The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

News for 10-31-06

10-31-06 - Russia says believes Iran's nuke program peaceful "We do not have information that would suggest that Iran is carrying out a non-peaceful (nuclear) program," Russian Security Council Secretary Igor Ivanov told a news conference in Moscow.

10-31-06 - Moscow may back U.N. sanctions on Iran Does this sudden turnabout have anything to do with Russia and the WTO, mewonders?....

10-31-06 - Iraq violence 'linked to US vote'

10-31-06 - Iran does not expect UN to adopt tough sanctions He did not give any reasons for his confidence, but permanent UN Security Council members Russia and China have repeatedly signaled their reluctance to accept biting sanctions against Iran, a major energy and trade partner.

10-31-06 - US oil glut leads to price fall Crude oil prices have fallen $2 to under $59 a barrel as warm weather reduces demand for heating fuels and helps to maintain large US stockpiles.

10-31-06 - N. Korea fires five missiles: report North Korea fired five short-range missiles during military exercises last week, Seoul's newspaper said Monday.

10-31-06 - Pentagon gears up for new media war

10-31-06 - Syrian official considering Baghad visit Syria's foreign minister is considering a visit to Baghdad in November - the first by a top Syrian official since the fall of Saddam Hussein and a major step toward restoring diplomatic relations, Iraqi and Syrian officials said Tuesday.

10-31-06 - British official meets with Syrian president

10-31-06 - Russia says no evidence on Iran nuclear program''s military purposes

10-31-06 - Ground prepared for Iran to discuss Iraq with US: Khatami The "ground is prepared" for direct talks between Iran and the United States over the situation in war-ravaged Iraq, former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami said on British television.

10-31-06 - Lebanese man killed handling Israeli cluster bomb Truck driver Hafez Khalil Abbas, 35, had spotted a bomblet outside a school in the Rass el-Ain quarter of Baalbeck. It exploded after he picked it up, killing him instantly and hurting the other two.

10-31-06 - U.S. Diplomat: Iran Bigger Threat Than North Korea "Iran is a different type of threat. Iran is in our assessment aggressively pursuing a nuclear weapons capability,"

10-31-06 - Olmert to discuss Iran with Bush In the short term, two high-level Washington envoys - Elliott Abrams and David Welch - are scheduled to arrive in Israel Wednesday. They are also due to visit with Palestinians and then go on to Jordan.

10-31-06 - EU to Israel: Mock raids could encourage cease-fire violations The Lebanese army issued a statement Tuesday saying its gunners fired anti-aircraft artillery at Israel Air Force warplanes as they flew over south Lebanon.

10-31-06 - Hezbollah confirms Israel talks Hezbollah's leader has confirmed that indirect talks with Israel on a prisoner exchange are under way, describing them as "serious".

10-31-06 - Planes known to carry CIA terror suspects landed in Tel Aviv

10-31-06 - Israeli warplanes fly low over Beirut, suburbs Israeli warplanes flew at a low altitude over Beirut, its suburbs and large areas of south Lebanon on Tuesday, witnesses and Lebanese security sources said.

10-31-06 - Golan Heights Land, Lifestyle Lure Settlers Perhaps more important, the region provides a third of Israel's drinking water......Arab grievances here center on the preferential treatment Israeli settlements receive in allocation of water, which is scarce and expensive for many Arab farmers

10-31-06 - Christian Zionists rally in San Antonio Twenty-five years later, Hagee, who now advocates a strike by the United States or Israel on Iran's nuclear installations, observed the silver anniversary of the Church of the Cornerstone's annual Night to Honor Israel, an event that was part of a three-day celebration Oct. 20-22 designed to show solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people and to advance the message that Israel and America are in danger.....Gabriel said Israel's enemies are America's, warned of Hamas cells in the United States -- "Hamas has the largest infrastructure on American soil" -- and declared, "Our enemy is in Islamic mosques throughout the U.S."...."I've never been in any placed that called itself a Christian setting where there was such hatred,"

10-31-06 - U.S. National Intelligence chief arrives in Cairo Things are starting to move here with Negroponte visiting Cairo and a Blair aide visiting the Syrian president.

10-31-06 - Teacher:Speaker cancellation violates First Amendment The head of the teachers union has threatened a First Amendment lawsuit against the School Department because Andover High School cancelled a visit by pro-Palestinian speakers.....The Anti-Defamation League and Rabbi Robert Goldstein of Temple Emanuel in Andover both voiced their opposition to Andover High last week. Andrew Tarsay, the ADL's regional director, applauded the school's decision. But to suggest that the ADL and other pro-Israeli lobbies seek to silence any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic. Mmmm k.

10-31-06 - ANALYSIS-Israel's Olmert riding high despite Lebanon setback A senior Israeli official said that is likely to be the main focus of his November 13 talks with Bush.
Israel has said it wants to take a back seat to international efforts to curb Iran's nuclear programme, which Tehran says is aimed at electricity generation.
They and their cohorts in the US are pushing us into another war. And they will at some point in the future deny they pushed for it, like they are doing with regard to their support during the run-up to the Iraq war.

10-31-06 - Israel presses Lebanon overflights despite growing criticism A number of aircraft also made sonic booms over the southern port city of Tyre, an AFP correspondent reported

10-31-06 - Debris of war compounds ecological nightmare in Lebanon

10-31-06 - Olmert: Hezbollah neutralized Ehud Olmert said the Lebanon war had neutralized the threat from Hezbollah...."Except for the Iranian problem, no one now threatens Israel," Olmert said.

10-31-06 - Ambassador Ayalon: Bush letter - historic During the interview Ayalon rejected the possibility of imposed pressure on Israel to accept a forced agreement under the Bush administration. According to him, the coordination between Washington and Israel will only get stronger due to the Iranian situation and international terrorism.

10-31-06 - Shanghai's Jewish 'ghetto' looks to reinvent itself

10-31-06 - Radio host speaks on lies, misconceptions of Israel It would seem to me that there is a major PR effort underway in America by the Israeli lobby, given the amount of campus visits and other propagandizing of the members therein.

10-31-06 - How to cut and run Fourth, real progress must be made on the Palestinian issue as a foundation for Middle East peace. The invasion of Iraq and the U.S. tilt toward Israel have dangerously reduced Washington's power to broker peace or to guarantee Israel's security. We now need Europe's help. And good relations with Iran would help dramatically.

10-31-06 - Texas Versus Tel Aviv: US Policy in the Middle East If it is true that the primary purpose of the Baker Commission is to take back US Middle East policy-making from the ?Israel Firsters? and secondly to subordinate military approaches to empire building to market interests, the question arises as to what strategic policies, tactical alliances, regional realignments and specific proposals dealing with the US military presence in Iraq Baker will propose?

10-31-06 - Harris: I'm a Jewish wannabe A Washington Post profile published Tuesday described Israel as one of Harris' "greatest passions" and quoted her as saying she is a Jewish "wannabe."

10-31-06 - Hoping to shed conflict image, Israel launches branding campaign What kind of image does the average American have of Israel? Suspicion confirmed. There IS a pro-Israeli PR campaign underway in America.


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