The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Colin Powell in Obama's administration?

11-06-08 - Let's hope Obama gives Colin Powell a place in his new administration.

Powell backed Obama - some believe solely because Obama is African American. But I believe Powell backed Obama largely because of what the Bush administration did to Powell which culminated in that infamous speech at the UN just before the Iraq invasion. Many Republicans have become disillusioned with their party and didn't vote at all in this election, according to a news broadcast I heard today on the radio.

Watch the PBS Frontline series "The Dark Side" online (for free) - it details how Powell was duped into making that infamous speech, and features Paul Pillar, Michael Scheuer, and others.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America has spoken

11-05-08 - Americans wholeheartedly and categorically rejected the policies of the Bush administration in an election of historical purportions - the vote heard around the world.

Let's hope Obama keeps the neocons and their disastrous policies at bay.

And fellow Republicans, Obama IS the better choice rather than McCain whose administration would have likely mirrored that of Bush.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

If you want more Bush policy, vote McCain/Palin

If you want more of the same neoconservative-crafted Bush administration policy, then vote for John McCain, who has surrounded himself with neocons such as Randy Scheunemann, and who also has ties to Douglas Feith. What the hell are neoconservatives, you ask? The ones that brought you the Iraq debacle.

As a white female registered Republican white-collared civil servant 2nd Amendment sister, I say don't vote for McCain or Palin unless you want to continue to see your hard-earned taxpayer dollars expended and the blood of your sons and daughters shed for more wars on behalf of a nation other than this one.

I can't endorse a vote for Obama, since he too has been kissing the proverbial AIPAC arse. But given the continued and ever-increasing warmongering on the part of the neocons, who seek to start a third war in the Middle East (with Iran- a nation that has not attacked us or threatened to in the absence of any threats we've made, a point on which Gates, Mullen and several Pentagon brass are in agreement) to protect Israel, a vote for McCain is almost a guarantee of more American blood and treasure being expended for the security of a nation other than this one.

Since I can't vote for Ron Paul (my personal favorite), then I'm voting Ralph Nader (third party) as I have in the last election. No presidential candidate that prostrates himself or herself to agents of a foreign nation to the detriment of this one, and who would endanger my fellow Americans by putting forth a foreign policy that not only does not benefit US , but actually endangers US Americans, gets my hard-earned vote. Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin have all made the necessary kowtow to the Israeli lobby, each side trying to outdo the other in their loyalty to that nation - supporting policies that are not in the American national interest.

My cause is the American cause - liberty and justice for all. And I stand up for all of my fellow Americans - who have been duped and deceived into backing wars that have drained this country of resources, and who have seen their relatives coming home from overseas in caskets. Our nation isn't doing so hot right now. It's time to exit the nation that had nothing to do with 911, and which had no ties to Al Qaeda, else they become sitting ducks when the Israelis decide to attack Iran or dupe us into doing so, thereby making our men and women in Iraq targets of Iranian forces. It's time to take care of our own here at home. We are seeing some of the hardest economic times in decades. And if we don't remedy this situation ASAP, there will be no more America as we know it.

If you love America, take heed. Vote Palin and McCain for more of this same neocon madness. OR
put the American national interest back where it belongs -- ON TOP. Let's get this nation back in order.

Soldier on.