The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, June 15, 2006

News for 06-14-06

06-14-06 - Iran: no global consensus against it despite pressure

06-14-06 - Ahmadinejad seeks Chinese, Russian support

06-14-06 - ACLU sues Pentagon over anti-war group monitoring

06-14-06 - Public Opinion Polls in Iran's Neighboring Countries Reveals Large Numbers Support Nuclear-Armed Iran, Also Oppose U.S. Military Action Public opinion surveys in Iran's three neighboring countries of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey found large numbers of people favoring the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran and even greater numbers opposed to any American military action in the event diplomacy fails to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons

06-14-06 - U.S. faults Syrian cooperation on UN Hariri inquiry The accusation, by U.S. United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, came despite the latest progress report on the probe led by Serge Brammertz of Belgium, which described Syrian cooperation as "generally satisfactory." John Bolton is a neocon.

06-14-06 - ElBaradei endorses US-India nuclear cooperation deal But he said new approaches were needed to address countries such as India that have nuclear arsenals and fall outside the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. India, Pakistan and Israel -- which is believed to have a nuclear deterrent -- were unlikely to give up their nuclear weapons, he wrote.

06-14-06 - UN probe sees possible link between Hariri and other attacks in Lebanon UN chief investigator Serge Brammertz cited "potential linkages" between his probe of the murder of Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri and other attacks targeting anti-Syrian Lebanese figures. And this comes just as Lebanon uncovers an Israel-linked cell in its midst.

06-14-06 - Lebanon's army 'foils Israeli attack cell'

06-14-06 - Iraq: 60 soldiers a month suffer mental illness The figure is nearly 10 per cent of the total British military presence in Iraq. It includes 66 troops who developed such serious mental problems that they had to be airlifted out for treatment back home.

06-14-06 - Eating Crow - A War Party defector gets it half right Freeman's long association with NR came to an end when David Frum published a screed excommunicating conservative critics of the war ? such as Pat Buchanan, Bob Novak, and others, including myself ? from the "respectable" precincts of the Right.

06-14-06 - Will the White House Moron Bring On Armageddon? To help undermine any prospect for peace in the Middle East, Israeli gunboats shelled a public beach and killed or wounded 50 Palestinians. This was done in order to provoke Hamas into abandoning the long-established cease-fire that Hamas had imposed in the interest of negotiating a Palestinian settlement. The Israeli government succeeded, and now there will a resurgence of "Hamas terrorism" that Bolton and his neocon compatriots can use to build a frightening spectacle of Muslim terrorism.

06-14-06 - Treasury blocks assets for Iran dealing The U.S. Treasury blocked the assets of four Chinese companies and a U.S. company for supporting Iranian missile proliferation.

06-14-06 - Committee OKs anti-terrorism cooperation A U.S. House of Representatives committee approved legislation strengthening anti-terrorism cooperation between the United States, Israel and other nations....The American Israel Public Affairs Committee lobbied for the bill.

06-14-06 - Iraq conflict fuels rise in global refugees to 12 million: survey The UNHCR did not take into account Palestinian refugees, who came under the jurisdiction of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), USCRI spokeswoman Sarah Petrin said.

06-14-06 - Top-level Israeli military now at most important US-government What is interesting is that the author, Lt. Gen. (ret.) Moshe Yaalon
was chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces from 2002 to 2005 and
now " is a distinguished military fellow at the Washington Institute
for Near East Policy." The ignoring by the mainstream media of the
extent of the seamless integration of top-level Israeli military with
the most important US-government connected think tank is yet another
indication of how Israelized our seat of government has become.

06-14-06 - Suicide bombs biggest threat to U.S. -experts I wonder , Why Are They Killing Us?

06-14-06 - Honest Tony, peace broker Rolling out the red carpet for Olmert just four days after the massacre of Palestinian civilians picnicking on a Gaza beach is a stark example of the double standards employed by the British government towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and shows Blair yet again turning a blind eye to war crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories.

06-14-06 - Blair salutes 'true friend' Israel

06-14-06 - Anti-Semitism cited in immigration debate One Internet-distributed game, "Border Patrol 2," in which players gain points by shooting Mexicans, features a U.S. flag in which the stars have been replaced with Stars of David

06-14-06 - House Disclosures List Rep. Roy Blunt (news, bio, voting record), R-Mo., House majority whip.....Blunt took one expense-paid trip in 2005 with his wife to Israel. The $14,078.56 cost was paid by the American Israel Education Foundation. The pro-Israeli groups made sure that travel to Israel paid by lobbyists now falls under the 'educational trips' clause and is thus not a part of the lobbying reform legislation brought forth as a result of the Abramoff scandal.

06-14-06 - US & Israeli Propaganda Conflict


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