The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, June 25, 2006

News for 06-24-06

06-24-06 - Japan ready to join US in imposing sanctions on Iran over nuclear dispute Japan is ready to freeze bank accounts held by Iran and its leadership in Japan, in support of a US-led coalition preparing sanctions in the event that Iran refuses to halt its nuclear fuel programme, officials have told the Financial Times.

06-24-06 - Germany presses Iran over uranium

06-24-06 - Iran wants talks on nuclear program 'without any preconditions'

06-24-06 - Terror Suspects Had No Explosives and Few Contacts

06-24-06 - Remembering the Forgotten War North Korea is probably one of the nations with the greatest violations of human rights in the whole world. And this is despite a cataclysmic war in the 1950s and five decades of pressure and diplomacy. The US policy of regime change has appeared only to encourage North Korea in its dedication to obtaining nuclear weapons.

06-24-06 - Why Did Bush Blink on Iran? (Ask Condi) The Washington Post gives airtime to neocon Richard Perle who is suggesting that America is being too soft with Iran (evidently b/c Iran still exists?..).

06-24-06 - Computer expert tried to warn police about London bombers in 2003

06-24-06 - Analysis: Olmert spoils Petra peace summit In what was perhaps the clearest indication regarding Israel's intended policy regarding Iran's nuclear ambitions, Olmert said he supports the efforts of President Bush and the Europeans and the U.N. Security Council to make every possible effort to stop the Iranians from possessing nuclear weapons. "And I am certain they will succeed," said Olmert.

06-24-06 - Win One for the Gipper (Ayatollah Khamenei)

06-24-06 - Hezbollah, al-Qaida mirror Islamic split To the outside world, the two groups appear to have much in common: Devoutly Muslim, fiercely hostile to Israel and the U.S., and high on Washington's list of terrorist groups. Yet al-Qaida in Iraq and Lebanon's Hezbollah are waging a worsening verbal dispute that threatens to burst into confrontation


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