The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

News for 08-21-06

08-21-06 - Aid teams demand building supplies Relief teams in Lebanon say many of the damaged buildings can be salvaged and want the United Nations to send more supplies for repairs and to restore electricity and water services.

08-21-06 - McCain: U.S. not winning in Iraq U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., says the United States is not winning the war in Iraq and he still thinks more troops are needed on the ground.

08-21-06 - Italy reports seizing US-bound arms shipment Italian authorities seized a container full of weapons, including Kalashnikov assault rifles and plastic explosives bound for the United States from Saudi Arabia in May, press reports said yesterday. In May?

08-21-06 - Iran reply may herald new confrontation Just as the Middle East reels from the impact of the Hezbollah-Israel war, a new confrontation involving Iran might be about to break out....If its answer on suspension is "No", the United States will press for diplomatic and economic sanctions. These would need a new vote in the Security Council, and in the past Russia and China, both veto holders, have opposed sanctions. Hey, what do you know? There was a bombing in Russia today. Can it yet be blamed on Muslim terrorists so that Russia will climb on board (like so many others)?

08-21-06 - Annan appeals to Iran over nuke offer

08-21-06 - Scores of Taliban killed in Afghan battle: police More than 70 Taliban guerrillas have been killed in fighting with NATO and Afghan forces in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar, a provincial police official said on Sunday.

08-21-06 - Bush pledges $230m in Lebanon aid The money would be used to help rebuild Lebanese homes and infrastructure, he told reporters at the White House So, let me see here. We send Israel the bombs and the jet fuel to destroy Lebanon's civilian infrastructure to get the Lebanese people to turn against Hezbollah - and then afterward, we send over millions of US taxpayer dollars to rebuild what Israel destroyed. Hardworking Americans are left - yet again - to pick up the tab for Israel's failed destructive policies. Deduct the money from the aid we give to Israel , and see how they like them apples.

08-21-06 - Israeli warplanes roar over Lebanon

08-21-06 - Hizbollah fighters killed by Israelis Hizbollah yesterday denied that any of its fighters had been killed and said it would continue to adhere to a ceasefire, which requires the Lebanese army to spread to the south to replace Hizbollah fighters. Hizbollah's deputy leader, Sheikh Naim Kassem, said the group would not stand down until the Lebanese army was ready to defend the country.

08-21-06 - Unholy alliance with the Taliban that sustains a nation's drugs trade Senior Nato officers have warned that millionaire drug smugglers are also funding the insurgents and have expressed concern that the threat to the poppy economy in the south is pushing the local populace into the camp of the Taliban Time to send in a few cropdusters?

08-21-06 - Lebanon: UNRWA Situation Report 19 - 21 Aug 2006 Latest official toll: 1,287 killed (1140 of them civilians 30% children under 12); 4,054 wounded, according to the state Higher Relief Committee.

08-21-06 - Dangers await Lebanon returnees When Um Ali Mihdi returned to her home in the southern Lebanese city of Bint Jbeil two days ago, she found a 1,000lb (450kg) Israeli bomb lying unexploded in her living room.

08-21-06 - Israeli minister calls for talks with Syria Avi Dichter, the Internal Security Minister, told the army radio station that, in exchange for peace, Israel could return the strategic Golan Heights, conquered in the 1967 war. He noted that Israel had paid similar territorial prices for treaties with Egypt and Jordan. Israel must win Syria back from Iran.

08-21-06 - Multinational force 'can shoot' At whom? You know they won't be shooting at the IDF.

08-21-06 - The ADL runs commercials to keep the sheep in line The Anti-Defamation League's new TV campaign has helped persuade Americans to blame Hezbollah for the conflict in Lebanon, a survey suggests.

08-21-06 - Israel okays flights to survey Lebanese oil spill: UN Israel has given approval for aerial UN surveillance missions over the Lebanese coast to determine the scope of a massive oil spill caused by Israeli bombing, the United Nations has said. Wasn't that nice of them? < / sarcasm >

08-21-06 - Israel humbled for the first time in Mideast: Iran FM Israel has been humbled for the first time in nearly six decades in the Middle East during its recent 34-day conflict against Lebanon, Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mattaki has said.

08-21-06 - Scientists suspect Israeli arms used in South contain radioactive matter Mohammad Ali Qobeissi, a member of the National Council for Scientific Research, said on Sunday that a crater caused by an Israeli munition in Khiam contained "a high degree of unidentified radioactive materials."

08-21-06 - Olmert rules out Syrian talks

08-21-06 - Lebanese Christians hold Sunday mass in damaged churches

08-21-06 - Lebanon sees two-year reconstruction effort French military engineers have started building temporary bridges on highways south of the capital.....The US aid package includes 25,000 tonnes of wheat and more money to rebuild bridges, roads and schools.

