The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, March 01, 2010

The alleged Iranian threat

We gave warnings just before the invasion of Iraq, and when we did so, we were treated as traitors because, 'either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists'. But within one year after the invasion, the rest of America learned that there were no WMDs in Iraq. Nor was there any link between Iraq and 9/11. In short, we were right. And anyone can look back into the pages of this website to bear this out.

For the past several years, the same crowd that got us into Iraq has been beating the war drums for an attack on Iran, and lately, they have been beating ever louder. Here we go again. The results of the gallup poll cited in this article demonstrate that the American people now believe that Iran in fact is a threat to us.

How did that happen? It happened because the politicians and the media are once again pandering to the interests of the Israeli lobby, who have worked tirelessly to make Israel's problems our problems. It's evident in this video(over half way through) depicting Monica Crowley groveling to and along with Mort Zuckerman (a known pro-Israeli) and the AIPAC crowd when she displays her near-hysteric concern over Iran's alleged nuclear program (which, according to our own intelligence officials, is still not off the ground, let alone producing nuclear weapons).

One man - as was the case back in early '03 with the article Whose War? - stands alone in asserting America's interests- rather America's non-interests- in Israel's wars. Patrick J. Buchanan gets the last and best word about the matter ('Iran is no threat whatsoever to the United States of America') in that video from last weekend's edition of The McLaughlin Group.
Buchanan further describes why Iran is not a threat to us in this article.

So, when the bombs start falling on Iran, and the price of gas becomes prohibitively high (jeopardizing an already delicate American economic recovery) , as more Americans become homeless and jobless, don't say we didn't tell you so this time. Take a step back from your American Idol and take a look at what this nation has become; a stoolie for Israel. George Washington is rolling in his grave.