The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, May 31, 2007

News for 05-30-07

05-30-07 - Six days of war, 40 years of secrecy This statement by Stephen Forslund (US Air Force intelligence analyst) is clear enough: "The transcripts made specific reference to the efforts to direct the jets to the target, which was identified as American numerous times by the ground controller. The ground control began asking about the status of the target and whether it was sinking. They stressed that the target must be sunk and leave no trace." These men and the families of those that were killed deserve to have their day in court. Who in their right mind would want this travesty of justice to remain so? This is a great article, and one that will never ever be replicated in any mainstream US news medium. The Israeli lobby makes sure of that.

05-30-07 - Remember the Liberty! "If Israel did deliberately attack the most powerful nation on Earth, it knows it can do so and get away with murder. Worse still, U.S. military personnel now know that if the truth is politically inconvenient, they and their legacy are expendable." There is no 'if' about it. That flag was flying that day, as per the testimony of the sailors on board. And I take THEIR word over that of the ATTACKERS (a FOREIGN nation), as one would THINK that our government would do as well. Not so. Israel got away with not just murder, but war crimes. In the not so recent past, Israel got away with it again. Our government does NOTHING, even if the face of this: But instead of punishing the attackers, Israel honors them in a museum. Told of the display, retired Air Force Major General John Morrison, NSA deputy director for operations at the time, commented, "I am offended by that." And retired Army Lieutenant General William Odom, NSA director from 1985 to 1988, and also unaware of the display, remarked, "I am astonished that Israel should put glory on the people who killed my SigInt-ers [signals intelligence personnel]."10 The Liberty's blood-stained flag is exhibited at the National Cryptologic Museum in Fort Meade, Maryland. The US Naval Institute has evidently taken that article down. Thanks to the Internet Archiver, it lives on.

05-30-07 - Why so few bomb-safe US military trucks in Iraq? One senior officer calls it a "moral imperative," and others see it as a no-brainer, but four years into a deadly war, there are only some 350 blast-resistant trucks protecting US troops in Iraq. Officials inside and outside the military want to know why.

05-30-07 - Iran links Iraq and nuclear issue

05-30-07 - Iran kills 10 rebels in border clash Iranian security forces have killed 10 armed "counter-revolutionary" rebels in clashes in a Kurdish-populated area close to its borders with Iraq and Turkey, media said on Wednesday.

05-30-07 - Iran arrests third US-Iranian Iran has arrested a third US-Iranian accused of being a "CIA agent" linked to US efforts to topple the country's clerical authorities, a hardline newspaper said on Wednesday

05-30-07 - Positions harden ahead of talks on Iran nuclear programme

05-30-07 - Neoconservative 'hopes, prays' Bush will bomb Iran ** In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, prominent neoconservative Norman Podhoretz writes that he 'hopes' and 'prays' that President Bush will bomb Iran. Send these neocons to the front lines of every war that they push for - and get - via the US military. See how they like them apples. But it's ok to send SOMEONE ELSE'S kids to fight their battles. Neocons want American men and women to make the Middle East a safer place - for ISRAEL. Whose War is it?.

05-30-07 - Turkey bolsters troops on Iraq border Turkey has reinforced its border with Iraq with large contingents of soldiers, tanks and armored personnel carriers as it urged the U.S. to crackdown on Kurkish rebel bases there and debated staging a cross-border offensive.

05-30-07 - China Disputes Defense Assessment A sharply worded commentary in The People?s Daily, the main newspaper of the ruling Communist Party, said the Defense Department?s annual report to Congress on China?s military capacity had exaggerated the extent and sophistication of China?s military modernization.

05-30-07 - Send neocons Wolfowitz, Perle to Iraq, says GOP lawmaker Send them to the front lines of Iraq.

05-30-07 - Sadr asks Iraq to oppose U.S.-Iran talks

05-30-07 - Group of Eight May Seek 'Further Measures' on Iran (Update1) Rice now faces the task of persuading Russia and China to back tougher sanctions at the UN Security Council, where they wield veto power along with the U.S., Britain and France.

05-30-07 - Iran spying chief warns academics He said the CIA and British intelligence were involved in spying, but Iran had destroyed several of their networks that were trying to set off bomb blasts, conduct terrorism and kidnappings and also film and photograph sensitive sites.

05-30-07 - Exit From Iraq Should Be Through Iran Restoring cooperation between Washington and Tehran is the single most important step that could be taken to rescue the US from its predicament in Iraq

05-30-07 - Turks seize Syria-bound Iranian arms The weapons, concealed among construction materials, were uncovered when Kurdish terrorists bombed and derailed a train on May 25, Turkish prosecutors said Wednesday.

05-30-07 - Firm sued over secret CIA flights

05-30-07 - Interrogation Methods Are Criticized

05-30-07 - Czech demonstrators protest missile shield plans Two thousand demonstrators marched through Prague on Saturday to protest against a plan to host part of a U.S. missile defence system.

05-30-07 - Was She or Wasn't She? In new court filings, special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has finally resolved one of the most disputed issues at the core of the long-running CIA leak controversy: Valerie Plame Wilson, he asserts, was a ?covert? CIA officer who repeatedly traveled overseas using a "cover identity" in order to disguise her relationship with the agency......In mid-May, Libby was a featured guest at a New York dinner honoring Norman Podhoretz, one of the neoconservative movement's intellectual godfathers. According to reports from the scene, the dinner, organized by Commentary Magazine, opened with cheers and a "standing ovation" for Libby.
Traitorous MFers.

05-30-07 - Young US Muslims: a threat? The mainstreaming of US Muslims stands in sharp contrast to what's happening in Europe, where Muslims are often economically and socially ghettoized. Their alienation helps make them susceptible to extreme Islam and the lure of "home-grown" terrorism, as evidenced by the 2005 London bombings.

05-30-07 - Ereikat Receives Members of US Congress, Make Field Visit in the West Bank The delegation, joined by US Consul General, Jacob Walles, consisted of congressmen, Patrick Leahy, Thad Cochran, Chuck Hagel, Ken Salazar and Peter Welch. Chuck Hagel :)

05-30-07 - UN approves Hariri murder court

05-30-07 - Lebanon charges 20 over fighting Twenty people allegedly linked to the 11-day-old battle around a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon have been charged with terrorism.

05-30-07 - Mofaz warns over Hezbollah strength Hezbollah has returned to positions near the Israeli border with Lebanon, Israel?s transportation minister said.

05-30-07 - Rice: Talk to Palestinians before Syria Translation: 'We must please the gulf Arabs and Europeans in order to get their support to bomb the hell out of Iran (and possibly Syria too), so stick to the current charade'.

05-30-07 - Al-Qaida slams U.S. over Israel Gadahn, who was previously known as Adam Pearlman, has been indicted in absentia for treason.

05-30-07 - Sheriff Griffin learns about security in Israel The Israelization of America continues.

05-30-07 - EU president vows support for Israel against Iran "Rest assured that if ever Israel's security and existence are threatened by speeches like those made by the Iranian president, or even actions, the EU will support you unhesitatingly," said Pottering, who is in the region for a five-day visit.

05-30-07 - Russia cautions U.S. on military aid to Lebanon Russia cautioned the United States on Wednesday against further destabilising Lebanon with U.S. arms shipments and to closely follow international agreements in delivering such aid.

05-30-07 - Fighting flares again at besieged Lebanon camp

05-30-07 - Shadow of Iraq jihad falls over Lebanon Jihadists battling the Lebanese army in north Lebanon were either on their way to or from Iraq, Palestinian political sources believe, a sign that the shadow of Sunni militancy there has started to fall over Arab countries nearby.

05-30-07 - Lebanon charges 20 jihadists with terrorism

05-30-07 - Miserable life for refugees on move in Lebanon Crowded into schools with little food and deteriorating sanitary conditions, life is growing more miserable by the day for thousands of Palestinian refugees who fled fighting in northern Lebanon.

