The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

News for 11-06-06

11-06-06 - Hundreds of US soldiers call for Iraq withdrawal in petition "Staying in Iraq will not work and is not worth the price. It is time for US troops to come home,"

11-06-06 - Families of troops killed in Iraq press for probe into war Families of British troops killed in Iraq went to court to challenge the government's refusal to hold a full independent probe into its decision to invade.

11-06-06 - Iran tests new automatic cannons in war games

11-06-06 - Cheney says unlikely he would comply with Congress subpoena "I have no idea that I'm going to be subpoenaed, and obviously, we'd sit down and look at it at the time," he told ABC's "This Week" "But probably not, in the sense that the president and the vice president are constitutional officers and don't appear before the Congress," Cheney said

11-06-06 - FBI willing to go undercover in Congress if necessary

11-06-06 - Dick Cheney to Spend Election Day Hunting The vice president, after working at the White House on Monday morning, will head to South Dakota to spend several days at a private hunting lodge near Pierre Local residents take heed. Everybody run, Dick Cheney's got a gun...

11-06-06 - Blair against death penalty for 'Saddam or anybody else' I say keep Saddam alive, then force him to do restitution in the form of community service (if and when Iraq simmers down). Put it on pay per view. Give the money to his victims and/or their families.

11-06-06 - What to Do Before Tehran Gets the Bomb

11-06-06 - Iraq Vets Target Congressional Races Veterans of the Iraq war are mobilizing for Tuesday's elections nationwide--mostly on the side of Democrats critical of President George W. Bush's handling of the war.

11-06-06 - Prosecutors reject 87% of FBI's terror cases: report

11-06-06 - Injuries in Lebanon revive bid to ban cluster bombs According to the UN, Israel dropped 90 percent of the cluster bombs in the last 72 hours of the war - when all parties knew a cease-fire was imminent.....The UN says Israel has not provided vital information that would speed up clearance and south Lebanon's safety and recovery. "We have been asking for the grid references and how many were dropped, but we still haven't received them,"

11-06-06 - World oil prices slip below $59 US light crude was down 31 cents at $58.83 a barrel,

11-06-06 - Israel: Divorce America, Marry Russia There used to be a time when Israel had no other "superpower partner" to align herself with other than the US.
Today, that is not the case. Although few Israelis realize it, Israel has strategic options that it didn't have 15 years ago. In many respects, Russia is a much more suitable partner for Israel than the US. Their audacity reaches new levels. They've soaked the American bloke and now it's time to move on to the next one.

11-06-06 - Red Cross calls for end to cluster bombs Philip Spoerri, director of international law for the International Committee of the Red Cross, said countries needed urgently to address the bombs, which were used by Israel against Lebanon during fighting in July and August. Spoerri said innocent Lebanese continue to be killed by the bombs every week.

11-06-06 - Iran ready to share missile systems with others:TV "Tehran also considers this as its duty to help friendly countries which are exposed to invasion of the Zionist regime ( Israel)," Sheibani was quoted saying, in response to what he said was a request by Lebanon's army commander, General Michel Suleiman, for help from friendly states.

11-06-06 - Israel gearing up for second war with Hezbollah "We will do everything now to prevent Hezbollah from coming back and sitting on the border."

11-06-06 - Saddam trial not independent or impartial: UN official

11-06-06 - Seeking Iraq exit strategy, U.S. pushes Israel toward peace talks former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker, who has been working on the exit strategy, is expected to make proposals soon for a renewal of talks on both the Syrian and Palestinian tracks......In advance of the Bush-Olmert meeting, U.S. National Intelligence Director John Negroponte came to Israel in early November to discuss ways of weakening Iran's fundamentalist regime. Negroponte reportedly was particularly interested in Israeli assessments of the degree to which disaffected minorities in Iran could destabilize the mullahs' rule.

Israel and the United States see Iran as the major threat to their security in coming years, and Olmert will use his meeting with Bush to exchange assessments and coordinate future moves. Israeli officials note that although both sides prefer a diplomatic solution, neither is ruling out a military option.
You have to get to the last few paragraphs to get to the real reason for the sudden moves toward 'peace': the upcoming attack on Iran that Israel is pushing for. For, this is the very same sequence of events that happened in/around the runup to the Iraq war. Same sh%t, different year.

11-06-06 - Hezbollah says UN envoy has 'dangerous, suspicious role' 'This is not the first time Terje Lord-Larsen carries out a dangerous, suspicious role that serves the goals of the Israeli enemy and the United States which contradicts his diplomatic mission and puts quesion marks on the role of the United Nations,'

11-06-06 - Palestinians protest Saddam death sentence, threaten reprisals against foreigners Under Saddam's rule Iraq donated $25,000 per household for Jenin residents to rebuild homes destroyed in a 2002 Israeli military offensive there.

11-06-06 - Some Democrats Are Worse Than Others But there is another Democratic party, and this one gets less airtime. It is the Democratic members of the House of Representatives who joined their Republican counterparts in 2004 to pass by a vote of 376-3 a resolution urging the administration to use "any and all appropriate means" to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. That is a testament of the power of AIPAC.

11-06-06 - Let us export hope, not fear, former US adviser urges In a further criticism of the Bush Administration's foreign policy, Mr Armitage described as "inexplicable" the US's support of Israel's six-week-long bombing of Lebanon in July and August this year. He said while it was understandable Israel wanted to retrieve its soldiers and make Hezbollah pay a price, it was inexplicable that the US would "hold their coat for them and let them do it".

11-06-06 - IDF girds for possibility of war with Syria, Hezbollah in 2007 A decision in Washington to withdraw the majority of its forces from Iraq will contribute to this atmosphere and will necessitate concentrating on the possibility that Iraq may become part of an eastern front comprising Iran and Syria. Trying to get us to stay in Iraq, perhaps?

11-06-06 - Syria predicts relaunch of peace process in 2007 "If they are planning to start a war in 2007, we, for our part, believe the peace process will be relaunched in 2007,"

11-06-06 - Bush, Olmert to meet at White House November 13 Last month, Olmert said he would meet with Bush in November to discuss Iran's nuclear ambitions. "The international community should prevent Iran from getting nuclear arms," he said on October 16.

11-06-06 - The War God That Failed - The neocons turn on their 'leader' Evil knows no party. Remember that as you vote. The Democrats are just another wing of the War Party: once they are in power, the war becomes their war

11-06-06 - Slide show chronicles conflict

11-06-06 - Jewish group calls for end to attack ads against Democrat Jim Davis


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