The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

News for 05-22-07

05-22-07 - UN inspectors in Iran ahead of IAEA report on Iranian program Non-proliferation expert Gary Samore said "obviously the bottom line is that they haven't accepted a suspension of enrichment. That's all the Security Council needs to take further sanctions."

05-22-07 - Iran's secret plan for summer offensive to force US out of Iraq ** Iran is secretly forging ties with al-Qaida elements and Sunni Arab militias in Iraq in preparation for a summer showdown with coalition forces intended to tip a wavering US Congress into voting for full military withdrawal, US officials say. "US officials say". Still looking for a pretext for war. The BS campaign is really taking off now. Never forget - the 'bomb Iran' campaign has been in the works for almost 2 YEARS.

05-22-07 - Congress Must Do Its Duty by Rep. Ron Paul

05-22-07 - Cameron: Don't rule out attacking Iran **

05-22-07 - U.S. Urges Complaint Against IAEA Chief The United States wants its allies to join in a formal protest against the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency for suggesting that Iran be allowed to keep some elements of its uranium enrichment program, diplomats said Tuesday.

05-22-07 - Fmr. Chief of CIA Osama Unit: Why They Attack Us Of the eighteen presidential candidates now in the field from both parties, only Mr. Paul has had the courage to square with the average American voter. We are indeed hated and being warred against because we are "over there," and not for what we are and how we live. Anyone that tells you that we were attacked because 'we're free' is either grossly misinformed or a liar.

05-22-07 - Specter Stumps For Diplomacy According to his report in the Quarterly, Iran seeks nothing more than to be a world power, and its leaders think that status and respect can be reached by becoming a nuclear power. Speculation surrounding Iran's plans with nuclear weapons has been centered on the U.S., and Specter said a defusing action would be simply to talk it out.

05-22-07 - Iran links detained US scholar to 'regime overthrow bid'

05-22-07 - Pricey gasoline costs U.S. consumers extra $20 bln The added expense is taking money away from consumers to spend on other goods and services. It's BS of the highest order.

05-22-07 - Bush could double force by Christmas ** The Bush administration is quietly on track to nearly double the number of combat troops in Iraq this year, an analysis of Pentagon deployment orders showed Monday.

05-22-07 - Two civilians killed as UN delivers aid to Lebanon camp

05-22-07 - Halliburton chairman defends move to Dubai "If you look at a map of oil and gas reserves, the focus of our business, the focus of the industry clearly is moving to that part of the world ... to the eastern hemisphere in particular and the Middle East specifically," Now that they snookered the US government into providing for them (Iraq contracts) and securing the area, might as well make it official and move over there, right boys?

05-22-07 - The Ron Paul Effect The American Conservative magazine, which Buchanan co-founded with Taki Theodoracopulos and Scott McConnell, was launched to give voice to those on the Right who reject the neoconservative "liberationism" of the Bush administration as a "Jacobin" invention, as Claes Ryn, a prominent conservative professor, so trenchantly put it.

05-22-07 - Hersh: Bush administration arranged support for militants attacking Lebanon When asked why the administration would be acting in a way that appears to run counter to US interests, Hersh says that, since the Israelis lost to them last summer, "the fear of Hezbollah in Washington, particularly in the White House, is acute."

05-22-07 - U.S. envoy: Unlikely convicted spy Pollard will ever be released The United States ambassador to Israel said Monday it is unlikely that convicted Pentagon spy Jonathan Pollard will ever be released, adding that the fact that he has not been executed should be seen as an act of clemency by Washington

05-22-07 - Dichter: Peace possible without war ?At that stage, the first Friday, I felt that most of our pressure, the majority of operations, should have focused on the place from which the threat originated, and not on attacking real estate in Beirut.?

05-22-07 - U.S. ambassador apologizes for remarks on convicted spy Pollard What the hell for? He was right; Pollard is lucky he wasn't executed, traitorous bastard that he is.

05-22-07 - Carter retreats from remarks on Bush After his most recent trip to the Middle East, where he monitored Palestinian elections, Carter said, "I came back from the Middle East and went directly to the Oval Office. I had a long and extensive conversation with President Bush about the absence of any peace talks and to give him a description of what was happening in Palestine in my opinion." He added: "I was very pleased when President Bush told me the top foreign policy priority for the administration in the remaining months would be peace in the Middle East."

05-22-07 - Major Poll Finds U.S. Muslims Mostly Mainstream They seem to do well, despite some of the post-9/11 BS. Says a lot about my country and my fellow Americans.

05-22-07 - How terrorism finds root in the West Islamist radicalism and its stepchild, terrorism, are problems associated with a younger generation of immigrants. Because why? They are disaffected, perhaps discriminated against in Europe(much moreso than they are here in America)?

05-22-07 - Lebanon turmoil will not deter UN vote on Hariri court -- US The United States said Tuesday that the fighting in Lebanon would not prevent a UN Security Council vote on setting up an international court to try suspects in the murder of Lebanese ex-premier Rafiq Hariri.

05-22-07 - Washington may provide military aid to Lebanese PM

05-22-07 - Truce in Lebanon battle sparks mass exodus from camp "Thousands of refugees -- men, women and children -- started fleeing on foot or by car from Nahr al-Bared camp from early evening to take shelter in the nearby Beddawi camp," said Hajj Rifaat, a camp official of the mainstream Palestinian Fatah faction.

05-22-07 - Stop world cluster bombs, urge six Nobel Prize winners Israel most recently used the bombs less than a year ago.

05-22-07 - U.S.: No heat on Israel to shun Syria An Israeli government official, speaking on condition of anonymity according to civil service rules, said Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert does not seek American approval for talks with Syria, and the U.S. has never tried to block such contacts. Sounds like somebody was trying to use the current admin as an excuse to avoid peace talks with Syria. That's twice the US has denied pressuring Israel about this matter.

05-22-07 - US warns Syria over moves to block Hariri trial

05-22-07 - Wisdom of the presidents


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