him about politics.

06-10-06 - Kurdish people In 2001, a team of Israeli, German, and Indian scientists discovered that the majority of Jews around the world, belonging to various different Jewish ethnic divisions, are closely related to the Kurdish people, more closely than they are to the Semitic-speaking Arabs or any other population that was tested Just a factoid as it relates to Israel's aid to the Kurds of northern Iraq.

06-10-06 - An Eye On the Middle East - An interview with journalist Robert Fisk Look at the Middle East coverage where the Americans keep referring not to the "wall" but to the "fence," not to "occupied territories," but to "disputed territories." Not to "settlements," but to "neighbourhoods." They're constantly de-semanticizing the conflict, so that the Palestinians look idiotic whenever they commit any violent acts.