The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, April 20, 2007

News for 04-19-07

04-19-07 - Congress Discusses KBR Abuse Lawmakers and the U.S. inspector general have accused KBR, formerly a division of Halliburton Co., which was once headed by Vice President Dick Cheney, of abusing federal rules in record-keeping on the current contract. Nearly $2 billion in overpricing on the contract has been identified by Pentagon auditors and government investigators, lawmakers said.

04-19-07 - Iran's latest nuclear work seen as only test-scale "The current feeding is at a very, very low level, only to condition the new centrifuges. No enriched product is being made now," said a Vienna-based diplomat close to the IAEA.

04-19-07 - Iran denies US claims on weapons in Afghanistan Iran on Thursday vehemently denied claims by a top US general that Iran has sent mortars and explosives to Afghanistan destined for the Taliban, Iranian media reported.

04-19-07 - Tehran denies holding missing ex-FBI agent

04-19-07 - Flight from U.S. dollar gathers strength The assault against the U.S. dollar intensifed yesterday as the greenback slumped to historic lows against currencies as diverse as the U.K. pound and the Polish zloty amid growing conviction among investors higher returns lie beyond U.S. borders.

04-19-07 - VA rejects proposed fixes for case backlog

04-19-07 - No plan to attack Iran, says US naval chief ** Admiral Michael Mullen, who is visiting Pakistan for talks with officials, said efforts were focused on a diplomatic solution to resolve the ongoing row over Tehran's nuclear programme. "There is no plan for an attack on Iran,"

04-19-07 - Russia hopes for U.S. understanding on missile shield The U.S. secretaries of state and defense are expected in Russia in the next few weeks to discuss a planned anti-missile defense system that Moscow sees as a threat, a Kremlin official said on Tuesday.

04-19-07 - US under fire for anti-Iran tactics John Bruton, the European Union ambassador to Washington, expressed concern on Thursday that Treasury officials touring Europe might be threatening European companies with application of extra-territorial US legislation.

04-19-07 - US warns Russia in line of fire of 'Iranian missile threat' US officials on Wednesday warned Moscow that it was in the line of fire of "the missile threat from Iran" and urged it to cooperate with plans to base a US missile defence system on Russia's doorstep.

04-19-07 - Bush draws up list of candidates to replace Wolfowitz

04-19-07 - Another Victim of the Anti-Neocon Revolution?

04-19-07 - CREW Chief on Fitzgerald and the Missing Emails Fitzgerald revealed that his investigative team "learned that not all email of the Office of the Vice President and the Executive Office of the President for certain time periods in 2003 was preserved through the normal archiving process on the White House computer system,"

04-19-07 - Unusual Trip to Iraq in ?03 for Wolfowitz Companion The Defense Department directed a private contractor in 2003 to hire Shaha Ali Riza, a World Bank employee and the companion of Paul D. Wolfowitz, then the deputy secretary of defense, to spend a month studying issues related to setting up a new government in Iraq, the contractor said Monday. The contractor, Science Applications International Corporation, or SAIC, said that it had been directed to hire Ms. Riza by the office of the under secretary for policy. The head of that office at the time was Douglas J. Feith, who reported to Mr. Wolfowitz

04-19-07 - INTERVIEW-Israel urges tough diplomacy this year on Iran ** There is still time this year to deal with Iran diplomatically to halt its nuclear program, but a military option may await if such pressure fails, Israel's envoy to the United States said on Wednesday.

04-19-07 - Elliott Abrams' Repeat Performance just as he worked with Reagan hardliners to undermine the Arias plan 20 years ago, so too he appears to be doing what he can to undermine recent efforts by Saudi King Abdullah to initiate an Arab-Israeli peace process and, for that matter, by Republican realists, and even Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, to push it forward.

04-19-07 - 'Miscalculation' could lead to Israel-Syria war: Olmert

04-19-07 - Is a Very Public Love Affair Headed for the Rocks? Olmert sang Bush's praises during a recent televised address to American pro-Israel activists, echoing the tune of his predecessor, Ariel Sharon. Both admired Bush most for his hands-off approach; they were satisfied that the administration was all talk and no action when it came to the Palestinian cause.

04-19-07 - Local women's caucus endorses Clinton's presidential bid . Ruskin spoke of the rising prominence of Jewish Republicans, whose strong voice within the current administration compensates for the relatively small percentage of Los Angeles' -- and the nation's -- Jewish vote.....She said she fears that as appealing as Illinois Sen. Barack Obama may appear, "people know his name is Barack Hussein Obama. Fair or not, those things matter when you get people in the booth."....As for national support, Ziman had been to the recent American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference and noted that many "believed she's the best for Israel."
That's strange, because I thought Clinton was campaigning to serve the AMERICAN people?

04-19-07 - U.S. presses Lebanon on Red Cross "Israel allows visitation rights by the ICRC to people who are identified as Lebanese that are in Israeli captivity," David Welch, the top State Department envoy to the Middle East, testified Wednesday in Congress, referring to the International Committee of the Red Cross. Thus does the US government continue to do Israel's bidding.

04-19-07 - Former Mossad chief not against taking out Ahmadinejad According to Amit, Israel's nuclear plant in Dimona provides a deterrent against Ahmadinejad's intentions. "I think that this will be the reason they don't attack us," he said.

04-19-07 - The victory won't be American A Shi'ite victory will also affect Israel's security. And we all know what that spells out for America, and the American military presence in Iraq.

04-19-07 - Hariri trial a bellwether of Mideast clout Hizbullah charges that the tribunal no longer represents international justice, but has become a political club wielded by the US to threaten Washington's enemies in Syria and Lebanon. "The Americans are pushing the political conflict in Lebanon," says Nawaf Mussawi, Hizbullah's foreign affairs adviser. "The Americans and Israelis are dreaming of pushing Lebanon into a civil war to beat us."

04-19-07 - Iran nuclear threat: What to do? ** As the wild ride known as the Bush Administration careens toward its end, the only question remaining is whether the president will order an attack on Iran.....Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) has been attacking the Bush administration for being too easy on Iran. Other Jewish members of Congress, and Israel's supporters, have been highly critical of the Iranian regime. There is clearly a Jewish constituency for a tough line with Iran, and the Bush administration knows that the Israel card is a powerful motivator. The neoconservatives, some of whom are Jewish hawks, seem hopeful that they can salvage their Iraq disaster with an Iran success.

04-19-07 - To Russia, With Hate The War Party targets the Kremlin

04-19-07 - America and Israel are asking the impossible of Arab diplomacy the United States voiced its disappointment with the Arab decision to limit the circle of exploratory talks until Israel makes a few concessions of its own and shows a modicum of good will. This criticism is especially ironic coming from the United States, which has adamantly refused to have any contact with Iran and Syria until they meet various conditions that Washington says are needed to regain the confidence of the international community.

04-19-07 - Le Pen courts Jewish vote Le Pen also said there is no proof that Tehran intends to develop military nuclear capacity. "And even if this is Tehran's intention, one can not prohibit Iran what its neighbors, Pakistan, India, Israel and China already have." Asked about President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's declarations that Israel should be destroyed, Le Pen answered, "He did not say how."

04-19-07 - Syrian president meets Putin's envoy on Mideast issues On the Palestinian issue, Muallem called for a lift of the unfair siege on the Palestinian people and support to the Palestinian national unity government to enable the Palestinians to restore their rights and establish their independent state

04-19-07 - We can sell, but you can't As always, Israel wants both to limit the supply of American armaments to countries that endanger it and to have the freedom to sell Israeli weapons to countries that directly endanger the United States - and indirectly, Israel too.


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