The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, August 27, 2006

News for 08-26-06

08-26-06 - Republican Report Hypes Iran 'Threat' ** The timing appeared designed to take maximum advantage of the media attention generated by Iran's response, which rejected the demand for immediate suspension but called for additional negotiations. Normally, a report of this kind is reviewed by the entire Intelligence Committee before it is published.....The fact that Frederick Fleitz, a former CIA officer, was the report's main author, however, suggests that his effort to undermine confidence in the intelligence community's estimates regarding Iran is part of a larger campaign that includes many of the same hawks who led the drive to war in Iraq.

08-26-06 - Is Iran Controlling Iraqi Militias? Iraq's most powerful politician has dismissed claims by U.S. officials and generals that Iran is interfering in Baghdad's affairs. Abdul-Azziz al-Hakim has told TIME that despite repeated requests from him and other Iraqi politicians, American officials have failed to show any reliable evidence of Tehran's interference. "[The U.S.] has been making such claims for a long time," he said, "and for three years we've told them, 'Show us proof.' But they never have."

08-26-06 - Another miserable milestone for Bush's war A miserable milestone was passed the other day. America's (and Britain's) disastrous war in Iraq has now lasted longer than the US involvement in the Second World War.

08-26-06 - Chavez eyes Syria visit to strengthen ties Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Friday he planned a visit to Syria to bolster ties in a move likely to rankle Washington, which charges the Arab nation with sponsoring terrorism.

08-26-06 - Hizbollah vows self-restraint "We see how Israel is violating resolution 1701," Hizbollah deputy Secretary-General Naim Kassem said in a statement. "Despite that, we as a party have decided to exercise self-restraint during this period to expose more of the U.S. and Israeli misdeeds."
This will prompt Israel to provoke them twice as much to try and get a response (something they do to the Palestinians all the time).

08-26-06 - UN welcomes Lebanon force pledges A senior UN spokesman says it is now close to achieving firm promises of troops to make up the full peacekeeping force for southern Lebanon

08-26-06 - U.S. May Curb Iran With increasing signs that several fellow Security Council members may stall a United States push to penalize Iran for its nuclear enrichment program, Bush administration officials have indicated that they are prepared to form an independent coalition to freeze Iranian assets and restrict case Russia and China do not accept it, the U.S. is working a parallel diplomatic track outside the U.N., Bolton said. John Bolton - Israel's man at the UN.

08-26-06 - The Cheney presidency Cheney has planted aides in major Cabinet departments, often over the objection of a Cabinet secretary, to make sure his policies are carried out. He sits in on the Senate Republican caucus, to stamp out any rebellions. Cheney loyalists from the Office of the Vice President dominate interagency planning meetings. And unfortunately for the US, Cheney has teamed up with the neocons and has implemented their policy - a Clean Break Strategy.

08-26-06 - Iraq War Distracted U.S., Say Americans

08-26-06 - 'I can't go to Iraq. I can't kill those children' - Suicide soldier's dying words to his mother

08-26-06 - Appeasement and War on Iran If Israel failed, the risk was that Hizbullah would be strengthened and Israel weakened. Now that Israel has lost and Hizbullah won, the loss has exposed Israel?s weak and vulnerable position. Israel is surrounded by foes with renewed spirit and hope. That fact alone may ensure some blitzkrieg type of attack by the US and/or Israel on Syria or Iran - in an attempt to restore the image of military might and dominance in the region. Neither Israel nor this administration can accept an image of weakness in that part of the world.

08-26-06 - Sailor faces espionage, desertion charges We are still not allowed to know for which country this man was spying.

08-26-06 - Bill for depleted- uranium screening passes Senate California veterans and members of the U.S. Armed Forces are one signature away from having mandated access to health screenings to determine their exposure to depleted uranium. This should be a federal bill.

08-26-06 - How Washington Goaded Israel Into War A July 23 article in Haaretz about an anti-war demonstration in Tel Aviv noted that "this was a distinctly anti-American protest" that included "chants of 'We will not die and kill in the service of the United States," That's rich, ain't it? Because they demand we do the such when they continuously lobby and even demand that our government take out their enemies for them. Steve Zunes is a known apologist for Israel, despite the fact he is a critic thereof. He still refuses to lay any blame on that nation.

