The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, November 02, 2006

News for 11-01-06

11-01-06 - Leaked US report shows Iraq close to 'chaos'

11-01-06 - Iran announces military maneuvers ** Iran unexpectedly announced Wednesday that it would be holding military maneuvers in the Gulf this week, only days after U.S.-led navies held exercises in the same waterway.

11-01-06 - White House dismisses chart of Iraq sliding toward 'chaos' The White House dismissed a leaked military chart that shows Iraq sliding toward "chaos" as an outdated snapshot of sectarian violence at the height of Ramadan that has since dropped sharply.

11-01-06 - Iraq invasion increased extremist threat: Iran's Khatami

11-01-06 - Russia says won't back draft text on Iran sanctions State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said he was optimistic Russia would support a U.N. sanctions resolution. "While there are still negotiations that will need to be had concerning the contents of the resolution, the process is moving forward and we hope that it will move forward with some speed,"

11-01-06 - US tells Iran, Syria 'hands off' Lebanon The White House sounded the alarm over what it called "mounting evidence" that Iran, Syria and the Hezbollah militia were "preparing plans to topple" Lebanon's government. Hypocrisy.

11-01-06 - Depleted uranium risk 'ignored' a senior UN scientist said research showing how depleted uranium could cause cancer was withheld.

11-01-06 - Ahmadinejad laments Europe's lack of clout

11-01-06 - Fitzgerald doesn't want to talk about Armitage Fitzgerald writes, "The fact that no other person was charged with a crime relating to the disclosure of classified information says absolutely nothing about whether defendant Libby is guilty of the charged crimes."

11-01-06 - Incoming UN chief calls on Iran to halt enrichment

11-01-06 - Russian, U.S. military chiefs ink pact

11-01-06 - British lawmakers reject Iraq probe

11-01-06 - Oil steady as Opec cuts kick in

11-01-06 - Israel vows to continue Lebanon flights The Lebanese army also confirmed it had fired off anti-aircraft batteries towards Israeli warplanes flying over the south on Tuesday, having been ordered to oppose Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty by all means

11-01-06 - Blair's Syrian peace initiative fails to impress The White House also distanced itself from Mr Blair's initiative. Tony Snow, George Bush's press secretary, said the administration was concerned over what it called mounting evidence that Syria and Iran were joining Hizbullah to try to topple the Lebanese government through demonstrations, violence and threats against Lebanese leaders

11-01-06 - Hizbullah confirms talks on prisoner exchange He said his party did not distinguish between US and Israeli policy in the region. "There are not two separate policies for the region, there is one policy: it's the Israeli-American policy. The Europeans need to decide on their options for the future. Do they want their position to be identical with the Americans and thereby incur the same hatred that exists towards America?"

That's because US policy in the region is crafted in Tel Aviv, not Washington.

11-01-06 - Matters of faith A large majority (84 percent) believe Muslims should emphasize shared values with Christians and Jews, and 77 percent say they worship the same God. Yet 55 percent are afraid the war on terror has become a war on Islam.

11-01-06 - Playing second fiddle in Syria But even though improved relations could also help isolate Iran and increase pressure on Hamas to moderate its views, Washington hardliners will oppose a Syrian rapprochement. The Dick Cheney wing of the Republican party and assorted neo-conservatives would portray it as a base betrayal of the Bush "freedom doctrine" of promoting democracy in the Middle East.

11-01-06 - Sweeney breaks with Bush on Iraq, contradicts own vote on partitioning ON OTHER international issues, Sweeney said the United States must take steps to prevent North Korea and Iran from becoming nuclear powers. "No doubt, if we allow the proliferation of nuclear weapons, our children will see Hezbollah attack Israel with nuclear weapons," he said
Is Sweeney running for office to serve Israel, or America?

11-01-06 - Canada welcomes 63 Palestinians stranded between Iraq, Jordan Jordan and Syria turned them away, claiming they had already welcomed their quota of Iraqi refugees from the previous Gulf War and Israel was not warm to the idea of them returning to the occupied territories

11-01-06 - Hadley on visit asserts U.S. view

11-01-06 - Israeli agent scoffs at Hamas defendant's torture claims


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