The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, August 18, 2006

News for 08-17-06

08-17-06 - Group Says Iran Is 'Not a Crisis' Gard said the signatories ? who included retired Marine Corps Gen. Joseph P. Hoar, head of U.S. Central Command from 1991 to 1994, and Morton H. Halperin, a senior State Department and National Security Council official during the Clinton administration ? did not believe that Iran had the wherewithal to build a nuclear weapon in the immediate future and would push the administration to open negotiations with Tehran on the issue.

08-17-06 - Ahmadinejad vows to stand by Iran nuclear work

08-17-06 - Judge nixes warrantless surveillance U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit became the first judge to strike down the National Security Agency's program, which she says violates the rights to free speech and privacy as well as the separation of powers enshrined in the Constitution. The founding fathers put those checks and balances into the Constitution for a reason. If you do not have enough probable cause to obtain a warrant, then you shouldn't be spying in the first place. Score one for the good guys.

08-17-06 - US to move quickly on Iran sanctions Iran is next.

08-17-06 - Report: Police in Britain find suitcase with bomb parts The BBC quoted an anonymous police source as saying a suitcase holding ?everything you would need to make an improvised device? had been uncovered in a stretch of woodland in High Wycombe, 30 miles northwest of London. The wood is near the home of one of two dozen suspects arrested Aug. 10 in connection with the foiled bomb plot.

08-17-06 - Rights groups warn of danger of unexploded cluster bombs UN officials reported yesterday that two children were killed by a cluster bomb explosion in the town of Naqoura.

08-17-06 - Robert Fisk: Lebanon's pain grows by the hour as death toll hits 1,300

08-17-06 - Canada, NATO quietly talking with Taliban The clandestine negotiations, led by Afghan authorities but involving NATO intermediaries, were being held as hundreds of Taliban fighters amassed within two kilometres of a Canadian outpost west of Kandahar, preparing for battle.

08-17-06 - Kurds flee homes as Iran shells Iraq's northern frontier Frustrated by the reluctance of the US and the government in Baghdad to crack down on the PKK bases inside Iraq, Turkish generals have hinted they are considering a large-scale military operation across the border. They are said to be sharing intelligence about Kurdish rebel movements with their Iranian counterparts.

08-17-06 - LEBANON: Toxic air a major health hazard Chemicals and dust from the buildings hit during Israeli air strikes on Lebanon have badly polluted the air and land, local nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) and government officials have warned.

08-17-06 - States pledge troops for Lebanon Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and Nepal have pledged troops, while Germany offered a maritime task force

08-17-06 - Insurgent Bombs Directed at G.I.?s Increase in Iraq

08-17-06 - Lebanese army crosses key river Lebanese troops have crossed the strategically important Litani river, moving into some areas of southern Lebanon for the first time in decades.

08-17-06 - Terrorist plots everywhere ... and nowhere

08-17-06 - CIA contractor guilty of abusing Afghan detainee

08-17-06 - US to double anti-missile ships in Pacific The United States, concerned about North Korea, will double to six by the end of the year the number of its ships in the Pacific capable of shooting down enemy ballistic missiles, the head of the Pentagon missile-defense project involved said on Wednesday.

08-17-06 - UN agrees Med oil spill plan The plan calls for immediate aerial surveys to assess the extent of the damage and a workforce of 300 people to tackle the worst-affected sites.

08-17-06 - Peacekeeper deployment in the balance Jacques Chirac, France's president, set a disappointing tone for the day when he said France would only be sending an extra 200 troops to southern Lebanon

08-17-06 - Jewish board slams ANC resolution on Middle East The resolution -- in the name of ANC chief whip Mbulelo Goniwe -- on the order paper for Thursday's National Assembly plenary, notes, among other things, Israel's military aggression against civilian targets. It further states "the actions of Israel are against international law and the Geneva Convention". Methinks the truth doth hurt.

08-17-06 - Lebanese general held over Israeli video A Lebanese general was ordered arrested Wednesday for appearing in a videotape drinking tea with Israeli soldiers who had occupied his south Lebanon barracks during their incursion of the country.

08-17-06 - His Heart Was Full for Lebanon and U.S. two weeks ago, as Hammoudi sat down to a meal in the hilltop house in southern Lebanon that he had inherited after his father died, an Israeli bomb struck, destroying the stone structure and killing Hammoudi.

08-17-06 - Hollywood stars blast Nasrallah Heads of the film industry in Hollywood and prominent movie stars have signed a statement blaming Hamas and Hizbullah for terror activities in the Middle East, the war in Lebanon, and for harming innocents....The Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles has been active since the start of fighting with an aim of drafting Hollywood stars to back Israel Hollywood royalty, like Congress, must now bow down to Israel.

08-17-06 - Amid a fragile cease-fire, family's ordeal begins

08-17-06 - A Lebanese woman throws rice and rose petals at Lebanese soldiers after their arrival to the southern town of Marjayoun, Lebanon

08-17-06 - Iranian planes grounded in Turkey for weapons search Turkey has grounded two Syria-bound Iranian planes over the past month to search for weapons following Israeli intelligence that Iran is supplying rockets to Hezbollah, officials and media reports have said.