05-30-07 - Soldier killed in fighting at besieged Lebanon camp

05-30-07 - Lebanese woman wounded by leftover bomb Mariam Halawi, 35, was collecting herbs with her husband, Hussein Salame, in the southern village of Qaaqaiyet al-Jisr when the bomb went off, the agency said. She was rushed to hospital where her left leg was amputated, it said

05-30-07 - Memorial honors Alamance County's men and women of the armed forces The wars and conflicts included on the memorial include the U.S. Civil War, the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the U.S.S. Liberty Attack and the Middle Eastern Conflict.

05-30-07 - Maybe there's a reason for anti-U.S. propaganda Do the Arab nations occupy our cities with troops in the hundreds of thousands? Do Iraqi battleships patrol our waterways? Do their fighter planes dominate our skies? Great point. We all know what happened when a foreign army TRIED to occupy OUR citiies and towns. The operative word being TRIED.

05-30-07 - The war that still shadows US diplomacy in Middle East In polls of Arab public opinion, the desire remains for the United States to take a decisive role in pushing the Palestinians and Israelis to a comprehensive peace deal that would encompass all regional powers. "You can see that by far the number-one answer is brokering Arab-Israeli peace based on the 1967 borders. By far that is the issue that they see as most important (for US policy)," Telhami said.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

News for 05-29-07

05-29-07 - Spy charges against three US-Iranians 'absurd': US The United States says Iranian allegations of spying against three US-Iranian nationals are "absurd".

05-29-07 - US-Iranians charged with spying Iran has formally charged two Iranian- American academics currently in jail in Tehran with espionage.

05-29-07 - U.S. al Qaeda militant warns of worse attacks Adam Gadahn, a California-born convert to Islam and the first American to be charged with treason since the World War Two era, appeared in a video posted on the Internet. Gadahn, wearing robes and a turban, is believed to be in Pakistan.

05-29-07 - Cheney criticizes the Geneva Conventions in Military Academy commencement address

05-29-07 - Group: Terrorism not focus of Homeland Security Claims of terrorism represented less than 0.01 percent of charges filed in recent years in immigration courts by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, according to a report issued Sunday by an independent research group. This comes despite the fact the Bush administration has repeatedly asserted that fighting terrorism is the central mission of DHS.

05-29-07 - More Bad Intelligence on Iran and Iraq ** Both cases show how the Administration is still trying to manipulate intelligence to further its strategic goals. ABC says that Deputy National Security Advisor Elliot Abrams is behind the covert action against Iran, which reportedly stems from a "nonlethal presidential finding" signed by Bush to launch a plan that "includes a coordinated campaign of propaganda, disinformation and manipulation of Iran's currency and international financial transactions."

05-29-07 - Russia tests missile which 'penetrates any defence'

05-29-07 - Psychological warfare between the US and Iran

05-29-07 - Lawyer: Cheney visitor logs not recorded "The latest filings make clear that the administration has been destroying documents and entering into secret agreements in violation of the law,"

05-29-07 - Ron Paul Gets 91% in Straw Poll; Not the Work of Spammers

05-29-07 - 'We have no rights and no future' "We have no rights and no future. We have a lot of problems; We can't work freely, we cannot own a house, we cannot move around. We are treated as if we are not human,"

05-29-07 - Soldier dies in Lebanon fighting

05-29-07 - Iraq Palestinians taste bitter exile Many Palestinians have escaped the death squads of Iraq only to face an uncertain future on the desert border between Iraq and Syria.

05-29-07 - A tale of two countries It's interesting to see how shocked people are at first when they realize the full extent of the grip that the Israeli lobby has on our government. I was there, four years ago. I know exactly what they feel. It's one of the most Orwellian things I've ever seen; the entire picture- Israel, Palestinians, Israeli lobby, neocons.

05-29-07 - Rice says US not opposed to Israel-Syria talks The United States does not object to the idea of peace talks between Israel and Syria, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Tuesday.

05-29-07 - Palestinian's quandary: Working for U.S. in Iraq He carries a Palestinian passport and, at home, he is unable even to leave his village at times due to the travel restrictions by the Israeli army. But here in Iraq, he's escorting one of the highest-level U.S. State Department employees.

05-29-07 - Gov. Crist begins 5-day tour of Israel Crist's meetings with Israeli officials were set up by his friend, U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Delray Beach. who is among Israel's strongest supporters in Congress.

05-29-07 - Hagel in ?08? ?We?ll let you know.? Hagel, who is considering a run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2008, said he has not yet made any decisions. He added that, in any event, the Israel Foreign Ministry building was probably not the most appropriate place for an announcement. "We'll let you know," he told the Q. Sadly, in all actuality, it IS the most appropriate place to announce your candidacy.

05-29-07 - Beirut a ghost town on eve of summer season

05-29-07 - Four killed at Beirut checkpoints as security tightened

05-29-07 - Misery doubles in Lebanon refugee camp "We the poor have no one to help us but God,"

05-29-07 - Western sponsors aim for vote on Hariri court draft Wednesday

05-29-07 - AIPAC Intervenes on Iran ** It has happened again, and in the open. The American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) which heads a network of pro-Israeli lobbies, persuaded Congress to drop a provision which would have required President Bush to ask for Congressional approval prior to attacking Iran.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

News for 05-28-07

05-28-07 - Fallen troops remembered on Memorial Day "One of my men said to me ... as we were coming back from this mission that, 'It's like they could come back any time, you know?' I know the feeling," Spring-Glace said. "It's like you can just press the button and go back to the way it was."

05-28-07 - Iran, US agree to more talks over Iraq security

05-28-07 - U.S. show of force in Gulf alarming: Afghan paper A U.S. navy show of force on Iran's doorstep is "greatly alarming" for the region and the United States risked a bloody quagmire if it invaded Iran, a state-run Afghan newspaper said on Saturday.

05-28-07 - US warns Iran over arming Iraqis The US has called on Iran to stop arming militants in Iraq at the first bilateral public talks between the two countries in almost 30 years.

05-28-07 - Russia calls for conference on CFE arms treaty

05-28-07 - US concerns as China builds nuclear subs

05-28-07 - Talking to Iran ? or Talking War? ** Just days after the U.S.-Iran meeting, a group of powerful neo-conservatives ?including some of those who were most active in promoting the invasion of Iraq ? plan to gather for an all-expenses-paid conference entitled "Confronting The Iranian Threat: The Way Forward" at a luxurious resort in the Bahamas. Many of the 30 or so invited guests have been strident critics of Iran and hard-liners on maintaining the U.S. presence in Iraq

05-28-07 - Britain asks Russia to extradite Litvinenko suspect

05-28-07 - Arabs make plans for nuclear power

05-28-07 - War Widows Lobby for Better Benefits

05-28-07 - Militants accuse US of sending nerve gas to Lebanon Islamist miltants have accused the US of sending nerve gas to the Lebanese army, which is struggling to defeat a group of rebels holed up inside a Palestinian refugee camp

05-28-07 - Lebanon army 'hit by militants' Lebanese troops have reportedly come under attack from Islamist militants barricaded inside a Palestinian refugee camp in the north of the country.

05-28-07 - American Treachery in the Attack on the USS Liberty Much Deeper Than Previously Thought

05-28-07 - Syrian vice president stresses dialogue best method to solve Mideast issues

05-28-07 - UN team to report on alleged arms smuggling to Lebanon

05-28-07 - Analysis: Kazakhstan could be Israel's best source for oil and gas

05-28-07 - Muslim nations urged to create new 'Golden Age of Islam' Islamic countries increasingly feel "the overwhelming majority of Muslims ... are being demonized for the actions of a small minority," he said, adding that frustrations have grown because of persistent conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestinian territories.

05-28-07 - Firefights erupt at besieged Lebanon camp

05-28-07 - Palestinians seek end to Lebanon standoff

05-28-07 - Lebanese army and Islamists clash violently

05-28-07 - Strategic talks stepped up ** Israel's representative to the discussions, Cabinet Minister Shaul Mofaz, is to set off shortly for the United States for a new round that is expected to focus on Iran's nuclear program.

Monday, May 28, 2007

News for 05-27-07

It was June 8, 1967

Our men were viciously attacked 40 years ago
and the perpetrators got away with it.

05-27-07 - Iran says keeping word to Russia over atomic plant Iran has met its commitments to Russia over building the Islamic Republic's first nuclear power plant and is ready to go beyond those commitments to assist the work, an Iranian official said on Sunday.

