The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

News for 11-13-06

11-13-06 - Iran asks nuclear watchdog for reactor help Iran has asked the International Atomic Energy Agency for technical aid in constructing a nuclear research reactor despite world calls to freeze its nuclear programme.

11-13-06 - Bush meets with Iraq Study Group

11-13-06 - Russia, U.S. spar over Iran's nuclear, missile trade

11-13-06 - BAKER ON CLEANUP CREW AFTER 'SONNY'S' BIG ADVENTURE Baker is unquestionably the only American statesman of the last five administrations who combines brilliant cunning, supreme common sense and uncommon personal decency.

11-13-06 - Libby can use some secret documents Judge Reggie Walton - in an opinion Monday - writes that substitutions and summaries which Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has offered the Libby defense team instead of their using actual classified documents at trial are inadequate for them to put on a proper defense. Judge Walton ordered Fitzgerald to "go back to the drawing board and come forth with a more balanced proposal."

11-13-06 - Cheney?s Revenge ** So, how far will Cheney go to remove the obstacles for realizing his dark vision? Would he be willing to incite a war with Iran to restore himself to power?

11-13-06 - Baker's panel has 'no magic bullet' to end the agony

11-13-06 - Syria: An urgent appeal for Palestinians feeing Iraq Iraqi Palestinians are recipients of a collective "fatwa" (or death sentence) issued by several militia or sectarian groups, and their ethnicity - displayed on all their identification papers - is tantamount to committing a capital crime. Many have been kidnapped, tortured and killed.

11-13-06 - Iraq disaster warning ** Sources indicate increasing indications of "something big" happening between the Nov. 7 congressional election and Christmas. That could be the long-planned attack on Iran.

11-13-06 - No cakewalk in the park? ** The neo-conservatives (neocons) who gave us the "cakewalk" prediction for Iraq before the war are now plugging "a walk in the park" in Iran -- i.e., a U.S. bombing campaign to consign the mullahs' nuclear ambitions to oblivion, or at least to retard the advent of an Iranian bomb for a few years, hoping that in the interim good democrats would rise up and send the clerics and their Revolutionary Guards packing

11-13-06 - Democratic Lawmakers Will Seek a Phased Withdrawal from Iraq White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten indicated that the president would block legislation calling for a scheduled withdrawal.

11-13-06 - Blair urges White House to shift focus to Israel-Palestine conflict

11-13-06 - Bush, Olmert warn of threat in Iran Bush saw Olmert on the same day he was interviewed by an independent panel studying U.S. options in the Iraq war. It matters not if the Dems are in power or if the chicanery behind the Iraq debacle has been brought to light - the same lobby is still calling the shots as it was before. And until that changes, America remains a puppet of Israel and is thus in grave physical danger.

11-13-06 - Lebanon approves Hariri court draft despite cabinet walk-outs Hezbollah objected "at the way" the ruling majority had approved the UN document.

11-13-06 - Weakened Bush firm on Iran, Syria, Iraq US President George W. Bush, sticking to his guns despite a stinging election defeat, rejected calls for new overtures to Iran and Syria and opposed a fixed timetable for a US withdrawal from Iraq. And coincidentally, Bush met with Olmert today who does not want to see America pull out of Iraq. See yesterday's news batch.

11-13-06 - Annan: Politics cause Muslim-West divide Political tensions, rather than religious differences, are the source of the rift between the West and the Muslim world, and any resolution must include an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Monday.

11-13-06 - No clash of civilizations, says UN report A UN-sponsored group says the Israel-Palestinian conflict is the main cause of global tensions.

11-13-06 - Annan links Arab-Israel to broad conflict U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Monday that any effort to stop growing violence between Islamic and Western societies must include an end to the Arab-Israeli conflict

11-13-06 - Israeli PM Brings Iran Agenda to U.S. ** The fear is that with American public opinion turning against the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Bush would be less likely to take decisive military or diplomatic action against Iran. Whose war is it?

11-13-06 - Lebanon war's deadly legacy continues to kill On Friday, farmer Mohammed Rizk became the latest victim of the summer war. Police said he was killed and a companion was wounded as they gathered olives in the village of Kfar Roumman, near Nabatiya.

