The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, November 09, 2006

News for 11-08-06

11-08-06 - Washington shake-up, Part 2: Rumsfeld departs It's not yet clear whether Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld chose to leave on his own, or whether he was pushed. It's quite possible that it was a mutual decision, as Mr. Bush implied in his press conference Wednesday afternoon.

11-08-06 - Russia reassures Europeans on Iran's nuclear aims Russia has told European envoys it is committed to ensuring Iran does not make nuclear bombs, even though Moscow gutted a draft U.N. resolution on sanctions against Tehran, diplomats said on Wednesday.

11-08-06 - Iran says U.S. misjudges world view on nuclear row

11-08-06 - US serviceman admits Iraq charges A third US serviceman has pleaded guilty to charges related to the murder of an Iraqi civilian.

11-08-06 - British ex-diplomat to disclose secrets on 'disaster' of Iraq war

11-08-06 - First Muslim Elected to Congress

11-08-06 - China-Egypt nuclear energy deal China says it has reached an agreement with the Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, to co-operate on the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

11-08-06 - Bush nominates 'realist' to Defense Gates served as CIA director under Bush's father and was close then to the elder Bush's secretary of state, James Baker, and national security adviser, Brent Scowcroft.

11-08-06 - Rumsfeld and Israel Rumsfeld, like other members of the Bush administration, cited threats to Israel among other reasons for pursuing the Iraq war and containing Iran.

11-08-06 - New dispute on U.S. firm's billing in Iraq

11-08-06 - World welcomes shift in U.S. politics

11-08-06 - U.N. Calls Meeting on Israeli Offensive Qatar, the only Arab nation on the Security Council, had asked for an emergency council meeting Monday on the Israeli offensive along the northern Gaza border. Israel says the offensive is aimed at halting Palestinian rocket fire on Israeli communities near the coastal strip. U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said Qatar's request was discussed by the council on Tuesday "and there was no support for it."

11-08-06 - French UN troops 'seconds' away from firing at Israeli aircraft over Lebanon "Two seconds later there would have been a shot against the aircraft which were directly menacing our forces," ..."When Israeli aircraft recently 'dived' on French UNIFIL soldiers, it is a miracle that nothing serious happened, because there could have been a response on the part of French troops," Here these UN troops are, attempting to alleviate the situation on behalf of Israel, and this is the thanks that they get (and that includes the fact that Israel fired on German ships). Ingrates.

11-08-06 - Syria urges UN sanctions for Israel ?state terrorism? Syria called for UN sanctions against Israel for its act of ?state terrorism? after 18 Palestinians were killed, including women and children, when Israeli shells slammed into their Gaza homes on Wednesday.

11-08-06 - U-turns the neocon way

11-08-06 - Upgrade of Palestinian bureau to embassy?

11-08-06 - Running as independent, Lieberman overcomes primary loss to keep seat The Jewish vote, which was widely believed to hinge on whether support for Israel was a voter's principle issue, went to Lieberman, as had significant financial support from pro-Israel factors across the country.

11-08-06 - Riding Jewish support and opposition to war, Klein takes close Florida race In the weeks leading up to the elections, the Republican Jewish Coalition had placed full-page advertisements in local Jewish newspapers urging voters to look out for Israeli security first

11-08-06 - Fit to Print - The top censored news stories of 2005-2006 Halliburton and Iran , World Bank Funds Israel-Palestine Wall

11-08-06 - Arabs react to U.S. election results ** "Israelis perceive the Iranian threat as imminent," said Prof. Menahem Blondheim of Hebrew University. "Without political support at home and in his party and among American public, a decisive military or diplomatic move against Iran seems less and less likely."

11-08-06 - New leadership in the House could breathe life into Jewish domestic concerns Jewish groups have also established strong ties with Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), the frontrunner for majority leader, and Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), a Jewish lawmaker who led the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and is now considered a shoo-in for a leadership position. Hoyer is close to Howard Friedman, the Baltimore-based president of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and is considered one of Israel's best and most influential friends on Capitol Hill. Hoyer makes it a point to educate freshmen lawmakers about Israel issues and he has led delegations to the Jewish state multiple times. He prides himself on making Israel a bipartisan issue, vetting proposed legislation with his GOP counterpart, Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri.

11-08-06 - Pelosi's support for Israel is heartfelt, supporters say With Pelosi as speaker, Jewish activists and officials are confident that the U.S. Congress will remain strongly pro-Israel...... At an AIPAC members luncheon in San Francisco right after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, Pelosi was speaking when an alarm sounded.

"Everybody started getting nervous, scrambling toward the door," Lauter recalled. One person, though, was reading the words of Hatikvah, the Israeli national anthem, above the din. It was Pelosi. True patriots beware.

11-08-06 - Santorum concedes defeat

11-08-06 - Lieberman retains his seat He had drawn significant pro-Israel funds, and Jews from around the region went to Connecticut to help get out the vote.

11-08-06 - Pelosi slated for speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who is close to national Jewish leaders, is set to become speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

11-08-06 - Israel Wins at the Polls .S. Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R-R.I.), who drew strong pro-Israel opposition, was projected to lose his bid for re-election to Sheldon Whitehouse. Whitehouse
drew funding from the pro-Israel community. Chafee, the chairman of the Senate's Middle East subcommittee, was strongly critical of Israel's settlement policy and recently blocked the nomination of John Bolton as U.N. ambassador to protest a planned settlement expansion

11-08-06 - Jewish Democrats win big, both as candidates and as voters Pro-Israel money was also a factor in Rhode Island, where Sen. Lincoln Chafee, the Republican chairman of the Senate's Middle East subcommittee, was projected to lose to Sheldon Whitehouse. Chafee was a tough critic of Israel's settlement policy, and blocked the nomination of John Bolton - who is very friendly to Israel - as ambassador to the United Nations to protest a planned settlement expansion. Pro-Israel contributors boosted Whitehouse's bid. They also helped Brad Ellsworth, a Democrat, defeat U.S. Rep. John Hostettler (R-Ind.). Hostettler was a social conservative who was cool on Israel. the United States of Israel


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