The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, August 19, 2006

News for 08-18-06

08-18-06 - Intelligence officials doubt Iran uranium claims, say Cheney receiving suspect briefings One former senior intelligence official is particularly concerned by private briefings that Vice President Dick Cheney is getting from former Office of Special Plans (OSP) Director, Abram Shulsky...Shulsky, a leading Neoconservative and member of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), headed the shadowy and secretive Department of Defense's OSP in the lead-up to the Iraq war -- helping to locate intelligence that would support the Bush administration's case for war with Iraq.

08-18-06 - Top Iranian cleric warns US over nuclear standoff Washington said Thursday it will move quickly for UN Security Council action on sanctions against Iran if Tehran refuses to halt its sensitive uranium enrichment work by August 31, as demanded by a UN resolution

08-18-06 - Terror police find 'martyr tapes' Police investigating an alleged plot to bring down airliners have found several martyrdom videos in the course of their searches, the BBC has learned.

08-18-06 - Palestinian man tortured and killed by an unknown group in Iraq

08-18-06 - Top Chinese diplomat tells US to 'shut up' on arms spending

08-18-06 - Lebanon aid appeals: where you can donate The following major agencies have launched appeals to help those affected by the fighting:

08-18-06 - Fears over cluster bomb clean-up the New York-based group Human Rights Watch has accused Israel of acting outside the rules of war by firing cluster bombs into civilian areas.

08-18-06 - Inquiry suggests files on killings in Haditha were excised A high-level military investigation into the killings of 24 Iraqis in Haditha last November has uncovered instances in which American marines involved in the episode appear to have destroyed or withheld evidence, according to two Defense Department officials briefed on the case

08-18-06 - Bush predicts courts will uphold security wiretaps The Justice Department had immediately appealed the decision and obtained approval to continue the program until the appeal is heard September 7

08-18-06 - UN plea for European peacekeepers

08-18-06 - Iran plans new war games

08-18-06 - Mass funerals in southern Lebanon

08-18-06 - Bush Must Negotiate to Make America Safer, Say Former Generals

08-18-06 - A Lebanese woman bursts into tears as is calmed by her relatives during a mass funeral

08-18-06 - Relatives of the Lebanese victims of the July 30 Israeli forces' attack, holding pictures of their loved ones, participate in a mass funeral procession

08-18-06 - Relatives holding portraits of some of those killed grieve at a mass funeral procession in Qana, southern Lebanon

08-18-06 - France Declines to Contribute Major Force for U.N. Mission

08-18-06 - Afghan president condemns U.S. airstrike

08-18-06 - The timing is political We also have the extraordinary question of Bush and Blair discussing arrests the weekend before they were made. Why? Both in domestic trouble, they longed for a chance to change the story. The intelligence from Pakistan, however dodgy, gave them a chance. Comparisons with 9/11 were all over front pages.

08-18-06 - The Headlines is BACK The fellow that runs that site lives in Lebanon, and had to flee the area for over a month. It is good to know that he survived.

08-18-06 - Israel: Hezbollah used Russian missiles And Israel uses US-made weaponry - and killed mostly civilians in Lebanon, as well as destroyed civilian infrastructure.

08-18-06 - Mixed UN commitments from Europe European governments are mixed in their support for an enhanced United Nations mission in Lebanon.

08-18-06 - In pictures: In the rubble of southern Beirut

08-18-06 - South Africa: South Africa is Best Qualified to Help the Middle East Today, it is the controversial policies of Israel towards its occupied, militarily weak and poor neighbouring countries that continue to prick the conscience of those who know what it means to be subjected to such dehumanising policies. Like the former white-minority governments of southern Africa, Israel believes that its military might and the (LMM1)concrete wall that it is erecting between itself and the Palestinian territories are enough to ensure its security indefinitely.

08-18-06 - Lebanon's devastation sightseers "Hezbollah may have kidnapped two Israeli soldiers, but Israel kidnaps Lebanese and Palestinians when it likes," he says. "No-one comes to bomb essential roads and bridges in Israel."

08-18-06 - Israeli jets circle over Bekaa Valley The reporter said military jets, helicopters and drones had circled over the area and had come under anti-aircraft fire but had not been hit and had not opened fire themselves.

08-18-06 - Despite the bombing, Hizbullah appeals to Arab-Israelis

08-18-06 - Israel ? Our Delinquent 'Ally' Ken Silverstein cites a "well-connected former CIA officer" who claims an American role in the peacekeeping force is being actively considered by the Bush administration ? and, as the prospects of an international force seem to wilt on the vine, the likelihood of direct American intervention grows. Huge mistake. If you think our guys are sitting ducks in Iraq, try sending them to Lebanon, where people are openly blaming the US for the devastation that Israel rained down on them.

08-18-06 - A foretaste of larger furies to come Israel and the US have shown they are prepared to destroy an entire country to assert their interests if not also their dominance in this region

08-18-06 - Syrians demand military action to reclaim Golan Heights Pressure is mounting on Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, to follow Hizbollah's example and consider force to eject Israel from Syrian land that it has occupied for nearly 40 years.

08-18-06 - Officials: U.S. helped stop Iranian shipment Officials from two different U.S. intelligence agencies confirmed to USA Today that U.S. diplomats persuaded Turkey and Iraq to deny an Iranian plane laden with sophisticated missiles and launchers access to their airspace en route to Syria.

08-18-06 - To engage or not to engage? Groups ponder approach as U.N. disappoints Evidently the UN, unlike the US, refuses to bow down to Israel. This infuriates the likes of the ADL and other organizations dedicated to and based on the supremacy of Israel.

08-18-06 - Judgment Day coming ? for the neocons by Patrick J. Buchanan With some of us, the tutoring never took, but the neocons surely did convert George W. How's your boy doing, Irving?

08-18-06 - End the taboo on challenging Israel He gets points for even raising the issue, but the author is wrong: the US owes Israel nothing.

08-18-06 - Hezbollah's transformation is a case study "Everybody is going to be much more aware and much more willing to let Israel take action precisely to prevent a situation where Gaza turns into south Lebanon."

08-18-06 - Hizbollah hands out cash for Lebanese war victims Lebanon's reconstruction chief said Israeli bombardment had inflicted a "disastrous" $3.6 billion worth of physical damage on Lebanon from which it could take years to recover. The United States, via Cheney and the neocons, gave Israel the greenlight to attack Lebanon earlier this year.

08-18-06 - Laborites slam Defense Minister for supporting talks with Syria

08-18-06 - AJCommittee: Consider war?s impact on Israel The American Jewish Committee wants international human rights groups to consider the Lebanon war's impact on Israel.
What chutzpah. Israel inflicted billions of dollars in damage in Lebanon in a war that was planned a year ago, and that which was a disproportionate response to the abduction of the IDF soldiers. The 1000+ Lebanese victims' families should sue Israel though the US would end up paying (as it always does for Israel's intransigence).

08-18-06 - View of common fears drives US-Israel policy "The president doesn't see any difference between American interests and Israeli interests with regard to the Middle East now," And that is the problem. For, our interests are NOT the same. And where they diverge, America's interests MUST come first. And secondly, America has been involved in Israel's war on the Arabs in the first place because of Israel's lobby in the US. The support this lobby garners has endangered America to the detriment of US citizens.


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