The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, November 10, 2006

News for 11-09-06

11-09-06 - Bolton unlikely to win Senate approval Democrats indicated that even should the Senate try debating Bolton's nomination when lawmakers reconvene next week - still under Republican control - they would stretch out debate on Bolton with the aim of killing it. Republicans lack the 60 votes needed to force a vote on the nomination.

11-09-06 - Biden says U.N. envoy Bolton "going nowhere" "I never saw a real enthusiasm (for Bolton's nomination) on the Republican side to begin with. There's none on our side. And I think John Bolton's going nowhere."

11-09-06 - Iran said seeking help with nuclear reactor Robert Einhorn, a former top U.S. nonproliferation official now with the Center for Strategic and International Studies and Daryl Kimball, head of the Arms Control Association, both based in Washington, said the request should be rejected because it would advance Tehran's nuclear weapons capability.

11-09-06 - Top Iranian nuclear negotiator expected in Moscow Top Iranian nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani is expected in Moscow on Friday for talks aimed at unblocking an international standoff over Iran's nuclear programme, officials said.

11-09-06 - A Come-to-Daddy Moment

11-09-06 - AP: Startling findings in Tillman probe

11-09-06 - Mubarak warns on Saddam execution Mr Mubarak said hanging the former president would only enhance sectarian and ethnic divisions between Iraqis. It would make a martyr out of him.

11-09-06 - Chris Hedges: Bush and Israel, Midwives to Radical Islam

11-09-06 - Sen. Reid Backs Lieberman for Homeland Security Chairmanship Newly re-elected Sen. Joe Lieberman has been promised by Sen. Harry Reid ? who is in line to become the next Senate Majority Leader ? that he will support Lieberman?s efforts to become chairman of the powerful Homeland Security Committee God help us. A neocon in charge of anything related to Homeland Security is very dangerous for America. These nitwits never learn. And America will soon find out that no matter which party 'controls Capitol Hill', AIPAC and its neocon minions still reign supreme. War on Iran will soon follow.

11-09-06 - Saddam verdict timing 'suspect'

11-09-06 - Iraq corruption 'costs billions'

11-09-06 - Enter Bush the elder's statesman, to relief all round The icing on the cake would be the resignation of Dick Cheney, and the removal of the neocons in the Pentagon and elsewhere. For, they are the REAL problem in this Bush administration.

11-09-06 - Israeli jets violate Lebanese airspace as France protests Israeli jets violated Lebanese airspace on Thursday, hours after France summoned Israel's ambassador to protest about Israeli warplanes diving on French UN peacekeepers in the south, police said.

11-09-06 - A profound pessimism has taken hold of Israel Palestinians are being made to pay for Israel's failure in Lebanon. It seems to give the Israelis a warm fuzzy feeling to know that they can revert back to shooting fish in a barrel.

11-09-06 - Bush awards humanities medal President Bush awarded a National Humanities Medal to Bernard Lewis, the Jewish Arabist whose tough critiques of Islamism and autocracy in the Middle East have guided administration policy.

11-09-06 - France summons Israeli ambassador over Lebanon incident The French government has summoned Israel's ambassador to Paris to complain about an incident in Lebanon in which Israeli warplanes dived menacingly on French UN peacekeepers, officials said.

11-09-06 - Whither the architects of war?

11-09-06 - Bush resubmits Bolton A number of Jewish Democrats in the Senate have since considered dropping their opposition because of Bolton?s outspoken defense of Israel and his tough stance on Iran.

11-09-06 - Referendum against Iraq war gaining ground With 52 percent of the votes counted in the 36 House districts where an anti war question appeared, voters instructed their state representatives, 147,202 to 99,140, to approve a resolution calling on President Bush and Congress to end the war immediately and bring the troops home.

11-09-06 - Mehlman to step down? Ken Mehlman, the Jewish chairman of the Republican Party, reportedly is stepping down.

11-09-06 - The Boys Are Back in Town Time to finish the job and neutralize Cheney and his covey of neocon cohorts.

11-09-06 - Can Jim Baker Save the American Establishment? Is Bush ready to be saved by Baker? Inquiring minds in the American establishment want to know.