08-21-06 - Italy offers to lead UN force in Lebanon

08-21-06 - Israeli general says armed forces guilty of arrogance One of Israel's top generals says the country's armed forces have at times been guilty of arrogance in the conduct of the war in Lebanon. Arrogance? Now there's a word never conjured up when one thinks about the Israeli government...Ahhh...

08-21-06 - Anti-Olmert protests grow Dozens of Israeli reservists marched to Jerusalem demanding the Israeli prime minister?s resignation because of his management of the war.

08-21-06 - The Arab world's silence has left the last word to those we call extremists Hamas began in Gaza in 1987, after 20 years of Israeli occupation, surfing on the tidal wave of the first intifada. Hizbullah emerged from the fight against occupation forces after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982. What new extremist organisation will rise from the fresh ruins of Lebanon? Hamezbollah. Hezbamas. Al Qaehamezbollah. Lil extremist humor there. It's late. I'm entitled.

08-21-06 - UN force must be deployed immediately, says Bush

08-21-06 - US wants UN resolution on disarming Hizbollah The United States wants a new U.N. Security Council resolution on disarming the Hizbollah militant group, but this should not hold up the quick dispatch of U.N. troops to Lebanon, U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said on Monday.

08-21-06 - Israel in no rush to use US loan guarantees "I'll ... work closely with Congress to extend the availability of loan guarantees to help rebuild infrastructure in Israel, infrastructure damaged by Hizbollah's rockets," Bush told a news conference.

08-21-06 - Israel's Double Standard If the United States wants to win this war on terrorism then getting tough with Israel would be the best step they could take.

08-21-06 - Europe balks at Lebanon troop commitment

08-21-06 - Politician wants Hezbollah dropped from terror list The Liberal Party's Borys Wrzesnewskyj told the Toronto-based National Post newspaper that the terrorist label makes it harder to negotiate with Hezbollah.

08-21-06 - What Does Israel Want? - It isn't just Lebanon? Lebanon is just a pawn in the game: Israel's real objective is toppling Bashar al-Assad and militarily confronting the Iranian mullahs ? using U.S. troops, of course.

08-21-06 - Turkey halts Iranian and Syrian planes Turkey prevented five Iranian airplanes and a Syrian aircraft from flying into Lebanon because of suspicions they were carrying weapons for Hezbollah.

08-21-06 - War on Terror Futile for 79% in Britain Terrorism is a weapon of the weak. It is crafted in such a way that it cannot be defeated militarily. Each time nations try (either the US or Israel), a new more potent terror group rises from the ashes.

08-21-06 - Lieberman Wants Rumsfeld To Resign

08-21-06 - After Lebanon, Israel Looks for More War Is there not a danger that Hezbollah fighters may now fire on Lebanese troops fearing that they are undercover Israeli soldiers? Does Israel's deceit not further weaken the standing of the Lebanese army, which under Resolution 1701 is supposed to be policing south Lebanon on Israel's behalf?

08-21-06 - How war against drugs may have helped Hezbollah BRITAIN?S attempts to counter heroin traffickers may have provided Iran with the opportunity to supply Hezbollah with British military equipment.

08-21-06 - Israel: Lebanese border troops must be accompanied Asked why Israel did not complain to the Security Council instead of acting unilaterally, Regev said the world body would not have acted fast enough to keep the arms from being transferred into Lebanon.

08-21-06 - UNIFIL troops permitted to open fire on armed Hezbollah militants The UN spokesman said that if the international troops encounter armed individuals who refuse to lay down their weapons, they are permitted to use force. UN peacekeepers will be expected to disarm Hezbollah, something that neither Israel nor the Lebanese people could do.

08-21-06 - Prime minister's pro-Israel stance lures some Canadian Jews to Tories High-profile defections by two other prominent Jewish Canadians soon followed, as powerful business couple Heather Reisman and Gerald Schwartz, both long-time Liberal activists, were among eight signatories to a newspaper ad thanking Harper for "standing by Israel." Canada's neocons

08-21-06 - Jordanian, Portuguese FMs hold talks on Mideast developments Khatib affirmed on the need to stimulate the role of the EU and the international community to assist the Palestinian and Israeli sides to revive the peace process and to return to the negotiating table.

08-21-06 - Five arrested in 'blockade' of Foreign Office Five demonstrators were arrested this morning after staging a two-hour "blockade" of the Foreign Office in protest against the government's stance over the Israel-Lebanon conflict.

08-21-06 - Non-Jewish pro-Israel students steel selves for a tough semester In January, AIPAC underwrote a mission to Israel to educate 43 non-Jewish students, including the presidents of the National College Democrats and College Republican National Committee. Why is it all necessary, is the question.


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