The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

News for 05-28-07

05-28-07 - Fallen troops remembered on Memorial Day "One of my men said to me ... as we were coming back from this mission that, 'It's like they could come back any time, you know?' I know the feeling," Spring-Glace said. "It's like you can just press the button and go back to the way it was."

05-28-07 - Iran, US agree to more talks over Iraq security

05-28-07 - U.S. show of force in Gulf alarming: Afghan paper A U.S. navy show of force on Iran's doorstep is "greatly alarming" for the region and the United States risked a bloody quagmire if it invaded Iran, a state-run Afghan newspaper said on Saturday.

05-28-07 - US warns Iran over arming Iraqis The US has called on Iran to stop arming militants in Iraq at the first bilateral public talks between the two countries in almost 30 years.

05-28-07 - Russia calls for conference on CFE arms treaty

05-28-07 - US concerns as China builds nuclear subs

05-28-07 - Talking to Iran ? or Talking War? ** Just days after the U.S.-Iran meeting, a group of powerful neo-conservatives ?including some of those who were most active in promoting the invasion of Iraq ? plan to gather for an all-expenses-paid conference entitled "Confronting The Iranian Threat: The Way Forward" at a luxurious resort in the Bahamas. Many of the 30 or so invited guests have been strident critics of Iran and hard-liners on maintaining the U.S. presence in Iraq

05-28-07 - Britain asks Russia to extradite Litvinenko suspect

05-28-07 - Arabs make plans for nuclear power

05-28-07 - War Widows Lobby for Better Benefits

05-28-07 - Militants accuse US of sending nerve gas to Lebanon Islamist miltants have accused the US of sending nerve gas to the Lebanese army, which is struggling to defeat a group of rebels holed up inside a Palestinian refugee camp

05-28-07 - Lebanon army 'hit by militants' Lebanese troops have reportedly come under attack from Islamist militants barricaded inside a Palestinian refugee camp in the north of the country.

05-28-07 - American Treachery in the Attack on the USS Liberty Much Deeper Than Previously Thought

05-28-07 - Syrian vice president stresses dialogue best method to solve Mideast issues

05-28-07 - UN team to report on alleged arms smuggling to Lebanon

05-28-07 - Analysis: Kazakhstan could be Israel's best source for oil and gas

05-28-07 - Muslim nations urged to create new 'Golden Age of Islam' Islamic countries increasingly feel "the overwhelming majority of Muslims ... are being demonized for the actions of a small minority," he said, adding that frustrations have grown because of persistent conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestinian territories.

05-28-07 - Firefights erupt at besieged Lebanon camp

05-28-07 - Palestinians seek end to Lebanon standoff

05-28-07 - Lebanese army and Islamists clash violently

05-28-07 - Strategic talks stepped up ** Israel's representative to the discussions, Cabinet Minister Shaul Mofaz, is to set off shortly for the United States for a new round that is expected to focus on Iran's nuclear program.


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