The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

News for 11-07-06

11-07-06 - Major UN powers still deadlocked over Iran sanctions resolution

11-07-06 - Iran proposes defence pact with Gulf states Iranian Defence Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najar said that countries bordering the Gulf should sign a defence pact to provide security along the strategic waterway

11-07-06 - Saddam 'executed by end of year' "I call on all Iraqis, Arabs and Kurds, to forgive, reconcile and shake hands," the former president told the court.

11-07-06 - Al-Qaeda plotter jailed for life

11-07-06 - Iran calls for Saddam to be executed

11-07-06 - This was a guilty verdict on America as well

11-07-06 - Dear Mr. Secretary We have a duty to see to it that justice is served when it comes to crimes committed against our own. What if it were YOUR brother, or father, uncle, grandfather, or son? These guys have a right to have their day in court. We owe them that much in the very least.

11-07-06 - ISRAEL: Unexploded Hezbollah rockets pose risk (Still) trying to one-up Lebanon's victim status with regard to the cluster bombs, are we? Please.

11-07-06 - LACK OF ECONOMIC SECURITY POSES GREATER THREAT THAN TERROR Meanwhile, a more insidious force -- globalization -- has eaten away at our economic infrastructure. For 30 years now, global competition has been quietly gaining on us, melting the broad base that lifted so many Americans into the middle class. Steel mills are shuttered; textile plants have disappeared; domestic automakers are in their death throes

11-07-06 - UN says it found no evidence of uranium-based munitions in Lebanon The investigation confirmed that Israel had used artillery and mortar ammunition containing white phosphorus, the statement said

11-07-06 - UN humanitarian chief calls for freeze on use of cluster bombs The United Nations said the density of unexploded cluster munitions in Lebanon was higher than those found after conflicts in Kosovo and Iraq which had already caused alarm among humanitarian agencies. The unexploded ordinance is a "constant threat" to 200,000 refugees and internally displaced people in Lebanon as well as for hundreds of thousands of people returning to their homes and for humanitarian and reconstruction workers, it added.

11-07-06 - US diplomat: Israel won?t attack Iran The official further stated that he did not believe Israel would attack Iran?s nuclear facilities, as 'Israel has repeatedly stated that this is an international problem and such an attack would make it an Israeli one.' Right. They won't attack if they can get somebody else (namely us) to do it for them.

11-07-06 - Wolfensohn: US may lose interest in Israel Not if the Israeli lobby can help it.

11-07-06 - WJC meets with Chinese president The two met Tuesday to discuss international affairs, including the Iranian threat to Israel and the rest of the world.

11-07-06 - Withdrawal around Ghajar Israeli forces withdrew from areas around a village straddling Israel?s border with Lebanon.

11-07-06 - Former Israeli PM speaks out on Iraq Speaking at Indiana University recently, Ehud Barak cited Iraq's deterioration into civil war, adding: "The U.S. presence is more and more a part of the problem and not the solution," according to

11-07-06 - Olmert seeks Lebanon talks "Two senior world leaders are working at my behest to try to create the conditions for my meeting Siniora, and I am personally in touch with them."

11-07-06 - Jews favor Democrats as number of Jewish senators jumps Deadlock between Congress and the White House "will influence domestic policy, immigration, health care, taxes, social policies, the Supreme Court," said Daniel Ayalon, the outgoing Israeli ambassador to Washington. "It won't influence foreign policy, with the possible exception of Iraq. For sure, not the U.S.-Israel relationship."

11-07-06 - US official: Israel won't bomb Iran "I do not see that Israel is going to do something like that. ... In all our conversations, thus far, Israel has stressed that this is an international problem. Israel does not want to make it an Israeli problem. Israel is committed to the political approach that the international community it taking,' .....The US official said the text of UN sanctions against Iran would be discussed with Olmert when the Israeli leader met with the US President George Bush in Washington next Monday The last sentence tells you who is really running the show, folks.

11-07-06 - Lieberman projected to win Lieberman had drawn significant pro-Israel funds and Jews from around the region went to Connecticut to help get out the vote.

11-07-06 - South Africa trade union: Hizbullah fighters heroic


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