The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

June 8, 1967 - Americans have no idea what happened on this date

It's when Israel killed 34 Americans in an attack by air and by sea that lasted for 75 minutes.

In honor of the unsung heroism of those aboard the USS Liberty.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Glenn Beck: Israel never shot protesters like the Syrians - an outright lie

I happened to catch a few minutes of the Glenn Beck show, a show I never watch, two nights ago. He was discussing Israel and expressing consternation that anyone would dare criticize that nation, particularly when neighboring countries such as Syria shoot their own people (protesters). He then went on to allege that Israel never shoots protesters.

Oh really?

During the first intifada, Israel killed hundreds of children, and maimed 40,000 more.

During the 50's, in a place called Kafr Kassem, Israel had imposed a curfew on the villagers - unbeknownst to them - and then gunned down those in violation thereof - including children, killing 49.

Then there's the time that Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount in 2000. The Israelis killed 13 Arab protesters a few days later.

There are numerous examples of Israel's killing of civilians - protesters or otherwise. For example, Rachel Corrie, an American citizen, was protesting the home demolitions along the Rafah border. An Israeli bulldozer ran her over - twice. No action was taken by the American government.

Glenn Beck - get your facts straight next time you open your mouth. No one at Fox News (owned and operated by Christian Zionist Rupert Murdoch) will correct you, but rest assured, this Republican writer is more than up to the task.