The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, May 31, 2007

News for 05-30-07

05-30-07 - Six days of war, 40 years of secrecy This statement by Stephen Forslund (US Air Force intelligence analyst) is clear enough: "The transcripts made specific reference to the efforts to direct the jets to the target, which was identified as American numerous times by the ground controller. The ground control began asking about the status of the target and whether it was sinking. They stressed that the target must be sunk and leave no trace." These men and the families of those that were killed deserve to have their day in court. Who in their right mind would want this travesty of justice to remain so? This is a great article, and one that will never ever be replicated in any mainstream US news medium. The Israeli lobby makes sure of that.

05-30-07 - Remember the Liberty! "If Israel did deliberately attack the most powerful nation on Earth, it knows it can do so and get away with murder. Worse still, U.S. military personnel now know that if the truth is politically inconvenient, they and their legacy are expendable." There is no 'if' about it. That flag was flying that day, as per the testimony of the sailors on board. And I take THEIR word over that of the ATTACKERS (a FOREIGN nation), as one would THINK that our government would do as well. Not so. Israel got away with not just murder, but war crimes. In the not so recent past, Israel got away with it again. Our government does NOTHING, even if the face of this: But instead of punishing the attackers, Israel honors them in a museum. Told of the display, retired Air Force Major General John Morrison, NSA deputy director for operations at the time, commented, "I am offended by that." And retired Army Lieutenant General William Odom, NSA director from 1985 to 1988, and also unaware of the display, remarked, "I am astonished that Israel should put glory on the people who killed my SigInt-ers [signals intelligence personnel]."10 The Liberty's blood-stained flag is exhibited at the National Cryptologic Museum in Fort Meade, Maryland. The US Naval Institute has evidently taken that article down. Thanks to the Internet Archiver, it lives on.

05-30-07 - Why so few bomb-safe US military trucks in Iraq? One senior officer calls it a "moral imperative," and others see it as a no-brainer, but four years into a deadly war, there are only some 350 blast-resistant trucks protecting US troops in Iraq. Officials inside and outside the military want to know why.

05-30-07 - Iran links Iraq and nuclear issue

05-30-07 - Iran kills 10 rebels in border clash Iranian security forces have killed 10 armed "counter-revolutionary" rebels in clashes in a Kurdish-populated area close to its borders with Iraq and Turkey, media said on Wednesday.

05-30-07 - Iran arrests third US-Iranian Iran has arrested a third US-Iranian accused of being a "CIA agent" linked to US efforts to topple the country's clerical authorities, a hardline newspaper said on Wednesday

05-30-07 - Positions harden ahead of talks on Iran nuclear programme

05-30-07 - Neoconservative 'hopes, prays' Bush will bomb Iran ** In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, prominent neoconservative Norman Podhoretz writes that he 'hopes' and 'prays' that President Bush will bomb Iran. Send these neocons to the front lines of every war that they push for - and get - via the US military. See how they like them apples. But it's ok to send SOMEONE ELSE'S kids to fight their battles. Neocons want American men and women to make the Middle East a safer place - for ISRAEL. Whose War is it?.

05-30-07 - Turkey bolsters troops on Iraq border Turkey has reinforced its border with Iraq with large contingents of soldiers, tanks and armored personnel carriers as it urged the U.S. to crackdown on Kurkish rebel bases there and debated staging a cross-border offensive.

05-30-07 - China Disputes Defense Assessment A sharply worded commentary in The People?s Daily, the main newspaper of the ruling Communist Party, said the Defense Department?s annual report to Congress on China?s military capacity had exaggerated the extent and sophistication of China?s military modernization.

05-30-07 - Send neocons Wolfowitz, Perle to Iraq, says GOP lawmaker Send them to the front lines of Iraq.

05-30-07 - Sadr asks Iraq to oppose U.S.-Iran talks

05-30-07 - Group of Eight May Seek 'Further Measures' on Iran (Update1) Rice now faces the task of persuading Russia and China to back tougher sanctions at the UN Security Council, where they wield veto power along with the U.S., Britain and France.

05-30-07 - Iran spying chief warns academics He said the CIA and British intelligence were involved in spying, but Iran had destroyed several of their networks that were trying to set off bomb blasts, conduct terrorism and kidnappings and also film and photograph sensitive sites.

05-30-07 - Exit From Iraq Should Be Through Iran Restoring cooperation between Washington and Tehran is the single most important step that could be taken to rescue the US from its predicament in Iraq

05-30-07 - Turks seize Syria-bound Iranian arms The weapons, concealed among construction materials, were uncovered when Kurdish terrorists bombed and derailed a train on May 25, Turkish prosecutors said Wednesday.