05-27-07 - Iran says EU nuclear talks back on schedule

05-27-07 - Iran protests alleged U.S. spy networks Iran summoned the Swiss ambassador Sunday to protest what it called recently uncovered U.S. espionage networks, state television reported, the day before the Islamic republic planned ambassador-level talks with the U.S. on Iraq.

05-27-07 - Iran says U.S. aims to "lift spirits" with war games Iran dismissed on Sunday U.S. naval war games on its doorstep as a morale-boosting exercise for American soldiers, days after a large flotilla of U.S. ships entered the Gulf in a show of military muscle.

05-27-07 - 3rd CIA Officer Confirms Ron Paul On Roots of Terrorism McGovern then quoted the 9/11 Commission Report regarding the motivation of Kahlid Sheik Mohammad, the ringleader of the September 11th attacks: "Kahlid Sheik Mohammad was motivated not by any antipathy resulting from his stay in the United States [where he had attended college years before], but by his profound hatred for U.S. policy toward Israel ? favoring Israel one-sidedly."
The LA Times, the only paper in the US (to my knowledge) and subsequently the Kentucky Leader Herald, are the only two news outfits nationwide to give significant airtime to the real motive for the attaks on 911. This article can still be found at the Internet Archiver. If any of our politicians or pundits are telling you that we were attacked because we are free, they are either grossly misinformed or liars. "They're over HERE, because we're over THERE"- PJ Buchanan

05-27-07 - Iran losing interest in nuclear power station: Russian official

05-27-07 - Afghan civilian deaths stir NATO unease

05-27-07 - GOP Rivals Embrace Unproven Iraq-9/11 Tie many GOP candidates have recently echoed Bush?s longstanding assertion that Iraq is the ?central battlefront? in the worldwide war against Al Qaeda and have declared that Al Qaeda would make Iraq its base of operations if the United States withdraws ? notions that Scheuer said do not withstand scrutiny.

05-27-07 - U.S. disbands unit created to pressure Iran and Syria State Department and White House officials said the dissolution of the group was simply a bureaucratic reorganization, but many analysts saw it as evidence of a softening in the U.S. strategy toward the two countries. It comes as the Bush administration has embarked on a significant new effort to hold high-level meetings with Iran and Syria. Well but meanwhile, the Bush admin is conducting 'black ops' in Iran.

05-27-07 - Effecting Regime Change in Iran ** There is reportedly a heated debate underway between members of the Cheney Cabal ? who want to bomb-bomb-Iran ? and members of the Condi diplomacy crowd, who want to conduct "covert" destabilizing operations within Iran and to impose crushing sanctions on the Iranians, themselves.

05-27-07 - Iran: No detail on missing American Iran said Sunday it had "no exact report" about an Iranian-American employee of a U.S. foundation promoting democracy missing after a visit to his homeland - one of several people believed detained in Iran amid rising tensions with the United States.

05-27-07 - Bush sanctions 'black ops' against Iran **

05-27-07 - Report: Cheney aide clearing path to bomb Iran ** Cheney's team wants to work with Israel, nudging the country at some key moment to mount a small-scale attack on the suspected site of Iran's nuclear infrastructure, which could lead to an Iranian counter attack on US forces stationed in the Persian Gulf, Clemons reports.

05-27-07 - Behind the eyes of the warmongering US hawks whose bright idea was it to let Richard Perle, the US hawk known as the 'prince of darkness', make a PBS documentary arguing that the world needs more military 'interventions'? It is just odd that PBS would allow this warmongering neocon any airtime at all, let alone a complete special. Same goes for neocon Frank Gaffney and his 'documentary' about Muslims. PBS has clearly fallen under the influence.

05-27-07 - Former U.S. defense chief: Israel must not attack Iran ** They are trying to get us to do it.

05-27-07 - Czech Leader Backs U.S. Missile Defense The anti-missile system is also likely to be on the agenda when President Bush visits the two NATO members during a trip to Europe in June.

05-27-07 - Protesters Barred From Cheney?s West Point Speech A federal appeals court on Friday denied an organization permission to stage an antiwar demonstration on Saturday on the grounds of the United States Military Academy at West Point, where Vice President Dick Cheney is to deliver the commencement address.

05-27-07 - Fear-Mongering and Fiction: Cheney Addresses West Point Grads The veep last spoke at West Point four years ago. He is still peddling the phony link between Iraq and Al Qaeda.

05-27-07 - Ya'alon: Bring down Iranian regime, send ground troops into Gaza ** Attempts to prevent the nuclearization of Iran will fail, according to former Israel Defense Forces chief of staff Moshe Ya'alon, who asserted that the military option should be examined and the Iranian regime should be brought down.

05-27-07 - Bush okayed 'soft revolution' in Iran ** The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) received presidential approval for a covert operation in Iran aimed at destabilizing the Islamic Republic by "non-lethal" means, ABC news reported early Saturday morning.

05-27-07 - I lost my son to a conflict I oppose. We were both doing our duty Andrew J. Bacevich also writes for The American Conservative.

05-27-07 - Jumblatt downplays Lebanon army action at camp Fresh fighting broke out on Sunday between the Lebanese army and militants in a Palestinian refugee camp, but a senior member of the governing coalition said there were no plans to end the standoff by military means.

05-27-07 - The refugees who refuse to flee Nahr al-Bared

05-27-07 - UN agency: More than 5,000 families have left Palestinian refugee camp A majority of families from a besieged Palestinian refugee camp caught in the crossfire between Islamic militants and the Lebanese army have fled the crowded camp but thousands of people remain trapped inside, a U.N. official said Sunday.

05-27-07 - 'Wiped off the Map' ? The Rumor of the Century The full quote translated directly to English: "The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time."

Sunday, May 27, 2007

News for 05-26-07

05-26-07 - U.S. says militant held in Iraq has Iranian ties

05-26-07 - Iran hails UN nuclear chief remarks that drew US rebuke

05-26-07 - Iran says US must change Iraq policy for talks to succeed

05-26-07 - Iran wants to develop shared oil fields with Iraq

05-26-07 - Iran 'uncovers US spy networks'

05-26-07 - Bush threatens veto of anti-gouging bill President Bush is likely to veto legislation passed in the House today that would create hefty fines and criminal penalties for gasoline price-gouging, the White House said Wednesday.

05-26-07 - Democrats Dither As Cheney, Neocons Plot To Nuke Iran ** Now that the US invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have failed, the AEI warmongers are conspiring with Vice President Cheney to foment war with Iran.

05-26-07 - The Cabal Strikes Back ** In the end, however, when it comes down to launching a full frontal assault on Iran, it all depends on the Israelis. The War Party is counting on them to strike the first blow, with the guarantee that the Americans will strike the second, third, fourth, and fifth blows, ad infinitum. Blows directed not only at Iran, but also against Syria, Hezbollah, and the Palestinians.

05-26-07 - You Tube: Ron Paul on Bill Maher Excellent.

05-26-07 - You must return the rights of the people you have erred against . . . or pay the price The leader of Fatah al-Islam has threatened Britons with ?destruction through resistance and attacks? for their government?s policies in the Middle East. Odd that they should target Britain in all of this, particularly given this story I read just minutes ago.

05-26-07 - Who Wants War with Iran?**

05-26-07 - You Tube: If Americans Knew

05-26-07 - You Tube: Rosie O'Donnell speaks out on Iran and 9/11 (3/29/07) Elisabeth Hasselbach would appear to be a neocon-loving, neocon-apologist moron. Unreal. She evidently can't get enough of the BS that they along with the MSM shovel onto her plate. Real Republicans don't follow along like sheep, like Hasselbach evidently does.

05-26-07 - Iran is nuclear threat, says Israeli general ** Maj. Gen. Dan Harel, the Israeli Defense Forces' defense and armed forces attache in Washington, D.C., was a guest speaker at Temple Beth Jacob's Shabbas service. In his remarks, he said Iran is "the most worrying" of three fronts with which Israel is dealing right now.