08-17-06 - Labour MPs come out in support of Prescott's US view John Prescott was riding a wave of support from Labour MPs last night after privately attacking the Bush administration for being "crap" on the Middle East peace process.

08-17-06 - Saudi Arabia and Britain complete 10 billion pound defence deal Britain has signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia to provide it with 72 Eurofighter Typhoon jets, a newspaper reported.

08-17-06 - Hariri in bitter attack on Syria Mr Hariri accused the Syrian president of inciting conflict in Lebanon.

08-17-06 - Malaysia defies Israel over U.N. force in Lebanon Malaysia said on Thursday it wanted to send peacekeepers to Lebanon despite Israel saying it might oppose the inclusion of nations that do not have diplomatic ties with the Jewish state.

08-17-06 - A Shaken Landscape Hot Zone Senior Producer Robert Padavick spoke with Yahoo! News consultant Milt Bearden. In a career spanning three decades, Bearden headed the CIA's Soviet and Eastern Europe Division and served as station chief in places like Pakistan and Sudan. He also ran the CIA's covert war in Afghanistan from 1986-1989.

08-17-06 - First commercial air flight arrives at Beirut airport, signaling end of Israeli blockade

08-17-06 - US tries to counter Hizbollah rebuilding efforts

08-17-06 - Peres: Syria talks a no-go Shimon Peres expressed skepticism that Israel's war with Hezbollah would open the door for renewed negotiations with Syria.

08-17-06 - In Austria, the war in Lebanon provided fodder for anti-Semites ?People are very critical of Israel,? said Markus Bernath, foreign politics editor of Der Standard, one of Austria?s biggest dailies. "They don?t understand why this huge-scale war started." This 'huge-scale war' was in the works for a year and was given the go ahead by Cheney months ago.

08-17-06 - Lebanon toll shows pioneer spirit According to the study published Thursday, 42 percent of the 116 soldiers killed in the war on Hezbollah were from kibbutzim, moshavim or West Bank settlements, even though these communities constitute only 11 percent of Israel?s general population.

08-17-06 - King endorses ethnic profiling Declaring that airport screeners shouldn't be hampered by "political correctness," House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King has endorsed requiring people of "Hebrew" descent to undergo additional security checks because of their ethnicity and religion. Imagine the uproar. (I changed what group was being profiled to make a point).

08-17-06 - Halutz to officers: Don't talk to media without authorization it may be that this is also an attempt to silence internal dissent.

08-17-06 - US to have behaviour officers at airports Taking a page from Israeli airport security, the US transportation agency is experimenting with new squads whose members do not look for bombs, guns or knives but keep an eye on anyone with evil intent.

08-17-06 - South Lebanon Christians bitter over Israeli attack When Israeli troops invaded Lebanon last week and occupied the Christian villages of Marjayoun and Qlaiah -- once home to the defunct pro-Israeli South Lebanon Army militia -- they went from house to house, locals say, hammering down doors, breaking glass and trashing the contents for no reason they could fathom. They do the same thing to the Palestinians.

08-17-06 - Petition wants U.N. reparations for Israel Pro-Israel advocates launched a petition calling on the United Nations to provide reparations to Israel for damage caused by Hezbollah. Unbelievably audacious.

08-17-06 - Representative reassures angry Jewish leaders Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) told the leaders in a Maryland suburb last week that he still supported Israel despite his July 30 letter to the U.S. secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, arguing that a "continuation of the bombing campaign as it is being carried out is against the interests of Israel and the United States." This man's crime? He dared to consider the interests of the UNITED STATES, the country he was elected to represent.

08-17-06 - Lebanese Deaths, and Israeli War Crimes, Kept Off the Balance Sheet if we concentrated on the tally of war crimes, Israel would come out the undoubted winner in both Lebanon and Gaza.

08-17-06 - Fed court dismisses ACLU case against FBI

08-17-06 - Israel wants Turkish embargo on Iran Israel reportedly wants Turkey to impose an air and ground embargo on Iran to prevent weapons from flowing through Turkish territory to Hezbollah

08-17-06 - Border Police unit firing on demonstrators from close range. The video clearly shows the commander of the unit saying, "This is Lebanon!" as he orders his force to fire on retreating demonstrators, and "I will not allow a demonstration during wartime!"

08-17-06 - New stature for Lebanese military? "There will be no confrontation between the Army and brothers in Hizbullah," said Information Minister Ghazi Aridi, after the Lebanese cabinet decided Wednesday to deploy its troops across the south. The Army would not "chase" Hizbullah, he said. "There will be no authority or weapons other than those of the state. If any weapons are found, even the brothers in Hizbullah have said 'let it be in the hands of the Army, no problem.' "

08-17-06 - Everything Old Is New After George W. Bush occupied the Oval Office, however, the paper was given new life. Richard Perle became chairman of the powerful Defense Policy Board; Douglas Feith became Undersecretary of Defense for Policy; and David Wurmser became a senior State Department official before becoming Middle East Adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney.


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