11-09-06 - US gives Lebanon army 10.5 million dollars of equipment

11-09-06 - Russia, Bahrain urge renewed efforts to find Mideast peace Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Bahraini counterpart, Khaled ben Ahmed al-Khalifa, called for renewed diplomatic efforts to end the conflict in the Palestinian territories.

11-09-06 - Lebanon's Hezbollah slams Israeli attack on Gaza "The savage massacre committed by the Zionists in Beit Hanoun today is new proof of the racism and wantonness of this enemy and the nature of its aggression and criminality, coming on top of a moving series of massacres especially in Palestine and Lebanon."

11-09-06 - After the elections in America Political struggles between the administration and Congress should not be allowed to impede the handling of the existential threat to Israel, and the danger that the entire region will come under the influence of the radical Islamic regime in Tehran.
Israel afraid US won't deal with Iran (in the way that they want us to).

11-09-06 - Opponents of Pro-Israel Lobby Releasing DVD The CNI Foundation was founded in 1989 by former Republican congressman Paul Findley, to counter the influence of pro-Israel lobbying groups such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Findley was voted out of office in the early 1980s by an opponent who received significant backing from donors who were affiliated with Aipac.

11-09-06 - AIPAC's Nov. 9 message to its supporters "AIPAC reached nearly every lawmaker elected in Tuesday?s mid-term congressional elections as part of its effort to educate political candidates on the value of the U.S.-Israel relationship. During the campaign that ended Tuesday, nearly every viable candidate met with AIPAC professional staff members and submitted a position paper summarizing his or her views on U.S. Middle East policy."

11-09-06 - Rummy Out - But Don?t Start Cheering Just Yet

11-09-06 - The lame-duck syndrome Bush's well-wishers are suggesting to him that he remove Israel from this dubious group. They are imploring him to follow in the footsteps of his father, who marked the conclusion of the first Gulf War with the Madrid peace conference. Will the son listen to them, or will he be attentive to Christian evangelists and Jewish lobbyists, "friends of Israel," who will take the wind out of his sails and remind him how, a year later, they sent his parents home to the ranch and his party into the opposition? Wow. A frank admission there by a writer for Israeli news site Ha'aretz. A keeper. They took Bush's daddy down, and now they're jumping ship seeing as how the war on Iraq wasn't the cakewalk that the neocons, their cohorts in the US, promised and also harping on Bush to do their bidding with regard to Iran. Junior should pay them back in kind.

11-09-06 - French troops 'came close to shooting down Israeli jets' Defence Ministry officials would not elaborate on why the French troops decided not to fire, nor explain why they waited eight days to announce the incident. Ahh France. A wee bit enthralled by that 'sh@tty little country', are we?...

11-09-06 - Gates expected to push Israel-Palestinian talks supporters of Israel were quietly raising concerns that Gates's associations with members of President George H. W. Bush's foreign policy team would reignite calls for active US engagement towards the end of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks With Capitol Hill teeming with Israel-firsters, as noted by the many articles by the Jewish Telegraph Agency (the horse's mouth) these past few days, I'd say that we've still got a ways to go before America's foreign policy is one in which AMERICA'S interest come first. However, Gates is a step in the right direction. Keep it coming.

11-09-06 - Casey rejoices in his election as Pennsylvanians reject Santorum Betsy Sheerr, an adviser to the campaign who had traveled to Israel with Casey and serves on the board of trustees for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, was enthusiastic. "Israel won big tonight, as did the U.S.-Israel relationship," declared Sheerr America's interests factor in exactly how?

11-09-06 - Democrats' victory won't affect Israel policy, but could impact Iran The tone of the U.S.-Israel relationship remains the same whoever controls Congress, but Democratic pledges to stringently oversee the Iraq war could affect how the United States confronts Iran. Oh dear.

11-09-06 - Warrant issued for former Iranian president Israeli Ambassador Rafael Eldad called the development "highly significant."

11-09-06 - Key US policies will not see major changes following elections McCormack, said, however, there will be few changes with regard to the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programmes and the Israeli- Palestinian conflict


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