The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, May 27, 2007

News for 05-26-07

05-26-07 - U.S. says militant held in Iraq has Iranian ties

05-26-07 - Iran hails UN nuclear chief remarks that drew US rebuke

05-26-07 - Iran says US must change Iraq policy for talks to succeed

05-26-07 - Iran wants to develop shared oil fields with Iraq

05-26-07 - Iran 'uncovers US spy networks'

05-26-07 - Bush threatens veto of anti-gouging bill President Bush is likely to veto legislation passed in the House today that would create hefty fines and criminal penalties for gasoline price-gouging, the White House said Wednesday.

05-26-07 - Democrats Dither As Cheney, Neocons Plot To Nuke Iran ** Now that the US invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have failed, the AEI warmongers are conspiring with Vice President Cheney to foment war with Iran.

05-26-07 - The Cabal Strikes Back ** In the end, however, when it comes down to launching a full frontal assault on Iran, it all depends on the Israelis. The War Party is counting on them to strike the first blow, with the guarantee that the Americans will strike the second, third, fourth, and fifth blows, ad infinitum. Blows directed not only at Iran, but also against Syria, Hezbollah, and the Palestinians.

05-26-07 - You Tube: Ron Paul on Bill Maher Excellent.

05-26-07 - You must return the rights of the people you have erred against . . . or pay the price The leader of Fatah al-Islam has threatened Britons with ?destruction through resistance and attacks? for their government?s policies in the Middle East. Odd that they should target Britain in all of this, particularly given this story I read just minutes ago.

05-26-07 - Who Wants War with Iran?**

05-26-07 - You Tube: If Americans Knew

05-26-07 - You Tube: Rosie O'Donnell speaks out on Iran and 9/11 (3/29/07) Elisabeth Hasselbach would appear to be a neocon-loving, neocon-apologist moron. Unreal. She evidently can't get enough of the BS that they along with the MSM shovel onto her plate. Real Republicans don't follow along like sheep, like Hasselbach evidently does.

05-26-07 - Iran is nuclear threat, says Israeli general ** Maj. Gen. Dan Harel, the Israeli Defense Forces' defense and armed forces attache in Washington, D.C., was a guest speaker at Temple Beth Jacob's Shabbas service. In his remarks, he said Iran is "the most worrying" of three fronts with which Israel is dealing right now.

05-26-07 - U.S. sends arms to Lebanon, militants issue warning Lebanese leaders have vowed to stamp out Fatah al-Islam, which is led by a Palestinian but has little support among Lebanon's Palestinian refugee community of around 400,000.

05-26-07 - A Palestinian refugee and her daughter cross to safety after fleeing their besieged camp of Nahr al-bared in north Lebanon

05-26-07 - Hezbollah warns Govt not to storm camp


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