11-13-06 - Israel, US have 'complete understanding' on Iran: Olmert Olmert said that he had had a "deep conversation" with Bush and that the two leaders had "complete understanding over their objectives" regarding Iran. Bush has been given his orders. And now, like before with Iraq, Israel's minions in the US will go to work on our government to achieve Israel's wishes.

11-13-06 - Danes on trial over Iraq secrets In articles published in 2004 they quoted from analysis by a Danish intelligence agent, Frank Grevil. His report, written before the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, concluded that there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq.

11-13-06 - Lebanon's Hariri probe at heart of Hezbollah walkout A UN probe into the assassination of former premier Rafiq Hariri lies at the heart of the resignations of five Shiite ministers from the Lebanese government.

11-13-06 - Will the US be competitive in 10 years? The economic factor is related: America's is importing a lot more than it exports. And when other nations sell goods to the US, they often plow the resulting dollars back into the US as loans or investments. It's a good deal for now, but it effectively makes US dependent on foreign lending. Not neocon-related, but important all the same.

11-13-06 - To Israel with love Why is America so much more pro-Israeli than Europe? The most obvious answer lies in the power of two very visible political forces: the Israeli lobby (AIPAC) and the religious right.

11-13-06 - Olmert draws fire in U.S. over praise of Iraq war Politicians from the Democratic Party said they wanted to speak to Olmert about his comments on the Iraq war before responding publicly, but said they were uncomfortable with the comments. If Olmert planned his remarks and intended them to come out as they did, a Democratic official said, then they are not acceptable and can be seen as an attempt to influence the American political dispute.....Bush expressed pride in the American veto at the UN Security Council regarding a condemnation of the Israeli shelling of the Gaza town of Beit Hanun

11-13-06 - Iran calls for Argentine arrests Iran's attorney general called for the arrest of Argentinian officials in response to arrest warrants issued in the AMIA bombing case.

11-13-06 - Olmert talks of Military Action against Iran **

11-13-06 - Bush to Olmert: No international peace convention "I said I am in favor of a compromise, if this compromise prevents them from reaching this threshold. I have no special desire to be dragged into a confrontation with the Iranians," the prime minister said, refusing to refer to a possibility of an american military operation in Iran.

11-13-06 - More charges against B2 bomber designer accused of spying Ashton Gowadia described his father as a hero who has risked his life for 40 years doing work behind the scenes for the United States, had to travel with armed guards and had to carry suicide pills to swallow if he were ever captured. "To go out doing something stupid for $100,000 is ridiculous," he said.

11-13-06 - Hostility to Zionism Seen as 'Major Threat' in the fevered minds of JINSA and hard-line Zionist elements, the real concern is that there are growing numbers of people high up in the FBI and the CIA and in the military who are getting "fed up" with Zionist power in America You are required to pledge allegiance to a foreign nation, or be branded a traitor. An Orwellian phenomenon that I have personally experienced. To the true patriots in my country and govt: God bless ya and fight the good fight.

11-13-06 - The root of terror is clear Only a resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict will stop al-Qaida recruitment

11-13-06 - Pelosi backs challenge to Hoyer Hoyer is considered one of Israel?s best friends in Congress, isolating Democrats within his party who have been critical of the Jewish state and leading numerous congressional missions to the region.

11-13-06 - Miller testifies in 'torture' case Salah's defense raised allegations that Miller left the New York Times because she was found to have perpetuated faulty evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but the judge in the case upheld a prosecution objection against such characterizations Miller the neoconette.

11-13-06 - U.N. negotiations continue, but can they stop Iran?s nuclear push? ** Many worry that Israel could act alone if it thinks the United States is progressing too slowly to contain Tehran. His menu of policy recommendations to the United States notwithstanding, Berman said he believes Israel will feel forced to strike within the year. "I think we're quite clearly entering a season of hard choices on the part of the Israelis," he said.

11-13-06 - Facing challenges, Olmert and Bush seek to avoid regional deterioration "We in the Middle East have followed the American policy in Iraq for a long time, and we are very much impressed and encouraged by the stability which the great operation of America in Iraq brought to the Middle East," Olmert said after the meeting "We pray and hope that this policy will be fully successful so that this stability which was created for all the moderate countries in the Middle East will continue."


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