05-26-07 - U.S. sends arms to Lebanon, militants issue warning Lebanese leaders have vowed to stamp out Fatah al-Islam, which is led by a Palestinian but has little support among Lebanon's Palestinian refugee community of around 400,000.

05-26-07 - A Palestinian refugee and her daughter cross to safety after fleeing their besieged camp of Nahr al-bared in north Lebanon

05-26-07 - Hezbollah warns Govt not to storm camp

Saturday, May 26, 2007

News for 05-25-07

05-25-07 - Iran will push nuclear programme 'to the limit'

05-25-07 - Powers make IAEA Iran complaint Diplomats from the US, UK, France and Japan have complained to the head of the UN nuclear watchdog about comments he made on Iran's nuclear programme.

05-25-07 - Iran Threat On Fox - Again ** He welcomed Alireza Jafarzadeh, author of the book, The Iran Threat and he was also a Fox News Foreign Affairs Analyst. Gallagher said that the coming nuclear crisis seems to get closer everyday and that the president of Iran won't listen and that the sanctions have no teeth. Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News, is a pro-Israeli.

05-25-07 - U.S. tried to sabotage in Iran

05-25-07 - On Patriotism by Rep. Ron Paul The original American patriots were those individuals brave enough to resist with force the oppressive power of King George. I accept the definition of patriotism as that effort to resist oppressive state power.

05-25-07 - Prosecutors: Up to 3 Years for Libby Former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby betrayed the public's trust and deserves to spend 2 1/2 to 3 years in prison for obstructing the CIA leak investigation, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said Friday.

05-25-07 - US lawmakers propose special Iran rights envoy Two US senators proposed Friday appointing a special State Department envoy to improve human rights and democracy in Iran, citing Tehran's "flagrant disregard" for civil liberties. However, they do not do so for Israel's flagrant disregard for civil liberties, which is well-documented by major human rights organizations the world over.

05-25-07 - Bush to press China and Russia on sanctions President Bush said he would press Russia and China to cooperate in expanding sanctions against Iran.

05-25-07 - Fmr. CIA Officer: Giuliani ?Not Serious,? ?Ignorant? About Terrorism Former CIA counter-terrorism officer Philip Giraldi, in an interview with Antiwar Radio on Wednesday, said Giuliani ?indicated that he was not only not serious about [al Qaeda terrorism], but seem[s] to be ignorant of both the 9/11 [Commission] report and political realities in the Middle East.?

05-25-07 - Bush Attempts, Fails, to Rebut Ron Paul

05-25-07 - Neil Cavuto Uses His "Business" Show to Prime Pump for War on Iran ** Neil Cavuto has used his "business show" over the past week to unabashedly promote the concept of a unilateral strike against Iran either by the United States or Israel.

05-25-07 - Why Congress Caved to Bush by Patrick J. Buchanan ** If and when Bibi comes to power, he will use every stratagem to provoke us into attacking "Hitler." Also drumming for war on Iran are the floundering neocons and the Israeli lobby. Under orders from the lobby, Nancy Pelosi stripped from a House bill a stipulation that Bush must come to Congress for authorization before launching an attack on Iran.

05-25-07 - British probe Murdoch media influence Probe Murdoch's influence in America too, neocon bastid.

05-25-07 - Ron Paul rocks Republican bigwigs Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani reacted energetically to Paul in that South Carolina debate, scoring pro-Bush-brownie points on national TV. But Paul is unbowed; he cites, as supporting evidence, the 9/11 Commission report, and calls upon the expertise of friendly foreign policy experts, including former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer, author of the 2004 book, "Imperial Hubris: Why the West Is Losing the War on Terror."

05-25-07 - US ready to 'push back' against Russia: official Russia's real crime: it opposes the neocons' 'Manifest Destiny' for the Middle East- the real plan of which is to make it a safer place for Israel and the Halliburtons.

05-25-07 - Seven Insurance Companies Pay Silverstein Properties $2 billion As Settlement For 9/11 Insurance Claims Silverstein Properties, Inc. leased the World Trade Center from the Port Authority in July 2001

05-25-07 - FOX News Guest: We Must Stay in Iraq So Israel Can Bomb Iran ** FOX hosts never tell their viewers that these people have a hidden agenda that affects their attitudes towards the Middle East , i.e. in order for them to go to heaven, they believe that Israel must conquer its ancient biblical lands, now controlled by Muslims. As these end timers see their influence shrinking, they have gotten more and more desperate, creating hyperbolic threats and bending the truth. Why do these numnutzes insist on taking the rest of us with them in their bonkers doomsday BS?

05-25-07 - Hezbollah head warns against raid "The Nahr el-Bared camp and Palestinian civilians are a red line," Sheikh Nasrallah said.

05-25-07 - LEBANON: Yousef Abu Radi, Lebanon "On the way to the hospital I realised that my mother had died" With up to 40,000 civilians living in the camp, questions are being raised as to whether the Lebanese army?s response to the militants has been in contravention of international humanitarian law.

05-25-07 - Prosecutors drop secret trial demand in AIPAC case

05-25-07 - US envoy's foolish words If Israel was a well administered country, US Ambassador Richard Jones would have been invited to the Foreign Ministry in order to explain his odd declarations that spy Jonathan Pollard would never be released from prison. What part of treason do these folks just not comprehend? Were this an individual that had committed such a traitorous act against ISRAEL, I'm sure that they would be singing a very different tune.

05-25-07 - House to consider nuclear bank The legislation, proposed first by Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, was referred by the committee to the full House on Wednesday. It is aimed at calling Iran's bluff Lantos is Israel's head agent on Capitol Hill.

05-25-07 - House to consider Jerusalem, Ahmadinejad resolutions The committee's chairman, Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), sponsored the resolution on Jerusalem, which "commends Israel for its administration of the undivided city of Jerusalem for the past 40 years, during which Israel has respected the rights of all religious groups" and calls on President Bush to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

05-25-07 - Jewish Reps target arms sales to Saudis U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) and Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.) plan to introduce legislation blocking the sale of missile technology to Saudi Arabia. Remember now, it was only some weeks back that Israel registered its displeasure at the US selling arms to the Saudis - which is no doubt what prompted this move.

05-25-07 - U.S. resupplies Lebanon army, battle for camp looms

05-25-07 - Refugees again in Lebanon, the Khatibs find sleep comes hard

05-25-07 - Qaeda vows "seas of blood" over Lebanon Palestinians A group calling itself al Qaeda's wing in the Levant vowed to carry out bombings in Lebanon and attacks on Christians unless Beirut pulled its army away from Palestinian refugee camps.

05-25-07 - European council warns of racism Foreign migrants, refugees and asylum seekers are the most affected by the rise in intolerance and racism, Smith-Asmussen noted.

05-25-07 - Ros-Lehtinen, Wexler join Fla. Delegation to Israel Said Ros-Lehtinen, "This visit offers us an opportunity to learn more about the economic and security challenges confronting our two great countries in a region vital to our own national interests." Move Washington to Tel Aviv and be done with it.

05-25-07 - US supplies Lebanese Army for fight against Fatah al-Islam

Friday, May 25, 2007

News for 05-24-07

05-24-07 - Iran 'accused of attacks in Iraq to bolster US strategy' ** The Bush administration may be highlighting accusations that the Iranian government is behind attacks in Iraq in order to strengthen its hand in preparing for military strikes on Iran, according to a leading British think-tank. ....In a report sifting the evidence produced by US authorities against Iran, the independent think-tank Basic cast doubt on the strength of the intelligence, saying that proved links between the Tehran regime and militia inside Iraq remained "sketchy". And the "No Shit, Sherlock" award goes to...

05-24-07 - Iran probably 3-8 years off nuclear bomb: IAEA Iran is probably three to eight years away from producing a nuclear bomb if it so chooses, the head of the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog said on Thursday.

05-24-07 - UN warns on Iran nuclear schedule "Even if Iran wanted to go for a nuclear weapon, it would not be before the end of this decade or sometime in the middle of the next decade," he said, adding that this estimate echoed the view of US intelligence agency, the CIA. Notice how his assessment, like that of our own intel community, doesn't jive with Israel's.

