The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, June 29, 2006

News for 06-28-06

06-28-06 - Two Palestinian refugees killed in Iraq

06-28-06 - Russia will not join ultimatums over nuclear issue: Putin

06-28-06 - Time for an "Agonizing Reappraisal" by Patrick J. Buchanan

06-28-06 - Complaint filed in 32 countries against U.S. bank data mining

06-28-06 - Germany could accept nuclear enrichment in Iran Iran should be allowed to enrich uranium for power generation provided there is close monitoring by U.N. inspectors to ensure it is not trying to develop atomic weapons, Germany's defense minister said.

06-28-06 - Syrian air defenses fire on Israeli jets State-run Syrian television said two Israeli planes flew near Syria's Mediterranean coast early Wednesday, and "national air defenses opened fire in the direction of the planes, and they dispersed."

06-28-06 - Jewish groups hope they can keep homeland security money flowing Jewish groups gratefully absorbed more than half of the homeland security funds last year aimed at protecting nonprofits - and they're campaigning to make sure the money keeps flowing....The funds are an unqualified boon, Jewish leaders agree. And this fact is the most ironic of all.

06-28-06 - World Jewish Congress meets in Berlin on Iran The WJC leaders said they would have meetings with Jewish communities around the world and with international policymakers to help to shape efforts on the Middle East.

06-28-06 - Rice arrives in Russia to discuss Iran, Mideast with G8


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