The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

News for 08-23-06

08-23-06 - Americans separate Iraq from war on terrorism: poll For the first time since it began, a majority of Americans believe the Iraq war is not part of the war on terrorism, as US President George W. Bush keeps insisting it is, according to a poll just published.

08-23-06 - Iran nuclear offer 'falls short'

08-23-06 - Iraqi panel launches own rape-slay probe An Iraqi investigative panel has launched an independent probe into the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl allegedly by American soldiers currently in U.S. custody, who will be tried in absentia if necessary, an official said Tuesday

08-23-06 - Russia, China back Iran calls for talks

08-23-06 - UN force will police Lebanon arms embargo: France One of the main tasks facing a U.N. force in Lebanon will be to ensure that no arms are smuggled across the borders to Hizbollah, French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy said on Wednesday.

08-23-06 - Israel signs contract for nuclear capable submarines: reports Israeli newspaper reports say Israel has signed a contract with Germany for two new U-boats capable of launching nuclear weapons.

08-23-06 - Poll - Do you think the Bush administration misled Americans on the Iraq war?

08-23-06 - US sues Maine officials for probe on Verizon, NSA The U.S. government sued Maine officials on Tuesday to block their demand that Verizon disclose whether it gave the government's spying program access to its customer data, documents showed.

08-23-06 - Robert Fisk: Untold story of the massacre of Marjayoun leaves blame on both sides of the border Who flew the drones? An Israeli soldier of the invasion force? A nameless officer in the Israel Defence Ministry in Tel Aviv? The Israelis knew a civilian convoy was on the road. Yet they sent their pilotless machines to attack it. Why? Last night, the Israeli Defence Ministry had not responded to inquiries from reporters who asked for the answer last Friday.

08-23-06 - Government studies options to sue Israel for war crimes The Lebanese state has started to study the possible legal procedures to sue Israel and its political and military leaders within the international legal arena for crimes committed by Israel against Lebanon

08-23-06 - Iran Sanctions Could Fracture Coalition the West must tread carefully because any sanctions levied in the place that could actually hurt Iran ? its energy sector ? would ratchet up already high global oil prices and end up harming the West.

08-23-06 - Three Lebanese soldiers killed by cluster bomb blast Three Lebanese soldiers were killed trying to defuse an unexploded Israeli cluster bomb as the Jewish state lost a soldier to one of its own mines in Lebanon.

08-23-06 - LEBANON: Drinking water severely lacking "I have never seen destruction like this," said Unicef water and sanitation specialist Branislav Jekic in the statement. "Wherever we go, we ask people what they need most and the answer is always the same: water."

08-23-06 - US says nuclear-armed Iran would be 'dangerous'

08-23-06 - Bush faces revolt on Iraq

08-23-06 - World powers weigh Iran nuclear offer, US says it falls short World powers studied their options to Iran's response to their offer aimed at ending a nuclear crisis, and the United States warned it fell short of UN conditions to avoid sanctions.

08-23-06 - Report: Iran wields influence in Iraq Iran wields more influence than the United States in Iraq and has established itself as America's chief rival in the Middle East, a British think tank said in a report released Wednesday.

08-23-06 - Israel buys upgraded subs to counter Iran threat The report of the sub purchase came a day after a cabinet minister and former Mossad spy warned Israel should prepare for a ballistic missile attack by Iran, its arch enemy and one of chief supporters of Hezbollah, against whom Israel waged the month-long war in Lebanon.

08-23-06 - Israeli Flights Over Lebanon Violate Terms of Truce, U.N. Says Ongoing flights by Israeli warplanes over Lebanon drew rebukes Tuesday from international and local officials who said the sorties violated this nation's sovereignty and undermined its government.

08-23-06 - Committee: U.S. lacks Iran intelligence The report also cautions that "policymakers will need high-quality intelligence to assess Iranian intentions to prepare for any new round of negotiations."

08-23-06 - Peretz backtracks on proposal for talks with Syria

08-23-06 - Lebanese see scant hope in peacekeepers Youssef, the Naqoura resident, said peacekeepers would be "welcome - as long as they don't try to disarm Hezbollah."

08-23-06 - Max Boot: Israel Should Hit Syria First Shlomo Avineri, a former director-general of Israel's Foreign Ministry, argues that his country fought the wrong war: Instead of targeting Lebanon, it should have gone after Syria. The Syrian armed forces are less motivated than Hezbollah, and they offer many more targets for Israeli airpower.
Max Boot = neocon.