05-24-07 - Human rights group faults U.S. war on terror "If we focus on the U.S. it's because we believe that the U.S. is a country whose enormous influence and power has to be used constructively, " she said. "When countries like the U.S. are seen to undermine or ignore human rights, it sends a very powerful message to others."

05-24-07 - House approves stricter lobbying limits The House voted on Thursday to make lobbyists disclose when they round up campaign donations for members of Congress and to broaden prohibitions on their accepting gifts, meals and travel from lobbyists.

05-24-07 - Iran to Israel: Don't attack Lebanon Iran's hard-line president warned Israel on Thursday that nations in the region would take action against the Jewish state if it attacked Lebanon in the summer...... Ahmadinejad warned Israel that "60 years of invasion and assassination is enough. If you do not cease invasion and massacre, soon the hand of power of the nations of the region will rub you criminals with earth."

05-24-07 - special feature: The Road to the White House A sick display of our politicians groveling to and ensuring the safety of - A FOREIGN NATION.

05-24-07 - Fierce gunfire in Lebanese camp The barrage of machine-gun fire and shells at the Nahr al-Bared camp lasted for some 20 minutes before dying down.

05-24-07 - Neo-Cons To Plot Iran Strategy Amid Caribbean Luxury The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), a neo-conservative group created two days after the 9/11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon, is holding what it calls ?a policy workshop? during Congress? Memorial Day recess, no doubt to plot strategy for moving U.S. policy toward Iran in a direction compatible with its confrontational views......Uri Lubrani, the chief Iran advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, is also expected to participate.

05-24-07 - 'Stop Dimona' says Blix Israel should comply with the same demand being made of Iran, to cease its nuclear fuel-cycle and stop enriching uranium, Hans Blix, Chairman of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission (WMDC), told Ynetnews Thursday. OH come now, Israel, be held the same standards it demands of everyone else? Ahahaha, he's joking right?

05-24-07 - Unwelcome guests Palestinians fleeing the fighting in the camp report that the militant group is composed of Syrians, Jordanians, Saudis and Iraqis. The armed jihadis - Sunnis by religion - appeared in the camps a year ago on motorbikes and scooters, and have been there ever since

05-24-07 - Evidence Declassified in Aipac Case

05-24-07 - Abbas denies links with Fatah al-Islam The Palestinian authorities have no links with the shadowy Islamist group locked in a deadly showdown with the Lebanese army, president Mahmud Abbas said on Thursday.

05-24-07 - UN to monitor arms movements across Syria-Lebanon border The United Nations said Thursday it would send a team to Lebanon early next week to check on reported arms smuggling across the border with neighboring Syria.

05-24-07 - 'Cursed' Lebanese endure yet another crisis

05-24-07 - ICRC chief says sending convoy to Palestinian camp

05-24-07 - GOP Candidates Criticize ABC News Report on CIA-Iran Plan ** "I was shocked to see the ABC News report regarding covert action in Iran," Mitt Romney said as he opened a session with reporters in Tulsa, Okla. I was shocked to see Romney and so many others, veritably pledging allegiance to a nation other than this one.

05-24-07 - The PM's latest award - for chutzpah LOCAL Zionist and Jewish community groups have been falling over themselves to line up and pat Prime Minister John Howard on the back in the past few weeks, conferring a swag of awards and honours on the PM for his support of Israel...... The Iraqi tyrant may not have been a threat to the world, as Howard believed, but he was a threat to Israel as a financier of terrorism against the Jewish State

Thursday, May 24, 2007

News for 05-23-07

05-23-07 - US armada enters Gulf amid nuclear row **

05-23-07 - U.S. Navy sends carriers near Iran ** The U.S. Navy staged its latest show of military force off the Iranian coastline on Wednesday, sending two aircraft carriers and landing ships packed with 17,000 U.S. Marines and sailors to carry out unannounced exercises in the Persian Gulf.

05-23-07 - Global worries push oil above $70 US naval exercises off the coast of Iran which coincided with a report claiming Iran is continuing its nuclear development plans, prompted concern. You think it's high NOW? Wait until we attack Iran.

05-23-07 - U.S.: Iranian material found in Iraq ** Making the case for war.

05-23-07 - US to push for new Iran sanctions The BBC's Jonathan Beale in Washington says the US is determined to step up the pressure, convinced that Tehran is secretly trying to develop nuclear weapons - a charge it denies.

05-23-07 - Two US aircraft carriers reach Gulf waters ** The USS John C. Stennis and USS Nimitz aircraft carriers and their strike groups entered Gulf waters to support troops in Iraq and conduct training exercises, the US Navy said Wednesday.

05-23-07 - Report: Most foreign fighters from Gulf Fleih did not provide more specific details about the alleged insurgents or which countries they came from. Why is that.

05-23-07 - Iran ?plans attacks on British nuclear plants?** . The call from the Conservative leader came amid reports Tehran was forging ties with al Qaeda in Iraq to prepare for a summer fight against coalition forces, and that it was arming Taliban insurgents fighting British troops in Afghanistan The BS is coming fast and furious.

05-23-07 - Another US scholar 'held in Iran'

05-23-07 - 40 years ago, Israel attacked U.S. ship On June 8 this year, we as a country should share a moment of silence for the murdered men of the USS Liberty and demand total accountability from Israel.

Amen to that.

05-23-07 - Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran ** President Bush has signed a "nonlethal presidential finding" that puts into motion a CIA plan that reportedly includes a coordinated campaign of propaganda, disinformation and manipulation of Iran's currency and international financial transactions.

05-23-07 - Lawsuit resumes against Cheney, others The lawsuit accuses Cheney, Rove, Libby and Armitage of revealing Valerie Wilson's secret CIA identity in seeking revenge against Wilson for criticizing the Bush administration's motives in Iraq.

05-23-07 - "Buying the War," Now it's Iran ** You would think that after after all the official and unofficial lies that came out of the Washington spin machine during the 2002-03 run-up to the war in Iraq, newspapers would be a little more skeptical about similarly unsupported, high-level but anonymous and bellicose allegations about Iran (or anyone else).

05-23-07 - Don't get fooled again ** Iran, we are told, has a secret plan to force the US and Britain to withdraw from Iraq. Not only that, but "Iran has reversed its previous policy in Afghanistan" and is now supporting the Taliban. So when George Bush's famous "surge" - a desperate gambit to prop up a bankrupt policy - fails to usher in the cooperative commonwealth in Iraq, we Guardian readers will know it's really all Tehran's fault.

05-23-07 - US House leaders agree to fund Iraq war without timetables The American people are well represented in Congress, eh? Whatever happened to "No taxation without representation" anyway?

05-23-07 - Bin Laden 'ordered Zarqawi' to attack US Frances Townsend, President George W Bush's homeland security advisor, offered information from recently declassified secret reports to defend the US argument that it is fighting to prevent Iraq from becoming a new "sanctuary" for Al Qaeda.

05-23-07 - Kazakh opposition accuses U.S. of double standards Kazakhstan's opposition accused the United States on Wednesday of backing what they see as the authoritarian regime of President Nursultan Nazarbayev and valuing oil more than democracy.

05-23-07 - 'Nowhere to put us' We'd never heard of Fatah al-Islam. Who are these guys who are terrorising the whole country?

05-23-07 - Lebanese minister warns militants Lebanon's defence minister has said Islamist militants entrenched in a Palestinian refugee camp must surrender or face further military action.

05-23-07 - Iraq Withdrawal Akin to Defeat, Say Americans It will put Israel in danger 40% 25% 35%

05-23-07 - U.N. asks for access to refugee camp U.N. relief officials appealed Wednesday for safe access to the Palestinian refugee camp at the center of a standoff between Islamic militants and the Lebanese army and urged the government to exercise restraint in civilian areas.

05-23-07 - Lebanon rapped over shelling Palestinians' camp "Amnesty International is particularly concerned about the army's use of artillery and other heavy weapons, including tank fire, against heavily populated areas,"

05-23-07 - Google is watching you Google, the world's biggest search engine, is setting out to create the most comprehensive database of personal information ever assembled, one with the ability to tell people how to run their lives.

