The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, August 24, 2006

News for 08-24-06

08-24-06 - 'Clear evidence' Iran is arming, training Iraqi extremists: US general

08-24-06 - World powers weigh Iran nuclear offer, US says it falls short World powers studied their options to Iran's response to their offer aimed at ending a nuclear crisis, and the United States warned it fell short of UN conditions to avoid sanctions.

08-24-06 - Amid ruin in Lebanon, families find aid

08-24-06 - US Marine call-up signals a long war It could also signify preparations for an impending attack on Iran.

08-24-06 - U.S air raid claims 8 lives in Afghanistan Eight civilians including a child were killed as the U.S. aircraft conducted air raid on a suspected hideout of Taliban-linked militants in Afghanistan's eastern Kunar province in early Thursday morning, according to a local official.

08-24-06 - U.S. warns Syria to observe arms embargo

08-24-06 - U.S. Spy Agencies Criticized On Iran Jamal Ware, spokesman for the House intelligence committee, said three staff members wrote the report, but he did not dispute that the principal author was Frederick Fleitz, a former CIA officer who had been a special assistant to John R. Bolton, the administration's former point man on Iran at the State Department. Bolton had been highly influential in the crafting of a tough policy that rejected talks with Tehran John Bolton, Israel's man at the UN.

08-24-06 - Group: US marching toward military draft

08-24-06 - Bush Ensured Iran Offer Bush's objective was to free the administration of the constraint of multilateral diplomacy. The administration evidently reckoned that, once the Iranians had rejected the formal offer from the P5+1, it would be free to take whatever actions it might choose, including a military strike against Iran.

08-24-06 - France boosts Lebanon peace force President Jacques Chirac has pledged an additional 1,600 French troops to the UN peacekeeping force in south Lebanon.

08-24-06 - Israel/Lebanon Deliberate destruction or "collateral damage"? Israeli attacks on civilian infrastructure

08-24-06 - EU countries under pressure for Lebanon troops

08-24-06 - Israelis keep civilians way in village At another house, a Star of David was spray-painted across an outer wall beside a slogan praising a Jewish sage. A skull and crossbones cardboard sign on the front steps warns people not to enter. It's unclear if Israelis wrote it, or if it was meant to point out unexploded ordnance. On an upper floor of Fares' house, family and marriage photos lay shredded. Fares said Israeli soldiers destroyed them. "Why?" he asked, holding a picture torn in two that showed him with his bride in her white wedding dress

08-24-06 - Washington takes aim at Iran as destabilizing force in Mideast ** One Washington analyst said Barbero's comments were part of a move by the US administration to prepare the US public for war on Iran. Iran is next in the Clean Break strategy imposed by the neocons onto the United States. See the related articles from today's and yesterday's (Neocon Watch) news about troop call-ups.

08-24-06 - Cluster bomb toll mounts as displaced return to south Lebanon Israeli cluster bombs dropped during a month-long blitz against Hezbollah in southern Lebanon are taking an increasing toll on civilians trying to return home more than a week after the fighting ended, the UN and rights groups say.

08-24-06 - Lebanon holds train bomb suspect A second suspect in last month's alleged plot to blow up German trains has been arrested in Lebanon, prosecutors in Germany say.

08-24-06 - Robert Fisk: Hizbollah's reconstruction of Lebanon is winning the loyalty of disaffected Shia Hizbollah has made it clear that it has no intention of disarming under the UN Security Council's 1701 ceasefire resolution and yesterday afternoon, Major-General Alain Pellegrini, the commander of the UN Interim Force in southern Lebanon - which the Americans and British are relying upon to seize the guerrilla army's weapons - personally confirmed to me at his headquarters in Naqoura that "the Israelis can't ask us to disarm Hizbollah".

08-24-06 - A weaker US hand in the Mideast Some specialists in the region say the brief but devastating Israel-Hizbullah war leaves the United States even more tarnished, particularly among moderate Arabs, because America was seen to be either ineffectual or snail-paced by design at stopping the fighting and destruction in southern Lebanon.

08-24-06 - Israel slams Amnesty International report on Lebanon conflict Israel's protests are for show. They (paragraph 21) deliberately targeted civilian infrastructure because they mistakenly believe that it will turn the public against Hizbullah. They do the (paragraph 3)same thing with the Palestinians - and it doesn't work there either.

08-24-06 - Lebanon plays down Israel-Syria dispute over troops Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, in an interview broadcast on Thursday, said the cabinet would have to discuss the matter but Lebanon had no intention of showing hostility towards Syria.

08-24-06 - Israel army chief admits failures

08-24-06 - Wasp bound for Lebanon The amphibious assault ship Wasp is set to begin an unscheduled ?surge? deployment to the waters off Lebanon, where its sailors will support the U.S. Embassy in Beirut and Pentagon-approved humanitarian assistance efforts. Message to our guys : watch your back!

08-24-06 - Annan plans Mideast trip to push Lebanon cease-fire

08-24-06 - Shebaa farmers present deeds in new hopes of reclaiming land After the 1967 war, Israel began to occupy their land, part of a 20-square-kilometer territory that rises from 400 to 2,000 meters in altitude, the farmers said.

08-24-06 - Syria: Israel should admit defeat Syria has called on Israel to acknowledge defeat against Hezbollah and seek a just peace settlement with Arabs based on trading land for peace.

08-24-06 - PA officials say Shalit's fate is in the hands of Syria

08-24-06 - US stands idly by applauding the despicable actions of Israel: Paper

08-24-06 - India cautious about joining UN force in Lebanon Given its commitment to the Palestinian cause and its stable ties with Israel, India has to be extremely cautious before making any troops commitment to the new force, official sources told IANS.

08-24-06 - Lebanese PM says army can patrol border Lebanon's prime minister sought Thursday to sidestep conflicting Israeli and Syrian demands over the deployment of international troops along his border with Syria, saying Lebanese soldiers already there pose no threat to the prickly Arab neighbor.

08-24-06 - US civil rights leader aims to broker Israeli prisoner swap On Tuesday Jackson, who has previously negotiated the release of US and foreign nationals being held in Cuba, Iraq and the former Yugoslavia, took up the case of the Israeli soldiers by speaking with Israeli and Syrian diplomats in Washington.

08-24-06 - Time To Change the Tune And that raises the third wild card: whether the current President Bush is willing and able to do what has to be done. Right now he?s torn between the pragmatists in his administration, who favor dialogue, and the ideologues, who insist on seeing the world in blacks and whites and are willing to keep fighting to the last Israeli. Bush's own instincts are with the ideologues, though he's shown himself capable of acting pragmatically when he sees the need. The 'ideologues' are neoconservatives, and none of their policies benefit America in any way - in fact, they've achieved just the opposite effect. They should be run right out of our government, in the very least.

08-24-06 - Embattled Liberal MP resigns critic post The Liberals? deputy foreign affairs critic has resigned after an uproar over his statements that Canada should negotiate directly with Lebanon?s Hezbollah, which is on Canada?s list of terrorist organizations.

08-24-06 - Cairo mocks Damascus over comments by Assad


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