The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

News for 06-13-06

06-13-06 - Non-aligned states to back Iran at IAEA meeting Non-aligned states will back Iran's right to nuclear fuel production at a U.N. meeting this week, unmoved by U.S. calls to join efforts to get Tehran to stop enriching uranium, diplomats said.

06-13-06 - China, Russia refuse to join Iran sanctions statement China and Russia have refused to join with other big powers in threatening sanctions over Iran's nuclear program during diplomatic jostling at the UN nuclear watchdog.

06-13-06 - Iran's supreme leader calls for cooperation with Saudi on Iraq

06-13-06 - World sees US in Iraq bigger danger than Iran: poll The world increasingly fears Iran's suspected pursuit of a nuclear bomb but believes the U.S. military in Iraq remains a greater danger to Middle East stability, a survey showed on Tuesday.

06-13-06 - Hariri's son says Assad at least partly to blame for father's death "Assad is to blame. Or let me put it like this: 'Based on everything I know, I hold him at least partly responsible," he told Der Spiegel Monday.

06-13-06 - Israeli intel network discovered in Lebanon Investigation conducted by Lebanese military intelligence revealed that the members of the network, whose number was not disclosed, received training inside and outside Israel by Mossad officers.

06-13-06 - 'New American Century' Project Ends With a Whimper aggressive nationalists like Cheney, Christian Zionists of the religious Right, and Israel-centered neoconservatives ? PNAC actually began breaking down shortly after the Iraq invasion.

06-13-06 - Lebanon's army 'foils Israeli attack cell' The Lebanese army said it had dismantled a network used by the Israeli spy agency Mossad to carry out attacks in Lebanon, mainly against Hezbollah and pro-Syrian Palestinian groups.

06-13-06 - New poll shows US image sinking abroad But the poll also showed a growing convergence of views between the United States and the Europeans on issues like Iran's alleged nuclear weapons aspirations and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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