The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, November 13, 2006

News for 11-12-06

11-12-06 - US considers Iran, Syria contacts for Iraq What the? Just yesterday they were blasting them. Make up your mind.

11-12-06 - Bush considers dialogue with Iran among 'fresh options' for conflict

11-12-06 - Rice: Syria is a 'dangerous state behaving in a dangerous manner'

11-12-06 - Israeli unease grows over fraying U.S. ties ** As the Lebanon war demonstrated, Bush has been reluctant to impose the kinds of restraints on Israel that his father employed, to press negotiations with the Palestinians in the style of Bill Clinton or even to push Israel to ease up on Palestinian travel. That has pleased Israel's supporters in the Jewish community and among an increasingly vocal, fiercely pro-Israel community of evangelicals, who visited the White House at least once during the Lebanon war to voice support for allowing the air attacks on Hezbollah to continue unabated......"Can we rely on the United States alone and say we abdicate our responsibility for dealing with the matter, and let the United States do what it wants? No, by no means.".....The message seemed to Israelis perfectly clear: The Bush administration would demand Israeli concessions on the Palestinian issue to hold together an American-led coalition on Iran. .....No Israeli knows if the next American president will be as tough on Iran or as loyal to Israel as Bush. If Bush does not act, Israelis say, by the time the next president takes office in January 2009, Iran will be well on its way to a bomb, and Washington may not back Israeli responses....."We would like to be liked by everyone, of course," he said, "but it's the relationship with the United States that really matters."

11-12-06 - After GOP's midterm drubbing, Olmert will tread delicately in D.C. "It's the right time to exchange views with the president on what is expected in the coming two years," Olmert told reporters Expected of whom? ...

11-12-06 - Olmert warns US against 'premature pullout' from Iraq US GIs serve as human shields for Israel.

11-12-06 - Israel warned off nuclear 'folly' Iran's foreign ministry spokesman has warned Tehran will not hesitate to retaliate with a crushing blow if Israel attacks its nuclear sites.

11-12-06 - Iran key as Israeli PM meets Bush **

11-12-06 - Olmert hardens stance on Iran

11-12-06 - 'Gates will uphold solid US-Israel ties' At any rate, some in the American Jewish community have suggested that Gates was more positively disposed toward Israel than Baker and Scowcroft.

11-12-06 - Bush calls for help in Argentine warrants President Bush called on the international community to assist Argentina in arresting a former Iranian president wanted in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center. Why is this a matter for the US president?

11-12-06 - UJC General Assembly in L.A. This year's meeting of the North American federation system, which will run Sunday through Wednesday, is focused on Israel under the theme "Together on the Frontline, One People, One Destiny."

11-12-06 - Israel general quits over Lebanon


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