The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

News for 08-22-06

08-22-06 - Iran offers West 'serious' talks Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, has said his country is ready to start "serious talks" with six world powers on Wednesday.

08-22-06 - Bush wants UN to act swiftly against Iran

08-22-06 - Iranian businessmen supplied Tehran with German drone technology: prosecutor

08-22-06 - Hezbollah official discusses blockade A Hezbollah Cabinet minister on Tuesday said the government may try to break the Israeli naval and air blockade of Lebanon by calling on ships and aircraft to travel to Lebanese ports without prior Israeli approval.

08-22-06 - Iran 'attacks Romanian oil rig' A Romanian oil company says one of its rigs stationed in the Gulf has come under fire from Iranian troops.

08-22-06 - Amnesty slams Israel 'war crimes' Amnesty International has accused Israel of committing war crimes by deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure in Lebanon...."The pattern, scope and scale of the attacks makes Israel's claim that this was 'collateral damage', simply not credible," said Kate Gilmore, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Amnesty International...."Many of the violations identified in our report are war crimes, including indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks," said Ms Gilmore. Look at this before and after photo.

08-22-06 - Lebanon truce 'fragile', warns UN The security situation in Lebanon is likely to remain "fragile" for the next two or three months, a senior UN envoy has warned.

08-22-06 - Marines to issue involuntary call-ups The U.S. Marine Corps said Tuesday it has been authorized to recall thousands of Marines to active duty, primarily because of a shortage of volunteers for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

08-22-06 - Palestinians: Soldiers more violent due to war In the past few days, more and more Palestinian testimonies have amassed that claim that IDF soldiers humiliated them at checkpoints in Judea and Samaria. The same Palestinians say that the soldiers are taking the frustration created by the war in Lebanon out on them.

08-22-06 - Bush says: "Iraq Had ?Nothing? To Do With 9/11" QUESTION: What did Iraqi have to do with that? BUSH: What did Iraq have to do with what? QUESTION: The attacks upon the World Trade Center. BUSH: Nothing. . . . .Except for it's part of ? and nobody's ever suggested in this administration that Saddam Hussein ordered the attack.

08-22-06 - On Iraq, US public trusts neither party Pessimistic about prospects for peace, yet wary about walking away from a war that has already cost many lives, the US public seems conflicted and worried about the future of American involvement in Iraq.

08-22-06 - Israel: No plans to end Lebanon blockade Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Tuesday that Israel has no plans to lift its air and sea blockade of Lebanon takes up positions along the Syrian border and at Beirut's airport.

08-22-06 - Plame considering suing Armitage

08-22-06 - Israel must be ready for any Iranian attack: minister

08-22-06 - Israel must respect ceasefire if Italy to join UN force: D'Alema "From Israel, we expect a renewed commitment... to respect the ceasefire," D'Alema told the newspaper, la Repubblica. "It is right to demand that Hezbollah gives up its weapons but we cannot send our soldiers to Lebanon while the Israeli armed forces continue to fire."

08-22-06 - Lebanon's development 'annihilated': UN Lebanon's 15-year economic and social recovery from civil war was wiped out in the recent Israeli offensive against Hezbollah, the UN development agency has said.

08-22-06 - Archbishop tells church to stay in Lebanon: 'You'll make it'

08-22-06 - Qatar hails Lebanese for 'first Arab victory' over Israel

08-22-06 - Lebanon Diary: Holding a Rock

08-22-06 - A month of living dangerously in south Lebanon we watched as the dusty bodies of children were extracted from a half-collapsed house struck hours earlier by aerial bombs. For those that believe that those pictures of the children being pulled out from the rubble were 'faked'.

08-22-06 - Kidnapping signals rising threat in Gaza They have not been heard from in more than a week. And in an unprecedented turn for journalists covering Palestinian affairs in Gaza, no group has stepped forward to claim responsibility or to set conditions for release..."Gaza needs journalists here," says Anita McNaught, the wife of Wiig and herself a broadcast journalist for the BBC. "These two men were here by choice and working very hard to tell the Palestinian story to a wider audience. I cannot for the life of me see what gains anyone makes by this. It's tragically misguided." Was it a case of the duvdevan, the elite Israeli forces that pose as Arabs? Nahh. Why would they do that?

08-22-06 - Hezbollah kit still a mystery One source at the company, which is a distribution firm, not a manufacturer, said: ?The kit we supplied was actually made in Russia, which makes some pretty rugged equipment. But they were not the sort of systems which the Israelis seem to be talking about.?

08-22-06 - Former Mossad boss steels West for 'third world war' "This is a third world war," Efraim Halevy, Mossad director from 1998 to 2002, told The Globe and Mail in an interview yesterday. "International Islamic terror has made its objectives and aims very clear." Islamic terrorists learned well from their Jewish counterparts. (Can't call them Israeli, because Israel didn't yet exist.)

08-22-06 - Hizbollah eyes recovery, not new war with Israel Israel, for its part, lost military prestige and credibility but got a U.N. resolution to end the war that implicitly allows it to take defensive actions in Lebanon. With no clear winner and an uneasy truce, that is a recipe for future escalation, analysts say.

08-22-06 - Lebanon spy agency led Germans to bombmaker Lebanon's military intelligence agency gave German authorities information that led to the arrest of a Lebanese man the Germans suspect planted suitcase bombs at two train stations, German prosecutors said on Monday.

08-22-06 - ANALYSIS: Policing in Gaza has blunted IDF fighting abilities

08-22-06 - Second-class compensation A fourth petition, submitted by attorney Samuel Dahwar from the Arab village of Fassouta in Galilee, reveals the fact that no Arab communities are included on the full-compensation list even though Arab towns and villages were in the range of the Katyushas and were hit by them.

08-22-06 - Who leaked the leak case? The judge in the classified information case against two former pro-Israel lobbyists ordered an investigation into the leak of the investigation two years ago

08-22-06 - U.N. Envoy: Israel May OK Prisoner Swap A senior U.N. envoy said Tuesday that efforts were continuing to secure the release of two Israeli soldiers captured by Hezbollah and that Israel may be warming to the idea of trading Lebanese prisoners it holds in exchange.

08-22-06 - Group: Israel should protect its own The Israeli army ethical? What kind of drugs is this Rabbi smoking? Did he not see the unusually high civilian-to-Hezbollah death toll, or how about the total destruction of civilian infrastructure? These people are deluded.

08-22-06 - U.S. lawmaker drops links to Arab sites A U.S. lawmaker removed links to anti-Israel Arab American sites, the Detroit Jewish News reported. Lawmaker falls under the influence.

08-22-06 - Fleischer rips Carter in letter President Bush's former press secretary lambasted Jimmy Carter for saying Israel's military response to Hezbollah attacks had no legal or moral basis.

08-22-06 - Man Sentenced After Blowing Up Van A man who went to jail for six months for setting off an explosive device that wrecked a van belonging to a Palestinian American family was sentenced in federal court Tuesday to an additional 15 months in prison....the federal government plainly wanted to demonstrate that it would not tolerate acts of bigotry aimed at Arab Americans. It asked Kennelly to sentence Nix to as much as 87 months in prison but the judge refused.
If it was an Arab that was the perpetrator, you had better believe he would've been given the maximum.

08-22-06 - the world avoids Israel like the plague


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