The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, August 21, 2006

News for 08-20-06

08-20-06 - Iran vows to push on with nuclear fuel programme On the eve of a self-imposed deadline for responding to a Western offer of economic and technology incentives in return for a suspension of uranium enrichment by Iran, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said yesterday: "We won't suspend."....Iran underlined its determined stand by holding war games over the weekend, which included the televised launch of Saegheh ("lightning" in Farsi) short-range missiles. The moment (pretext) that the neocons have been waiting for.

08-20-06 - Lebanon sounds ceasefire warning Lebanon's defence minister says anyone firing rockets at Israel from the south will be considered a traitor and be firmly dealt with by the army.

08-20-06 - Half of terror plot suspects to be charged MORE than half of the 23 suspects being held over the alleged plot to blow up nine airliners over the Atlantic are expected to be charged with terrorist offences, senior police and Whitehall officials claimed this weekend.

08-20-06 - Israel defiant on Lebanon raid, prepares for 'next round' Defense Minister Amir Peretz said the Jewish state would examine mistakes that it made during the Lebanon war in preparation for the "next round" of war.

08-20-06 - Israeli officer: No solution for Nasrallah, he must die Israel intends to ensure that Hizbullah is not rearmed by Syria and to continue in her efforts to assassinate Hizbullah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah .

08-20-06 - Missiles may be next big threat to U.S. airliners The nation's airline industry is a shoulder-launched missile attack away from plunging into a financial tailspin, one that could trigger $1 trillion-plus in financial losses in this country.

08-20-06 - Israel's raid in the Bekaa Valley AFP said the men were dressed in Lebanese army uniforms. The unit was said to have been intercepted by Hezbollah guerrillas who questioned the men briefly. But when they responded in Arabic, the guerrillas were said to have become suspicious of their identity because of the men's accents.

08-20-06 - Iran complains about UN nuclear inspector The first diplomat said that while Iran's recent actions do not make the IAEA's job easier, it was "not a crisis because the IAEA can still do its inspections." "It would be a crisis if the agency were unable to verify (Iran's nuclear activities) and we are a long way from that," the diplomat said.

08-20-06 - Lebanon ceasefire under threat, UN warns France and other European nations have been reluctant to commit substantial contingents to the international force, which is supposed to total 15,000 troops, until its mission and rules of engagement are clarified. Wonder why Europeans are reluctant to send in their forces as peacekeepers. They would be human shields for Israel as it continues to violate the ceasefire. Why buy the cow (send in IDF forces) when you can get the milk for free (UN peacekeepers as buffer zone).

08-20-06 - Lebanese man charged with attempting to bomb German trains His fellow students described him as "completely normal", but they said he told them his brother was killed last month during an Israeli raid against Hizbollah in Lebanon.

08-20-06 - Anger as 'mob' forces Muslim men off aircraft Muslim leaders yesterday spoke of their dismay after a passenger mutiny in which several British families refused to travel on a plane with two Asian men.

08-20-06 - US extends credit line to Israel Bush administration agrees to extend by three-year loan guarantees for Israel given to Israel in 2003; Israel has used USD 4.9 billion of a total USD 9 billion That war on Lebanon sure cost us, ahem, I mean Israel a pretty penny, eh?

08-20-06 - Iran military exercises show danger of nuclear ambitions: US The neocons are reaching for straws. I believe these guys more than I believe a gaggle of neocons.

08-20-06 - Unexploded cluster bombs prompt fear and fury in returning refugees "We already had a major landmine problem from previous Israeli invasions, but this is far worse,"...Strolling through the village he pointed to yet another tiny black canister perched under a tree. "You see what America is sending us," he said bitterly. "This is their idea of democracy.".....The US halted cluster bomb exports to Israel in 1982 after indiscriminate use against civilians but rescinded the ban in 1988. Cluster bombs made in the USA.

08-20-06 - Military recruiters cited for misconduct A six-month Associated Press investigation found that more than 80 military recruiters were disciplined last year for sexual misconduct with potential enlistees. The cases occurred across all branches of the military and in all regions of the country.

08-20-06 - Lamont dines with deputy Israeli prime minister Lamont "is clearly committed to trying to figure out how as a senator he can be supportive of Israel and help to bring about a lasting peace in the region," In other words, Lamont is kissing the necessary Israeli arse to win the election.

08-20-06 - Shock and awe failed to destroy Hezbollah

08-20-06 - Police hit out at FBI over leaks Anti-terror police in Britain have made an angry request to their US counterparts asking them to stop leaking details of this month's suspected bomb plot over fears that it could jeopardise the chances of a successful prosecution and hamper the gathering of evidence. If I'm not mistaken, this has happened before - last year, perhaps.