05-23-07 - Palestinians say they are victims again in Lebanon,

05-23-07 - Amnesty blasts Mideast human rights violations Amnesty International said on Wednesday in its annual report that Iraq continued its descent into civil war in 2006 and that both Israel and Hezbollah committed war crimes during their 34-day conflict.

05-23-07 - PLO will not object to Lebanese army entering camp

05-23-07 - NY Sun uses 'anti-semitic' slur against Ron Paul

40 years ago, Israel attacked U.S. ship

40 years ago, Israel attacked U.S. ship


The tragic anniversary comes and goes each spring without even a minor observance, but a day of infamy, June 8, is soon to come to our nation.

This June 8 will mark the 40th year since Israel attacked the USS Liberty, killing 34 and wounding 75 Americans. On that date in 1967, the undefended communications vessel was in international waters 15 miles north of the Sinai peninsula when Israel launched its deadly air and torpedo boat fusillade. Claiming it to be an accident, Israel was at a loss to explain precisely how its Mossad intelligence network — generally regarded as the world best espionage organization — couldn’t identify a clearly marked U.S. Navy craft.

Following the carnage, Israel offered two apologetic notes to our government. America media of the day reported that Defense Department insiders went on record to say the attack must have been deliberate, figuring the Israelis believed the doomed ship had intercepted messages proving their state initiated the Six Day War against the Arabs.

On June 8 this year, we as a country should share a moment of silence for the murdered men of the USS Liberty and demand total accountability from Israel.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

News for 05-22-07

05-22-07 - UN inspectors in Iran ahead of IAEA report on Iranian program Non-proliferation expert Gary Samore said "obviously the bottom line is that they haven't accepted a suspension of enrichment. That's all the Security Council needs to take further sanctions."

05-22-07 - Iran's secret plan for summer offensive to force US out of Iraq ** Iran is secretly forging ties with al-Qaida elements and Sunni Arab militias in Iraq in preparation for a summer showdown with coalition forces intended to tip a wavering US Congress into voting for full military withdrawal, US officials say. "US officials say". Still looking for a pretext for war. The BS campaign is really taking off now. Never forget - the 'bomb Iran' campaign has been in the works for almost 2 YEARS.

05-22-07 - Congress Must Do Its Duty by Rep. Ron Paul

05-22-07 - Cameron: Don't rule out attacking Iran **

05-22-07 - U.S. Urges Complaint Against IAEA Chief The United States wants its allies to join in a formal protest against the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency for suggesting that Iran be allowed to keep some elements of its uranium enrichment program, diplomats said Tuesday.

05-22-07 - Fmr. Chief of CIA Osama Unit: Why They Attack Us Of the eighteen presidential candidates now in the field from both parties, only Mr. Paul has had the courage to square with the average American voter. We are indeed hated and being warred against because we are "over there," and not for what we are and how we live. Anyone that tells you that we were attacked because 'we're free' is either grossly misinformed or a liar.

05-22-07 - Specter Stumps For Diplomacy According to his report in the Quarterly, Iran seeks nothing more than to be a world power, and its leaders think that status and respect can be reached by becoming a nuclear power. Speculation surrounding Iran's plans with nuclear weapons has been centered on the U.S., and Specter said a defusing action would be simply to talk it out.

05-22-07 - Iran links detained US scholar to 'regime overthrow bid'

05-22-07 - Pricey gasoline costs U.S. consumers extra $20 bln The added expense is taking money away from consumers to spend on other goods and services. It's BS of the highest order.

05-22-07 - Bush could double force by Christmas ** The Bush administration is quietly on track to nearly double the number of combat troops in Iraq this year, an analysis of Pentagon deployment orders showed Monday.

05-22-07 - Two civilians killed as UN delivers aid to Lebanon camp

05-22-07 - Halliburton chairman defends move to Dubai "If you look at a map of oil and gas reserves, the focus of our business, the focus of the industry clearly is moving to that part of the world ... to the eastern hemisphere in particular and the Middle East specifically," Now that they snookered the US government into providing for them (Iraq contracts) and securing the area, might as well make it official and move over there, right boys?

05-22-07 - The Ron Paul Effect The American Conservative magazine, which Buchanan co-founded with Taki Theodoracopulos and Scott McConnell, was launched to give voice to those on the Right who reject the neoconservative "liberationism" of the Bush administration as a "Jacobin" invention, as Claes Ryn, a prominent conservative professor, so trenchantly put it.

05-22-07 - Hersh: Bush administration arranged support for militants attacking Lebanon When asked why the administration would be acting in a way that appears to run counter to US interests, Hersh says that, since the Israelis lost to them last summer, "the fear of Hezbollah in Washington, particularly in the White House, is acute."

05-22-07 - U.S. envoy: Unlikely convicted spy Pollard will ever be released The United States ambassador to Israel said Monday it is unlikely that convicted Pentagon spy Jonathan Pollard will ever be released, adding that the fact that he has not been executed should be seen as an act of clemency by Washington

05-22-07 - Dichter: Peace possible without war ?At that stage, the first Friday, I felt that most of our pressure, the majority of operations, should have focused on the place from which the threat originated, and not on attacking real estate in Beirut.?

05-22-07 - U.S. ambassador apologizes for remarks on convicted spy Pollard What the hell for? He was right; Pollard is lucky he wasn't executed, traitorous bastard that he is.

05-22-07 - Carter retreats from remarks on Bush After his most recent trip to the Middle East, where he monitored Palestinian elections, Carter said, "I came back from the Middle East and went directly to the Oval Office. I had a long and extensive conversation with President Bush about the absence of any peace talks and to give him a description of what was happening in Palestine in my opinion." He added: "I was very pleased when President Bush told me the top foreign policy priority for the administration in the remaining months would be peace in the Middle East."

05-22-07 - Major Poll Finds U.S. Muslims Mostly Mainstream They seem to do well, despite some of the post-9/11 BS. Says a lot about my country and my fellow Americans.

05-22-07 - How terrorism finds root in the West Islamist radicalism and its stepchild, terrorism, are problems associated with a younger generation of immigrants. Because why? They are disaffected, perhaps discriminated against in Europe(much moreso than they are here in America)?

05-22-07 - Lebanon turmoil will not deter UN vote on Hariri court -- US The United States said Tuesday that the fighting in Lebanon would not prevent a UN Security Council vote on setting up an international court to try suspects in the murder of Lebanese ex-premier Rafiq Hariri.

05-22-07 - Washington may provide military aid to Lebanese PM

05-22-07 - Truce in Lebanon battle sparks mass exodus from camp "Thousands of refugees -- men, women and children -- started fleeing on foot or by car from Nahr al-Bared camp from early evening to take shelter in the nearby Beddawi camp," said Hajj Rifaat, a camp official of the mainstream Palestinian Fatah faction.

05-22-07 - Stop world cluster bombs, urge six Nobel Prize winners Israel most recently used the bombs less than a year ago.

05-22-07 - U.S.: No heat on Israel to shun Syria An Israeli government official, speaking on condition of anonymity according to civil service rules, said Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert does not seek American approval for talks with Syria, and the U.S. has never tried to block such contacts. Sounds like somebody was trying to use the current admin as an excuse to avoid peace talks with Syria. That's twice the US has denied pressuring Israel about this matter.

05-22-07 - US warns Syria over moves to block Hariri trial

05-22-07 - Wisdom of the presidents

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

News for 05-21-07

05-21-07 - Iran: Arabs should back nuclear program Iran urged Arab countries on Sunday to support its nuclear program but received a cool reception at the World Economic Forum, particularly from U.S. allies worried about Iran's growing regional influence.

05-21-07 - Azeris caught in US-Iran tussle according to some, the US has tried to tap into those ethnic tensions as a possible pressure point for promoting regime change within Iran

05-21-07 - Kyrgyzstan will close U.S. base if used against Iran - senior MP ** Recent media reports hinted at the possibility of the U.S. using the base in the Central Asian state to deliver air strikes against Iran.