08-26-06 - Israeli views on Shebaa Farms harden There is an abundance of water in the area, from the melting snows of Mount Hermon to the tributaries which flow into Israel from Lebanon, accounting in part for the farms' importance.... "What is unique in this specific area is that the Shebaa Farms has a strategic viewpoint over the water sources of the Jordan River in Israel, like the Wazzani and the Banias,"

08-26-06 - Blair's foreign policy is now a threat to national security Those same ministers must have been galled by this week's Guardian/ICM poll suggesting that 72% of the British people agree that our foreign policy has made us less secure, while only 1% accept the government's assurance that it has made us safer

08-26-06 - Lebanon's war may put Palestine on the agenda again The United States could solve this right now if it would withhold all support for Israel - both at the UN and financially - to force Israel to the negotiating table. Bush the first did the latter, though unsuccessfully, to force Israel to halt its illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. Bush the second is unfortunately not like his old man.

08-26-06 - Rep. Harris' religious remarks draw ire U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris (news, bio, voting record) told a religious journal that separation of church and state is "a lie" and God and the nation's founding fathers did not intend the country be "a nation of secular laws." Either Harris is one herself, or she is pandering to the Christian Right who wield considerable political power in this country.

08-26-06 - Iran opens nuclear reactor, defying U.N. A senior Israeli lawmaker warned in a statement that the plant inauguration marks "another leap in Iran's advance toward a nuclear bomb." Israeli legislator Ephraim Sneh of the Labor Party, a partner in the ruling coalition, said that the Jewish state must "prepare itself militarily."
Why, if they (via the neocons) can get America to do it for them?

08-26-06 - Why Bush will Choose War Against Iran Ray Close, member of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. He worked for the CIA for 27 years

08-26-06 - Report says Lebanon's GDP will fall 10-percent The cost of material damages to Lebanon is not clear, the Council for Development and Reconstruction estimates losses at more than $3.6 billion. They should take it out of the billions we give to Israel in foreign aid each year.

08-26-06 - Cleanup of Lebanon's massive oil spill has barely begun

08-26-06 - Iran opens nuclear facility saying no threat to Israel

08-26-06 - Hizbollah expected "limited damage" Kassem told an-Nahar daily that Hizbollah had expected an Israel attack at some stage as part of a joint plan with the United States but it had no indication it would come in July.

08-26-06 - Yemen allocates 5% of fishing export profits to Lebanon and Palestine

08-26-06 - Week-long campaign to support Lebanese and Palestinian children

08-26-06 - Hoekstra's Hoax: Hyping Up the Iran 'Threat' The Hoekstra-issued draft bears the fingerprints of one Frederick Fleitz ? the principal drafter, according to press reports. Fleitz did his apprenticeship on politicization under John Bolton when the latter was Under Secretary of State, and became his principal aide and chief enforcer while on loan from the CIA.

08-26-06 - Lebanese recover from Kafkaesque trip to Israel

08-26-06 - Israel 'not fooled' by Iranian nuclear assurances

08-26-06 - Lebanese optimism begins to evaporate People are greeted with daily headlines about the continued Israeli blockade of the port and airport, reports of Israeli threats of a new round of fighting, and warnings that the security vacuum in Lebanon may not be filled for months.

08-26-06 - US hopeful of quick end to Lebanon blockade The United States wants a quick end to Israel's air and sea blockade of Lebanon but blames Syria and Iran for delaying the process by helping the Hezbollah militia, a US official said.

08-26-06 - Disarming Hezbollah put on hold ISRAEL has dropped its demand for the immediate disarming of Hezbollah and begun to focus on persuading UN forces to stop the flow of weapons into Lebanon...."It is not that we have given up on disarming Hezbollah in Lebanon, but we see it as a process and the most important thing is ? to prevent their strategic rearmament," So that the US can attack Iran and not have fear that Hezbollah will in turn fire volleys of rockets at Israel?

08-26-06 - McCain Stresses Support for Iraq Mission

08-26-06 - Nuking Safeguarded Facilities

08-26-06 - German sub delivery postponed Two new submarines which Israel would receive under a deal it signed with Germany last month, will only start being delivered in 2010, German government spokesman Thomas Steg said Friday.

08-26-06 - Pressure on Olmert as poll shows Israelis want him to quit over Lebanon 'failure'


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