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Monday, June 04, 2012

45 year anniversary of Israel's attack on the USS Liberty

06-04-12 - 45 years on, justice still not served.

It has now been ten years since I first learned of Israel's attack on the USS Liberty - I saw a special about it on The History Channel in 2002. Since then, I haven't shut up about it.

Friday June 8 marks the 45th anniversary of the assault. Most Americans know nothing of this attack, nor is it widely commemorated like it is in the case of the USS Cole and other assaults on American servicemen.

In fact, recently John McCain calls a heckler a 'jerk' when he asks McCain about the USS Liberty. McCain (and his father) are noted Israel supporters. The 'Raw Story' news outfit subsequently branded Morris and all those that take the side of the USS Liberty survivors as 'conspiracy theorists'.

Watch this video:

An excellent read by the folks at the VFW from a few years ago: In honor of the unsung heroism of those aboard the USS Liberty.