05-30-07 - Firm sued over secret CIA flights

05-30-07 - Interrogation Methods Are Criticized

05-30-07 - Czech demonstrators protest missile shield plans Two thousand demonstrators marched through Prague on Saturday to protest against a plan to host part of a U.S. missile defence system.

05-30-07 - Was She or Wasn't She? In new court filings, special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has finally resolved one of the most disputed issues at the core of the long-running CIA leak controversy: Valerie Plame Wilson, he asserts, was a ?covert? CIA officer who repeatedly traveled overseas using a "cover identity" in order to disguise her relationship with the agency......In mid-May, Libby was a featured guest at a New York dinner honoring Norman Podhoretz, one of the neoconservative movement's intellectual godfathers. According to reports from the scene, the dinner, organized by Commentary Magazine, opened with cheers and a "standing ovation" for Libby.
Traitorous MFers.

05-30-07 - Young US Muslims: a threat? The mainstreaming of US Muslims stands in sharp contrast to what's happening in Europe, where Muslims are often economically and socially ghettoized. Their alienation helps make them susceptible to extreme Islam and the lure of "home-grown" terrorism, as evidenced by the 2005 London bombings.

05-30-07 - Ereikat Receives Members of US Congress, Make Field Visit in the West Bank The delegation, joined by US Consul General, Jacob Walles, consisted of congressmen, Patrick Leahy, Thad Cochran, Chuck Hagel, Ken Salazar and Peter Welch. Chuck Hagel :)

05-30-07 - UN approves Hariri murder court

05-30-07 - Lebanon charges 20 over fighting Twenty people allegedly linked to the 11-day-old battle around a Palestinian refugee camp in northern Lebanon have been charged with terrorism.

05-30-07 - Mofaz warns over Hezbollah strength Hezbollah has returned to positions near the Israeli border with Lebanon, Israel?s transportation minister said.

05-30-07 - Rice: Talk to Palestinians before Syria Translation: 'We must please the gulf Arabs and Europeans in order to get their support to bomb the hell out of Iran (and possibly Syria too), so stick to the current charade'.

05-30-07 - Al-Qaida slams U.S. over Israel Gadahn, who was previously known as Adam Pearlman, has been indicted in absentia for treason.

05-30-07 - Sheriff Griffin learns about security in Israel The Israelization of America continues.

05-30-07 - EU president vows support for Israel against Iran "Rest assured that if ever Israel's security and existence are threatened by speeches like those made by the Iranian president, or even actions, the EU will support you unhesitatingly," said Pottering, who is in the region for a five-day visit.

05-30-07 - Russia cautions U.S. on military aid to Lebanon Russia cautioned the United States on Wednesday against further destabilising Lebanon with U.S. arms shipments and to closely follow international agreements in delivering such aid.

05-30-07 - Fighting flares again at besieged Lebanon camp

05-30-07 - Shadow of Iraq jihad falls over Lebanon Jihadists battling the Lebanese army in north Lebanon were either on their way to or from Iraq, Palestinian political sources believe, a sign that the shadow of Sunni militancy there has started to fall over Arab countries nearby.

05-30-07 - Lebanon charges 20 jihadists with terrorism

05-30-07 - Miserable life for refugees on move in Lebanon Crowded into schools with little food and deteriorating sanitary conditions, life is growing more miserable by the day for thousands of Palestinian refugees who fled fighting in northern Lebanon.

05-30-07 - Soldier killed in fighting at besieged Lebanon camp

05-30-07 - Lebanese woman wounded by leftover bomb Mariam Halawi, 35, was collecting herbs with her husband, Hussein Salame, in the southern village of Qaaqaiyet al-Jisr when the bomb went off, the agency said. She was rushed to hospital where her left leg was amputated, it said

05-30-07 - Memorial honors Alamance County's men and women of the armed forces The wars and conflicts included on the memorial include the U.S. Civil War, the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the U.S.S. Liberty Attack and the Middle Eastern Conflict.

05-30-07 - Maybe there's a reason for anti-U.S. propaganda Do the Arab nations occupy our cities with troops in the hundreds of thousands? Do Iraqi battleships patrol our waterways? Do their fighter planes dominate our skies? Great point. We all know what happened when a foreign army TRIED to occupy OUR citiies and towns. The operative word being TRIED.

05-30-07 - The war that still shadows US diplomacy in Middle East In polls of Arab public opinion, the desire remains for the United States to take a decisive role in pushing the Palestinians and Israelis to a comprehensive peace deal that would encompass all regional powers. "You can see that by far the number-one answer is brokering Arab-Israeli peace based on the 1967 borders. By far that is the issue that they see as most important (for US policy)," Telhami said.


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