05-21-07 - U.S. Embassy in Iraq to be biggest ever The $592 million embassy occupies a chunk of prime real estate two-thirds the size of Washington's National Mall, with desk space for about 1,000 people behind high, blast-resistant walls. The compound is a symbol both of how much the United States has invested in Iraq and how the circumstances of its involvement are changing......The 21-building complex on the Tigris River was envisioned three years ago partly as a headquarters for the democratic expansion in the Middle East that President Bush identified as the organizing principle for foreign policy in his second term

05-21-07 - U.S. House seeks tighter U.S.-Israeli ballistic missile defenses ** The United States House of Representatives has adopted a measure aimed at weaving closer U.S. and Israeli defenses against ballistic missiles of the type that could be fired by Iran. Part of a $504 billion defense spending bill passed Thursday, the measure would redirect $205 million in Defense Department funds toward projects already underway in Israel. The humble American taxpayer is a servant to the state of Israel. Billions of our taxpayer dollars, both directly and indirectly go toward the security of a foreign nation - in contravention of our OWN interests.

05-21-07 - Who?s Afraid of Jimmy Carter? George Bush

05-21-07 - Coalition of Jewish Leaders Petition With Over 1000 Signatures Urging An End To The Iraq War JAW is a grassroots organization dedicated to ending the Iraq War and preventing one with Iran.

05-21-07 - GE in $11.6bn Saudi plastics sale The irony: with the advent of the 'oil boom', the Middle Eastern countries buy up our businesses, after having soaked us at the pump.

05-21-07 - Pentagon considers staying in Iraq for 'decades'

05-21-07 - Swiss told to stay out of Iran nuclear crisis The former American ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, has called the so:called "Swiss plan" to end the Iranian nuclear standoff "farcical".
Why is this buffoon still speaking on behalf of America? He has no right nor clout to do so. If there were any justice, this moron would be deported poste haste to his true homeland - Israel.

05-21-07 - Fighting rages in Lebanese camp At least nine civilians died during clashes at the Nahr al-Bared camp, home to some 40,000 Palestinian refugees

05-21-07 - Cheney alone as foreign -policy heavy In Cairo last Sunday, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak warned Cheney against any military confrontation with Iran because it would have "grave repercussions on the region," his spokesman Suleiman Awaad said. Mubarak also told Cheney solving the Palestinian conflict was the key to resolving the rest of the region's crises, Awaad said.

05-21-07 - IDF: Iran will have bomb only in 2010 OUR intel says 2015.

05-21-07 - UN draft on court prompts praise, anger Hizbullah labeled the UN resolution "foreign interference in Lebanon's affairs" and called on Russia for help

05-21-07 - Lebanon refugee camps breeding ground for extremism Lebanon's camps also have the region's "highest percentage of Palestine refugees who are living in abject poverty."

05-21-07 - Syria deny Lebanon militants link Syria's UN Ambassador said that militants fighting Lebanese troops had been jailed in Damascus a few years ago for links to al-Qaeda, and would be rearrested if they returned.

05-21-07 - Muslim Americans: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream absolute levels of support for Islamic extremism among Muslim Americans are quite low, especially when compared with Muslims around the world.

05-21-07 - US Ambassador Jones: 'Be Happy We Didn't Execute Pollard' Speaking at a conference at Bar Ilan University on Israeli-American relations, Jones said, "Pollard took money and sold out his country... The fact that he wasn't executed shows that he was treated mercifully." Right on.

05-21-07 - Robert Fisk: A front-row seat for this Lebanese tragedy We are back at another of those tragic Lebanese stage shows: the siege of Palestinians.

05-21-07 - Mixed reaction to compromise immigration reform The Anti-Defamation League welcomed the package, saying it provides an opportunity to advance the vital cause of keeping our nation both welcoming and secure by seeking to address the problems that have led many to circumvent U.S. immigration law. Huh? These illegal immigrants are BREAKING THE LAW. You don't reward them for doing so. The arm of Israel (the ADL) has no qualms about ISRAEL'S supremacist "law of return" that is for JEWS only (despite UN resolution 194). Hypocrisy.

05-21-07 - Large blast hits Lebanese capital The explosion happened in a car park near the Russian Cultural Centre, in a Muslim area of the city.

05-21-07 - Clinton leads in fund raising, but Jews are backing all Dems Major Jewish donors also are backing former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina and the "second tier" of candidates, including Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, because of their loyalty to Israel and Jewish issues over the years........Clinton has spent her six years in the U.S. Senate reaching out to Jewish groups on nearly every domestic and foreign issue that the community embraces. She was a leader in getting homeland security funds to Jewish institutions and has taken the lead in demanding changes in Palestinian textbooks that would reflect the reality of Israel's existence.

05-21-07 - GOP hopeful's slur recalled "By far the most powerful lobby in Washington of the bad sort is the Israeli government," Ron Paul wrote in a 1992 newsletter to constituents and quoted in a 1996 article in the Houston Chronicle. Paul also said Zionists stifle criticism, the Chronicle reported.
"slur"? LOL. Paul is SPOT ON. Read the last paragraph. The Israel shills have now ramped up their campaign to SLUR Paul in light of the recent successful performances he has given at the debates.

05-21-07 - House OKs closer U.S.-Israel missile defense Another amendment, initiated by Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), requires the Pentagon to integrate the Israeli and U.S. ballistic missile defense systems to better protect Israel against possible attacks by Iran. Thus does the clusterf$ck get ever tighter.

05-21-07 - Army offers Lebanon cease-fire The Lebanese army says is ready for a cease-fire with Islamist militants in the north of the country if they agree to halt their attacks.

05-21-07 - Palestinian refugee groups call for peace in Lebanon Leaders from the various Palestinian factions in Lebanon, excluding Fatah al-Islam held a joint press conference just hours ago condemning the group's actions and distancing themselves from it.

05-21-07 - Fischer among top World Bank president candidates Following Paul Wolfowitz's resignation, Bank of Israel sources say high possibility governor to be offered, accept offer to succeed him

Monday, May 21, 2007

News for 05-20-07

05-20-07 - 2 US Republican senators allege they have 'evidence' Iran sent weapons, trained militants in Iraq Larijani said the two senators' allegations were part of U.S. President George W. Bush's propaganda campaign against Iran that included labeling the country part of the "axis of evil."

05-20-07 - Nuclear issue off limits in US-Iraq talks: Iran Iran said on Sunday its nuclear standoff with the West will be strictly off the agenda when Iranian officials hold rare talks this month with US diplomats in Baghdad over Iraq.

05-20-07 - Iraqi VP blasts US-Iran talks Iraq's Sunni vice president spoke out Sunday against the upcoming U.S.- Iran talks on the situation in his country, saying the dialogue was "damaging to Iraq's sovereignty."

05-20-07 - Bush White House fires back at Jimmy Carter The White House on Sunday fired back at former President Jimmy Carter, calling him "increasingly irrelevant" a day after Carter described George W. Bush's presidency as the worst in history in international relations.

05-20-07 - Tenet, Nukes, and Stinking Smut

05-20-07 - Anti-War Group Banned From Parade A video posted on the popular Web site YouTube shows the Loyalty Day parade spokeswoman telling the Veterans for Peace group that their bus can't join in the festivities.

05-20-07 - The Neocon Reaction to Ron Paul

05-20-07 - US-Iran fallout affects the South Caucasus Analysts say military conflict with Iran would be devastating for the region and many here fear that its effects could spill over into Iran's neighbors in the South Caucasus, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

05-20-07 - Dollar buying ever less of world's goods The change in the dollar's value also comes with ramifications for US consumers. It's now more expensive for Americans to travel abroad. Italian leather, Belgian chocolates, and English cheddar will cost more. In addition, many Americans may find they have a new boss ? one who is based overseas or relocating to the States.

05-20-07 - Rumsfeld to return as non-profit grant giver Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will shun the defense sector and create a non-profit foundation that works on issues dealing with the United States and foreign policy, according to a report in Friday's Washington Times.

05-20-07 - Assessments Made in 2003 Foretold Situation in Iraq Two intelligence assessments from January 2003 predicted that the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and subsequent U.S. occupation of Iraq could lead to internal violence and provide a boost to Islamic extremists and terrorists in the region, according to congressional sources and former intelligence officials familiar with the prewar studies.

