The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, April 22, 2007

News for 04-21-07

04-21-07 - Soldier forced to leave dying mother for war

04-21-07 - Iran: West should build nuclear plants An Iranian official invited Western nations Friday to help build nuclear power plants across Iran, reiterating his country's insistence on pursuing an atomic program as a European official said the two sides had agreed to discuss the standoff next week.

04-21-07 - Military grants immunity to 7 Marines in Haditha killings Military prosecutors have granted immunity to at least seven Marines connected to an attack that killed 24 Iraqi civilians in Haditha, the deadliest criminal case against U.S. troops in the Iraq war.

04-21-07 - US marines 'devalued Iraqi lives' The US Marine Corps fostered a climate that devalued Iraqi lives, a US general investigating the 2005 killing of Iraqi civilians in Haditha has said.

04-21-07 - Waxman threatens to subpoena Card, Rice Waxman wants to know what Rice knows about the administration's claim, later discredited, that Iraq sought uranium from Africa.

04-21-07 - Jordan seizes tape of royal's interview Ghassan Ben Jeddou, Al-Jazeera's bureau chief in Beirut, Lebanon, interviewed Prince Hassan in Amman. On the tape, the journalist said the prince had also cited U.S. reports that a national security adviser in Saudi Arabia was financing Sunni militants to fight the Iranian-backed militant group Hezbollah, which is based in Lebanon.

04-21-07 - Iran signs major gas deal with Austria's OMV: reports

04-21-07 - Senior IDF officer confirms Iran training militants in Gaza Galant said he believes a large number of Iranian terror experts are operating in the Gaza Strip, receiving know-how, money and equipment from abroad, mainly from Iran, to carry out attacks on Israel. Beware- more Zionist BS headed our way.

04-21-07 - EU sees no urgency on Iraqi refugees European Union nations said Friday there was no urgent need to accept more Iraqi refugees, agreeing only to consider sending more humanitarian aid to Syria and Jordan to take in Iraqis.

04-21-07 - Hitchens' Kurdish Sojourn Hitchens and his fellow neocons hail Kurdistan as a model for the rest of the region, and quite openly overlook its blemishes, knowing full well that its value - to them - lies in its status as a staging ground for the next round of wars in the Middle East

04-21-07 - Wolfowitz's girlfriend problem Despite this newest scandal, it would worry me if he exits the World Bank. Where will Bush put him next, is the question? Maybe it's best to keep him there.

04-21-07 - Wolfowitz skips appearance as bank board meets World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz canceled an appearance at a major health conference on Thursday as the bank's board prepared to discuss an escalating controversy over the promotion of his girlfriend

04-21-07 - Syrians march to mark the Arabs' detainee day Some 100 Syrians from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights marched Saturday to the office of the International Red Cross to mark the Arabs' Detainee Day.

04-21-07 - GIULIANI BANDWAGON BRANCHES OUT TO ISRAEL In some past elections, planeloads of Israelis with American citizenship have flown to the United States to vote. Should not be allowed. With Israel being the recipient of the most US foreign aid, clearly there is a direct conflict of interest.

04-21-07 - Charles Krauthammer takes rank hypocrisy to new lows On Wednesday -- less than 48 hours after the shootings -- the same Charles Krauthammer went on Fox News to explain why the Virginia Tech shootings and the killer's "manifesto" are connected to Al Jazeera, the Palestinians and other Muslim Enemies who dominate Krauthammer's political agenda

04-21-07 - WE HAVE THE SMOKING GUN! We have known for years that communications between the attacking Israeli jets and their headquarters were intercepted as the aircraft approached our ship. The Israeli pilots were clearly told by their controllers to find and quickly sink "the American ship" which was USS Liberty. Those communications were almost simultaneously translated and broadcast from a US Air Force C130 near the scene to an intelligence site at Crete where they were sent to Washington and to other stations as "Critical Intelligence," the fastest and most secure means available. Known as CRITICs, these reports routinely arrived in the White House, State Department and Pentagon within ten minutes or less.

04-21-07 - "America at a Crossroads" veers to the right One episode, a virtual infomercial for Richard Perle, a leading neoconservative theorist and architect of the Iraq war, is so laughably biased -- and so unbalanced by any film giving equal time to a corresponding perspective on the left -- that it taints the entire series Since when does PBS favor neocons? Since this individual and those like her stepped into the fold. As soon as these people (Israeli lobby) infiltrated the place, the BS starts. PBS was supposed to offer something a little different than the mainstream media. Turns out, it does not. It was a nice idea though. To be fair, what the author of this piece describes on page 3 regarding what SHOULD have been included in this series was in fact included in the series Lawrence of Arabia by PBS. It was a great series. PBS should rerun it sometime so that Americans get the truth as to what really happened to Palestine, and consequently what motivates such hatred of the US (due its support of Israel's colonial project in the region). Knowing the motivation for the attacks on the US does not justify the attacks. But not investigating the causes is like the police not investigating the motives for serious crimes. It has to be done, folks. There are those in this country that do not want you to know why. Here's my message to them.

04-21-07 - Israeli Giuliani groupies to bring votes The thousands of eligible absentee voters in Israel could have a significant impact on who will win the Republican and Democratic nominations. Should not be allowed.


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