08-20-06 - Lebanese ministry, Israel prevent oil-spill clean-up

08-20-06 - Israel and the US are still focused on the wrong issues While the American-Israeli effort to disarm Hizbullah aims mainly to protect Israel, the fact is that Hizbullah has developed its military capability primarily in response to a need to protect Lebanon from repeated Israeli attacks in the past four decades

08-20-06 - Jewish campus groups gear up for major Israel advocacy push "It's going to be very challenging, not like the past four years," says Jonathan Kessler, leadership development director at American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the main pro-Israel lobby in the United States.....AIPAC brought more than 350 pro-Israel student activists to Washington in late July for four days of advocacy training at the Saban National Political Leadership Training Seminar. The agenda was retooled at the last minute to focus on Israel's right to defend itself, and the students were urged to meet with their congressional representatives, pass pro-Israel resolutions in their student governments, circulate petitions and write Op-Ed pieces. Alert: major propaganda effort coming to a campus near you.

08-20-06 - Enforcing the ceasefire The risk now is that the UN, France and Germany may try to restrain Israel from any further action while Britain and the United States remain silent. Such an international split over the interpretation of the UN resolution will greatly weaken efforts to implement it, even if a force can be assembled. Unless the US is willing to restrain Israel from carrying out more raids, and make its view clear in public, it is unlikely other nations will want to expose their troops and the peacekeeping force may collapse through international inertia.

08-20-06 - 'British' night vision goggles found in Hezbollah command bunkers

08-20-06 - A broken statue of Virgin Mary is seen at the backyard of the St. Joseph's Christian Maronite church, moved there according to residents, from inside the church by Israeli forces

08-20-06 - Israeli jets fly over Lebanon after truce strained Witnesses and Lebanese security sources said high-altitude flights covered virtually all of the country, from its volatile south to close to the border with Syria in the north and east.

08-20-06 - Arab envoys urge Israel to lift Lebanon blockade

08-20-06 - Report: Blair feels let down by Bush The newspaper said the reported rift between London and Washington is based on British anger over Bush's handling of the "road map" to peace between Israel and the Palestinians, which Bush agreed to just before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Blair got suckered by Bush, and yet he still sucks up to him.

08-20-06 - Ordinary Iranians fearful as prospect of international sanctions looms closer With the fighting over in Lebanon, many here fear the world?s attention may now focus on Tehran ? and that international sanctions will be imposed if Iran does not suspend its nuclear research programme by the end of the month. Sanctions are a walk in the park compared to what Cheney and the neocons have in store for Iran.

08-20-06 - Jewish Greeks go Israeli: U.S. campuses gear up for fall "Greeks are able to mobilize for a cause better than any other group on campus," AEPi staffer Colin Sutker told some two dozen students during a workshop in Louisville. "Take that power," he urged the students, "and harness it for Israel advocacy." Everyone must be propagandized in America, even the college kids, by golly. It's like putting a bandaid over a crack in the Hoover dam.

08-20-06 - NYT: GOP deserts one of its own for Lieberman That's because Lieberman is a neocon, which automatically renders him an AIPAC favorite.

08-20-06 - Sweden blasted for donors conference The Simon Wiesenthal Center criticized Sweden for planning an international aid conference that would focus on Lebanon.

08-20-06 - Poll: Majority wants neutrality The Zogby International telephone survey, conducted Aug. 11-15, shows that 52 percent think the United States should remain neutral and 34 percent believe it should support Israel in its fight against Hezbollah forces. Interesting. The cyberarmy failed?

08-20-06 - Israeli calls Hezbollah war a victory The Israeli army's chief of staff declared Israel's war with Lebanon a victory.
But Cabinet members suggested the results were murky at best.

08-20-06 - Peacekeeping reinforcements arrive

08-20-06 - Israel warns of strengthening Iran-Hamas ties Shin Beth chief Yuval Diskin told the Cabinet that Iranian influence was growing with Gaza and that several tonnes of explosives and weapons had been smuggled into Gaza in recent months via the border with Egypt. ROFLMAO. So unbelievable it's comical.

08-20-06 - Washington Post rebukes writer for Katyusha allegation Ricks had already retreated from the remarks, telling JTA that all he was doing was repeating what analysts had told him. He learned later from other sources that the allegation was "bogus." Suurrre.

08-20-06 - Iran blasts Canada for remark "Canada's hands are smeared with the blood of the Palestinian and Lebanese people because of its support to this (Israeli) regime. By helping the Zionist regime, they are also responsible for this situation," foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi told reporters.

08-20-06 - Diaspora money heads North World Jewry is expected to contribute about $344 million to rehabilitating Israel?s northern towns and cities.

08-20-06 - Open door - The readers' editor on ... a sense of proportion in covering the Middle East An accusation of disproportion in the use of pictures, with particular reference to the image of the dead baby, was one of the elements in a complaint from the Israeli embassy in London. The British MSM, unlike their American counterparts, by and large, does not kowtow to Israel.


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