The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, November 04, 2006

News for 11-03-06

11-03-06 - Russia says Iran sanctions draft goes too far Russia has objected to including Bushehr in the resolution in the first place, saying it was a power plant that is legal under the 1970 nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

11-03-06 - US closes 'bomb secrets' website Weapons experts had complained that the site contained details on making nuclear bombs, the New York Times said.

11-03-06 - UN says Iraqi humanitarian crisis worse than before war The agency says many of its staff in the region are volunteering to go without their salaries so crucial humanitarian projects can continue.

11-03-06 - Iran test-fires 3 new missiles in Gulf ** "Our enemies should keep their hostility out of the Persian Gulf," said Adm. Sardar Fadavi, the deputy chief of the Revolutionary Guards navy.

11-03-06 - Embattled candidates call on Rumsfeld to quit A string of Republican candidates called on Donald Rumsfeld to resign yesterday, rejecting the surprise assertion by President Bush that his Defence Secretary would stay in office for another two years

11-03-06 - New worries abound about reliability of US voting machines

11-03-06 - Most Americans Want Timetable for Iraq War

11-03-06 - Abu Ghraib dog handler blocked from going back to Iraq

11-03-06 - Judge Excludes Memory Expert From Libby Trial The issue provided the case's first courtroom drama last week when Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald spent hours questioning memory expert Elizabeth F. Loftus's research. Fitzgerald picked apart the psychologist's testimony until she acknowledged errors and misstatements in her findings.

11-03-06 - "Weapons of Mass Destruction": Building a Pretext for Waging War on Iran? **

11-03-06 - US dissatisfied with Israeli flights over Beirut: Israel US officials "expressed their dissatisfaction on Thursday," during telephone conversations with senior Israeli officials, the source said Friday.

11-03-06 - 5 Jewish Brooklyn Teens Charged In Hate Crime "They were saying, you Muslim scumbag, you have f---ed up this country. You don't have the right to live here. Go back to your country,"

11-03-06 - Baptist Convention told: Muslims 'are here to take over our country' Clippard said that Muslims were hoping to take over the United States government one city at a time, and that they were starting with Detroit, where there is already a large Muslim population. That's funny, those ain't Muslims that keep banging down my door and leaving literature when I'm not here/don't answer...

11-03-06 - The Neocons, Undaunted The Israelis are reportedly blackmailing us into a strike by declaring that they'll do it if we don't. And that's what this is all about. John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt are quite correct in noting that Israel's American lobby is in the forefront of the "let's bomb Iran" contingent, just as they were in the case of Iraq, and Muravchik's analysis perfectly reflects the Israeli perspective. These neocons need to be neutralized, contained and then brought to justice for deliberately deceiving the American people (into supporting the Iraq war). They are at it again.

11-03-06 - The Case for Engagement While Ahmadinejad plays to the Iranian street with his inflammatory rhetoric, the true authority in Iran has been attempting to navigate a path of moderation.

11-03-06 - Official: Israel ignoring U.S. plan to leave Iraq "I am very fearful," said a senior official in Jerusalem. "The American withdrawal from Iraq will have a very severe impact on us, unless developments take place that are not currently visible on the ground."
The official said the pullout could lead to two negative outcomes for Israel - the emergence of a terrorist entity with ties to Iran, and American hesitation to send troops to the Middle East.
American GIs being used as human shields for Israel.

11-03-06 - Britons Regret Decision to Invade Iraq

11-03-06 - Ex-Judges: Detainee Law Unconstitutional Seven retired federal judges from both political parties have joined dozens of Guantanamo Bay detainees in urging an appeals court to declare key parts of President Bush's new anti-terrorism law unconstitutional.

11-03-06 - America fights to take charge of UN peacekeepers around world The unprecedented US bid for the top UN peacekeeping post would place an American in command of the 95,000 UN peacekeepers in trouble spots from Lebanon to Sudan.

11-03-06 - Kirchner urged to back AMIA progress to express support for prosecutors? Oct. 25 decision to demand the arrest of eight Iranians

11-03-06 - Evil Is as Evil Does

11-03-06 - US demands Israeli Air Force stop flights into Lebanese airspace

11-03-06 - Kissinger meets with Jewish leaders on Iranian threat to Israel The meeting was attended by leaders of several major U.S. Jewish organizations, including David Harris of the American Jewish Committee, AIPAC's Howard Kohr, Malcolm Hoenlein of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League and Morley Levine from Hadassah.

11-03-06 - Germany expects no more 'incidents' off Lebanese coast The German defense ministry said last week that in two separate incidents, Israeli warplanes fired shots over a German helicopter and on an unarmed German vessel off the Lebanese coast.

11-03-06 - Joe Lieberman's Dangerous Alliance with Christian Zionists Using his second favorite tactic -- race baiting -- Lieberman pointed to black congresswoman Maxine Waters, who abstained from voting for the Hezbollah condemnation, and Al Sharpton, who seldom speaks of Israel, but who has had tension with Jews in the past.

11-03-06 - How to Put U.N. Rights Council Back on Track Strange that this piece by the Jewish news outfit The Forward is published on the Human Rights Watch website. HRW has fallen under the influence, as has been noted previously.

11-03-06 - U.S. accused of interfering Lebanon's national unity Hezbollah on Thursday accused the United States of interfering Lebanese national unity, saying that Washington is using Lebanon to wage "war" against Syria and Iran.


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