The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, June 18, 2006

News for 06-17-06

06-17-06 - DHS Stands By Anti-Terror Cuts A top official at the Department of Homeland Security said the agency will not reconsider its decision to cut anti-terror grants for Washington and New York by 40 percent, despite criticism and pointed questioning yesterday by congressional representatives from those regions.

06-17-06 - Nuke-Free Zone

06-17-06 - Saudi Arabia orders post-mortems on Guantanamo suicides

06-17-06 - Lebanon to complain about Israel to UN Lebanon will complain to the United Nations about Israel after a Lebanese man confessed to killing Hizbollah and Palestinian guerrillas on the orders of Israeli intelligence, the prime minister said on Saturday.

06-17-06 - The time is right to use 1559 against Israel According to observers, Lebanon can not only put forward the argument that Israel has violated international law and the UN declaration but also UN Security Council Resolution 1559, which up until now has only been used against Syria. The neocons would never allow it. That resolution was directed at Syria for a reason.

06-17-06 - US not prepared for catastrophe: official report The United States is not prepared to cope with a large-scale terrorist attack or a powerful hurricane, the US Department of Homeland Security said in a report.

06-17-06 - Senate endorses Bush approach to Iran

06-17-06 - Former CIA chief Woolsey sharply criticizes 2004 GA decision Former CIA James Woolsey - propagandist for Israel. "Woolsey serves on the board of advisers of JINSA, as well as the Pentagon's DPB, and several other neo-conservative groups, including Americans for Victory Over Terrorism. " Source. Who knew?

06-17-06 - Who Will Miss Zarqawi? The only people who may miss al-Zarqawi are the pro-war neocons, who claimed he was part of al-Qaida to justify the invasion of Iraq

06-17-06 - U.S.-Indian Nuclear Deal Puts Israel In Hot Seat While the Israeli government has not taken a strong position on the India deal, some of Israel's supporters in America, including the American Jewish Committee, have urged Congress to ratify it.

06-17-06 - Palestinian FM boasts Iran pledge of 50 million dollars in aid "We will continue bringing in money through the Rafah crossing," he said. "It is legal and we will not let anyone keep milk from our children and medicine from our sick."


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