The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

News for 08-15-06

08-15-06 - Iran rejects 'language of force' in nuclear standoff A top cleric warned that Iran would retaliate with ballistic missile strikes against Tel Aviv if it came under attack by the United States and Israel.

08-15-06 - Probe for links to Hamburg 9/11 cell THE probe into the alleged plot to blow up aircraft flying to the US from Britain is widening to include possible links to Germany and the plotters of the 9/11 terror attacks, as well as financial connections to Pakistan.

08-15-06 - UNICEF: Children at risk in Mideast "In July alone, 38 kids have been killed" in Gaza, Bociurkiw said. "This has almost been the highest number since the beginning of the intifada," or Palestinian uprising, in 2000. He said the toll included all children killed, including those by unexploded ordnance, but he did not have a breakdown.

08-15-06 - Returning, Lebanese find shattered homes and villages Ali Bakri, a local businessman who stayed, says that about 10 elderly people who were unable to leave had been killed when Israeli bombs flattened their homes.

08-15-06 - Lebanese youth stand on a banner in protest against the United States in the rubble of a building destroyed in Israeli bombardment

08-15-06 - Hard road back for displaced Lebanese In a televised address on Monday night, Hassan Nasrallah said the movement would put the same energy, planning and dedication into the reconstruction effort as it had into fighting the Israelis. He said Hezbollah would pay for the rebuilding of the 15,000 homes it estimates have been totally destroyed, and in the meantime, would pay for the homeless to rent properties for a year.

08-15-06 - UN aims for advance Lebanon force BBC diplomatic correspondent Bridget Kendall, at the UN in New York, says there is clearly concern at the apparent reluctance by so many countries to sign up. Who can blame them? Israel killed those UNIFIL officials despite repeated contacts between them and Israeli officials to stop firing on the marked UN post.

08-15-06 - Olmert's War, and the Next One by Patrick J. Buchanan With our War Party discredited by the failed policies it cheered on in Lebanon and Iraq, there will come a clamor that Bush must "go to the source" of all our difficulty ? Iran. Only thus can the War Party redeem itself for having pushed us and Israel into two unnecessary and ruinous wars. And the drumbeat for war on Iran has already begun....Bush is on notice from the neocons and War Party that have all but destroyed his presidency: Either you take down Iran, Mr. Bush, or you are a failed president. See my previous post about the next war: Iran.

08-15-06 - "The US and Israel Stand Alone" Former US president Jimmy Carter: "I don't think that Israel has any legal or moral justification for their massive bombing of the entire nation of Lebanon."

08-15-06 - Israeli forces kill Hezbollah leader Israel's military officials also made a first gesture at possible post-conflict negotiations. They said 13 Hezbollah prisoners and the bodies of dozens of guerrillas could be offered in exchange for two captive soldiers, who were taken in a cross-border raid July 12 that touched off the worse Arab-Israel battles in 24 years.
Israel took the bodies of Hezbollah men to use as bargaining chips.

08-15-06 - Fragile truce holds as Israelis withdraw All Israeli troops are expected to have moved out of southern Lebanon by the start of next week at the earliest, although other estimates suggest a two-week withdrawal.

08-15-06 - Lebanese villagers return to corpses, devastation

08-15-06 - A Defiant Hezbollah Rises From the Rubble Nasrallah scoffed at the idea that the "resistance" should lay down its guns in order to build a strong Lebanon. It should be the other way around, he argued. "First you have to build a strong, capable, just and secure country for all Lebanese, so that you can tell the people, 'We can protect your dignity and honor, and there is no need for the weapons of the resistance,' " he said.

08-15-06 - 9/11 Detainee Released After Nearly Five Years First they came for the Arabs, but I did not speak up because I am not Arab...

08-15-06 - Hizbullah doesn't speak for Lebanon As a Palestinian, an American, and a rational being, I can confidently say that the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, which occurs in violation of numerous UN resolutions and is upheld through gross human rights abuses, is now, and has always been, the root cause of conflict between Israel and Hizbullah

08-15-06 - Lebanese anger at both US, Hizbullah grows after truce

08-15-06 - Hizbullah shifts focus from war front to home front Even critics of Hizbullah in Lebanon often say they respect the group's integrity, efficiency, and commitment to helping its followers. Nasrallah promised to pay a year's rent for those with destroyed homes, saying Monday night that "we can't wait for the government."

08-15-06 - Aid diary: The rush for home A little girl says: "I want to go back to my toys and see my friends again."

08-15-06 - Rebuilding Lebanon's shattered economy Well we know who WON'T be helping to do that. The world is expected to clean up another one of Israel's messes.

08-15-06 - Iran and Syria applaud 'victory'

08-15-06 - Iran displays Holocaust cartoons Organisers of the exhibition say they are testing the West's commitment to freedom of speech.

08-15-06 - Bush Defends U.S. Handling of Lebanese Conflict, Asserting That Hezbollah Is the Loser Mr. Bush spoke as he and his advisers sought to portray the cease-fire deal that was established under a United Nations Security Council resolution as an affirmation of American foreign policy.