08-23-06 - WFP revises down Lebanon appeal target

08-23-06 - Israel rejects Amnesty's war crimes allegations Naturally since the Israeli government feels it is above the law - and because of our government, they get away with it. Won't last forever.

08-23-06 - Iran wants Italy as go-between on soldiers Iran wants Italy to help negotiate the release of two Israeli soldiers kidnapped in Lebanon.

08-23-06 - A Lebanese boy stands in his parents' house, which was damaged during the recent conflict

08-23-06 - Lebanon stresses sovereignty in Syrian border issue "I have heard the remarks of the Syrian president and I respect his opinion but Lebanon acts with all means at her disposition to preserve her sovereignty, her independence and her interests," Siniora told a press conference.

08-23-06 - UN calls for new ME peace effort Declaring that the Middle East peace process has reached "a sorry juncture," the UN political chief called for a new international effort to settle decades of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese.

08-23-06 - N. Texas men allege racial profiling They're Palestinian. And any Palestinian in this country should rightly feel concerned, since most of these 'terror' arrests seem to be targeting them. Why is THAT?

08-23-06 - New ruling in AIPAC case raises questions about 'foreign agents' Ruling on whether a wiretap order was legal, Judge T.S. Ellis III said there was "ample probable cause to believe" that two former employees of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee were "agents of a foreign power." ..........Forcing AIPAC to register under the act, which has notoriously burdensome reporting requirements, would considerably restrict the group's ability to lobby and maintain its formidable reputation for secrecy. AIPAC IS a foreign agent and should register as such - something it is very much afraid of doing. "Reputation for secrecy"? Why is that? GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE?

08-23-06 - Reservists: Lebanese POWs were kept in bus for 4 days Five Lebanese citizens, including two elderly men, were imprisoned for four days in a bus, reserve soldiers serving in the Military Police told Haaretz Monday.

08-23-06 - Israeli arrested for spying for Hezbollah An Israeli Arab living in the North was arrested on suspicion of spying for Hezbollah, Ha?aretz reported.

08-23-06 - Assad rejects Israel's demand for UN troops on Syria-Lebanon border Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday rejected Israeli demands for the deployment of international troops on the Lebanese-Syrian border to stop what Israel says is the smuggling of arms to Hezbollah.

08-23-06 - U.S. aids weapons-clearing effort The U.S. State Department plans to provide an emergency grant of $420,000 to help clear explosives remaining from the war in southern Lebanon. Again, we sent Israel these bombs knowing that Israel was targeting civilian infrastructure, and like many times in the past - the US, NOT ISRAEL, is cleaning it up.

08-23-06 - BMD Watch: U.S. Navy to double BMD ships By the end of 2006, the U.S. Navy will have a total of six warships capable of tracking and shooting down ballistic missiles, the Navy Times reported Friday.

08-23-06 - Israel flights challenge in court The British government is facing claims it "aided and abetted" violations of international law by allowing US arms flights to Israel to use UK airports.

08-23-06 - China denies Hezbollah arms export Sun Bigan, China's special envoy to the Middle East, was asked to respond to media reports which alleged Hezbollah used weapons from Iran, whose technology originally came from China....The Los Angeles Times reported that the US and Israel had launched a diplomatic effort to prevent other countries from helping rearm Hezbollah.

08-23-06 - LEBANON: Oil clean-up small comfort for fishermen Hundreds of Lebanese families depend on the fishing industry and comprise one of the poorest sections of society, according to Jamal Alameh, president of the Fishermen COOP in the Ouzaei fishing port, south of the capital.

08-23-06 - UK cleared of aiding Israeli 'terrorism' A high court judge today dismissed a legal bid by a Muslim group to block the use of UK airports by American planes to supply weapons to Israel as "hopeless" and "misconceived".

08-23-06 - Cabinet divided over audacious plan to challenge blockade

08-23-06 - Hope and anger fill Arab street in wake of Israel-Hezbollah war There is anger at Israel for laying waste to Lebanon and bombarding its civilians. There is anger at the United States for giving Israel a green light and providing it with weapons used to devastate Lebanon. And there is anger at Arab governments for standing by while Lebanon was being destroyed.

08-23-06 - U.S. Jews protest Israeli actions Jewish protesters in the United States held small "die-ins" against Israel's actions in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

08-23-06 - British group works for Israel's image A group aiming to improve Israel?s image in the British media is set to launch in September. Britains beware.

08-23-06 - Bloomberg protested in Ireland Protesters in Ireland demonstrated against visiting New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for supporting Israel?s war against Hezbollah.


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