05-20-07 - End to Lebanon crisis for pres elections: Hezbollah

05-20-07 - Czech Battle To Convince Hostile Public Over US Missile Shield ** Together with 10 interceptor missiles deployed in neighbouring Poland, the radar, which Washington says is aimed at protecting against a possible Iranian attack, has created rifts within NATO, roused Russian anger and split public opinion in the Czech Republic and Poland.

05-20-07 - Obama Lines Up Behind Neo-Conservative Campaign Against Iran Acutely aware of public disenchantment with Iraq and opposition to an attack on Iran and convinced that the UN Security Council will never be willing to impose serious sanctions of its own, neo-conservatives, in apparent co-ordination with the right-wing "Israel Lobby," have been trying for much of the past year to rally support for tougher unilateral economic sanctions, including divestment, against Iran.

05-20-07 - Scores dead as Lebanese army battles Islamists in bloodiest day since civil war So here are a few facts. A group of armed men tried to rob a Tripoli bank on Saturday and got cornered in an apartment block. Others holed up in the Nahr el-Bared Palestinian refugee camp north of the city

05-20-07 - Explosion in Beirut kills one: report "There was an explosive device either under a car or next to a car," another security source said, adding it took place in the car park of a popular mall in a Christian district in east Beirut.

05-20-07 - British Jews meet U.K. foreign secretary Representatives from the Board of Deputies of British Jews met with the country's foreign secretary. The delegation at last week's meeting broached concerns with Margaret Beckett about the threat posed by Iran to the West, as well as to Israel, and its destabilizing influence throughout the Middle East.

05-20-07 - 37 killed as Lebanese troops battle militants An army spokesman said 15 soldiers, including two officers, were killed in violent clashes at Tripoli and around the nearby Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared, a Fatah al-Islam stronghold

Sunday, May 20, 2007

News for 05-19-07

05-19-07 - Carter blasts Bush on his global impact "I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history," Carter told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette in a story that appeared in the newspaper's Saturday editions. "The overt reversal of America's basic values as expressed by previous administrations, including those of George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon and others, has been the most disturbing to me."

05-19-07 - Carter condemns Blair's support for Bush "And I think the almost undeviating support by Great Britain for the ill-advised policies of President Bush in Iraq have been a major tragedy for the world," Carter told British Broadcasting Corp. radio.

05-19-07 - Iran says US should quit Iraq to curb 'terror' Iran said on Saturday the United States should withdraw its troops from Iraq because their presence is causing "terrorist" activity in the war-torn country.

05-19-07 - US raids made 2,000 Afghans homeless: Red Cross

05-19-07 - Iran nuclear chief likely to meet Solana in Spain Iran's nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani is likely to meet EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana in Spain for talks on resolving the standoff over Tehran's nuclear programme.

05-19-07 - Foreign Minister: Iran has no history of violence Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki Saturday reiterated Iran's position on pursuing uranium enrichment, despite UN and US warnings, insisting 'Iran has no history of violence.'

05-19-07 - Iran spent millions to restore Iraqi Shiite sites Iran has spent more than 64 million dollars to restore Shiite holy sites in neighbouring Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein.

05-19-07 - Minister: Iran will not attack Israel Mottaki rejected the Saudi peace initiative as doomed to fail and called, instead, for a "democratic free and fair referendum" where what he called original Muslim, Christian and Jewish Palestinians would vote and choose their own government, the Jerusalem Post reported.

05-19-07 - The Wolfowitz Touch ? or How to Lose US Credibility

05-19-07 - 10 Years On: Where Are the PNAC Signatories A word on Gaffney and Perle: the former is directing anti-Muslim videos for PBS. The latter is being given much airtime by PBS in order to deflect blame for the Iraq debacle.

05-19-07 - The Season of Hope The U.S. Senate just voted against withdrawing the troops from Iraq, in defiance of the overwhelming majority of Americans at this point

Saturday, May 19, 2007

News for 05-18-07

05-18-07 - World should adapt to Iran atom advances: ElBaradei

05-18-07 - Iran tells US to stop 'meddling' in scholar detention The US military has said another two Iranians are also being held in Iraq but have provided no details

05-18-07 - But who was right ? Rudy or Ron? by Patrick J. Buchanan Osama bin Laden in his declaration of war in the 1990s said it was U.S. troops on the sacred soil of Saudi Arabia, U.S. bombing and sanctions of a crushed Iraqi people, and U.S. support of Israel's persecution of the Palestinians that were the reasons he and his mujahedeen were declaring war on us. ........We do not excuse ? but we must understand. Tell 'em, Pat!

05-18-07 - Haaretz: Poll: 71% of Israelis want U.S. to strike Iran if talks fail ** Fully 71 percent of Israelis believe that the United States should launch a military attack on Iran if diplomatic efforts fail to halt Tehran's nuclear program, according to a new poll. A similar article also appears on Newsmax: Israeli Poll: U.S. Should Strike Iran

05-18-07 - Military strike on Iran would be catastrophic: Pakistan PM ** Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said that a military strike on Iran over its nuclear activities would be "catastrophic" and hoped US-Iranian talks this month would reduce tensions.

05-18-07 - Iraqis finding a haven in Sweden

05-18-07 - US legislators want to get even tougher on Syria The new bill, the Syria Accountability and Liberation Act, calls for sanctions on individuals and states that transfer goods and technology that can aid Syria's efforts to develop unconventional weapons I bet we can all guess who is behind that one.

05-18-07 - Iraqi refugee tide strains Syrian open-door policy

05-18-07 - Rudy simply ignores facts Paul did not back down, and for good reason. Unlike Giuliani, the Texan has actually read the record.

05-18-07 - Iran is safe ... for now ** Despite the bluster, there is no serious prospect of an American or Israeli military attack on Iran this year.

05-18-07 - Thank You, Ron Paul Paul thus becomes the first person in mainstream politics--he's been in Congress many years--to acknowledge that U.S. foreign policy has had bad consequences not only for people in the Middle East but for Americans at home as well.

05-18-07 - YouTube: The American Cause

05-18-07 - Forum leaders differ on Mideast future During one politically charged panel, Saeb Erekat, a top aide to the Palestinian president, chided Iranian hard-liner Mohammed J.A. Larijani, telling him Iran should stop its anti-Israeli rhetoric and instead help create a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

05-18-07 - Blair tipped to be World Bank president as disgraced Wolfowitz resigns

05-18-07 - Iran not seeking Israel destruction: Larijani Iran's national security chief Ali Larijani on Friday denied Tehran was promoting the policy of wiping Israel "off the map," blaming a deliberate distortion by the Western media.

05-18-07 - House rejects funding caveat on Iran ** The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which favors a robust posture against any possible Iranian nuclear threat, strongly opposed the amendments. Two Jewish members close to AIPAC, Reps. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) and Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.), had kept similar language from appearing in the bill?s original text. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the House speaker, allowed the amendments to go forward to placate anti-war Democrats.

05-18-07 - Neoconservatives Gather To Applaud Scooter Libby And Ponder Next Targets For Regime Change The Christian Science Monitor writes that ?Commentary advocates passionate support for Israel, and regime change in at least half a dozen countries deemed hostile to US and Israeli security and interests.? Along those lines, in the most current issue of the magazine, Norman Podhoretz argues "The Case for Bombing Iran."

05-18-07 - Open Letter to Saul Anuzis on Ron Paul Debate Ban

05-18-07 - Conservatives Push Joint Israeli-U.S. BMDS The Democratic-controlled House passed its version of the fiscal 2008 defense authorization legislation May 17, including a last-minute provision pushed by conservative Republicans to further integrate the U.S. ballistic missile defense system (BMDS) with Israel. Thus does the America-Israel clusterf*#k deepen, thanks to its agents on Capitol Hill.

05-18-07 - New law to require referendum before future Israeli withdrawals The law was supported by a concerted effort on the part of a lobby for the Golan Heights communities, who maintain that a potential Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights will be much less likely to occur if it will require the approval of a national referendum.

05-18-07 - Poll finds policy, values hurt U.S. in Muslim world "There have been specific complaints that the U.S. favors Israel over the Palestinians and the Arab world as whole ... and exploits the Middle East for its oil,"