08-15-06 - Israeli military chief draws fire for selling shares after soldiers' kidnap Dan Halutz, head of the Israel Defence Force (IDF), was reported by the Israeli newspaper, Maariv, to have instructed his investment manager on 12 July to sell his personal portfolio, just as senior military and political figures were discussing the military response to the raid, in which two soldiers were abducted.

08-15-06 - 'Blame war' looms for Israel leaders

08-15-06 - Livni heads to New York Israel?s foreign minister was scheduled to travel to New York to lobby for Israel?s interests in the Israel-Hezbollah cease-fire.

08-15-06 - Arabs predict guns won't be silent long in Lebanon "The war in Lebanon may stop, but I doubt it, for never in history has Israel respected a single resolution issued by the Security Council,"...."This resolution was an expensive gift for Israel from America and France via the U.N.," he wrote. "It gives Israel permission to play with Lebanon and attack it again."

08-15-06 - US blacklists two Syrian spy chiefs linked to Lebanon The US Treasury blacklisted two senior Syrian intelligence officials, accusing them of sponsoring terrorism and destabilizing Lebanon. Destabilizing Lebanon? What kind of sick joke is that? Israel just DESTROYED large parts of Lebanon. Hypocrisy.

08-15-06 - Lebanon pact disappoints U.S. As it became clear that the Israelis were not going to wipe out Hezbollah, support in the White House shifted from the hard-liners, typically led by Vice President Dick Cheney, to the advocates for more diplomacy. Cheney runs the show in the Bush admin.

08-15-06 - "Star Wars" agency helps Israel on rocket threat The Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency has begun working with Israel to help find ways to counter enemy rockets, a much shorter-range threat than the "Star Wars" mission to block ballistic missiles for which is it known, the head of the agency said on Tuesday.

08-15-06 - A Lebanese who had left the country for Syria during the conflict between Israel and Hizbollah, returns with her family following the ceasefire

08-15-06 - Jackson seeks Mideast prisoner exchange On several occasions, Jackson has successfully intervened on behalf of Americans and others held hostage or prisoner in foreign lands

08-15-06 - Israeli defense chief talks peace Israel?s defense minister called for peace talks with Lebanon, the Palestinians and eventually Syria.

08-15-06 - Politicking over Israel: Jewish state becomes fodder in congressional war "I think it's a good thing to have members of Congress outdo their colleagues by showing that their pro-Israel credentials are stronger than the next guy's," said William Daroff, vice president of public policy at United Jewish Communities and a former Republican activist. America's interests never figure in.

08-15-06 - Americans Reject Peacekeeping Role in Lebanon Few adults in the United States believe their country should deploy soldiers to the Middle East

08-15-06 - Global donors to tackle Lebanon reconstruction Lebanon had been expecting its best tourism season for more than 30 years, exports were up 100% on the previous year and the economy had been expected to grow by 5%. The post-bombing projections are now for either zero or negative growth.

08-15-06 - Peretz: We should create conditions for talks with Syria Germany's foreign minister canceled a trip to Syria on Tuesday in protest over Assad's speech. Assad said that the United States' plan for a "new Middle East" has collapsed after what he described as Hezbollah's successes in fighting against Israel, and warned Israel to seek peace or risk defeat in the future.

08-15-06 - Benn family at odds over Middle East "While this slaughter was going on, with 1,000 people killed and a quarter of the Lebanese population homeless, we were not only supplying weapons ourselves to Israel, but we were making it possible through Scottish airports for the Americans to arm Israel with the weapons that were being used to kill the Lebanese. It was an absolute disgrace."

08-15-06 - Peres confident in cease-fire Shimon Peres said Israel would not use force against Hezbollah unless the militia used force against Israel.

08-15-06 - Israelis hack Ahmadinejad's blog Israeli bloggers claim to have overloaded website of Iranian president, causing it to crash

08-15-06 - Democrats dispute Bush assertion that Israel defeated Hezbollah

08-15-06 - Arab Americans to lobby Congress Arab Americans are slated to meet with congressional representatives to press for U.S. involvement to bolster the Israel-Hezbollah cease-fire.

08-15-06 - Derry Antiwar Activists Face Terrorism Charges The activists knew that, despite the line of the main parties, there is real anger in the town at the idea of software developed in Derry helping to murder people in Lebanon and Gaza.

08-15-06 - Lebanon war cost Israel $1.6bn However, the total bill is unlikely to exceed the approximately $2.5bn Israel receives each year in aid from the US - $2.2bn of that in military grants.

08-15-06 - Blair's Middle East policy has driven me to return my MBE

08-15-06 - Did Cheney Go Too Far? Voters who supported Lamont's antiwar campaign in the Democratic primary were giving "the Al Qaeda types" exactly what they wanted, Cheney said. And as a result the Democratic Party, he asserted, now stands for a wholesale retreat in the broader campaign against terror. Lieberman is a neocon, and Cheney seems to love them - his office teems with them.

08-15-06 - Muslim groups decry cell-phone arrests


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