The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, April 15, 2007

News for 04-14-07

04-14-07 - US 'will keep Iranian detainees' The US is to continue holding five Iranians captured in Iraq despite protests from Tehran, US media said.

04-14-07 - Top Wolfowitz Postings Went to Iraq War Backers The fact that Wolfowitz also took with him to the Bank several key right-wing Republican aides -- none with any development experience -- who had worked closely with him on Iraq-related issues while he was at the Pentagon also bolstered that impression......There have been reports of elaborate off-the-record efforts on Wolfowitz's part, during his tenure at the Bank, to persuade prominent journalists that the administration's pre-war allegations of an operational link between Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda were indeed true. ....."I believe that Paul Wolfowitz has used his tenure in part to reward those governments and individuals who were particularly helpful to the U.S. in the Iraq War,"

04-14-07 - The Iranian connection: from Tehran to Baghdad "Our enemies try to say our leaders are hiding in Iran or that we depend on Iran or Hizbollah for support," said Mohammed Rabie Almejblie, a 26-year-old Sadrist militant in Wasit, southern Iraq. "But the Mahdi Army is a grassroots Iraqi movement that believes in the liberation from occupation forces. Solving these problems is for the Iraqis themselves." This story originates from the Independent Uk, and that's just odd.

04-14-07 - US Embassy is seized again to settle £270m 'compensation' order

04-14-07 - Palestinian camp children 'shoot' gloomy life in Lebanon The project has already achieved wonders. Through it, Mohamad, an 11-year-old boy at Rashidiyeh camp in southern Lebanon, has been able to overcome his fear and roll out of his home in his wheelchair to take pictures. Mohamad lost both his legs in the explosion of a fragmentation bomb dropped by Israeli forces on southern Lebanon during the Jewish state's military offensive in July-August 2006.

04-14-07 - The comic tragedy of Paul Wolfowitz's many trials The real tragedy is to the American people for having been deceived into going to war with a nation that had not attacked us, was not planning to, and had nothing to do with 911 - and the fact that Wolfowitz hasn't been held accountable for THAT, nor is there any real effort to do so by anyone in our government. THAT is the tragedy here.

04-14-07 - Egypt and Armenia discuss Iran's nuclear programme "Their talks covered the Iranian nuclear issue, developments in the region and the Gulf. Armenia is particularly interested in the nuclear file since it shares its southern frontier with Iran,"

04-14-07 - European nations pile pressure on Wolfowitz

04-14-07 - Saudi king describes the Iranian nuclear program as new crisis, burden for the region

04-14-07 - Reading on the Right The two books, whose worldview and policy prescriptions are remarkably convergent, are the latest in a series read by Bush (not otherwise known as a bibliophile) and lavishly promoted by neoconservatives and their major media outlets.

04-14-07 - Cheney's Nemesis ** In the same week that Libby was convicted in a Washington courthouse, Seymour Hersh outlined the White House's secret plans for a possible invasion of Iran in The New Yorker. .....I think Bush wants to resolve the Iranian crisis. It may not be a crisis, but he wants to resolve it.

04-14-07 - Power politics: Cold War Two

04-14-07 - Russian official: Israel-Syria tensions might escalate into war As for the Iranian nuclear program, Ivanov said Russia would not allow the Islamic republic to arm itself with nuclear weapons. "A nuclear Iran would threaten Russia, too," he said.

04-14-07 - Kurdistan's Covert Back-Channels Michaels' team brought in dozens of Israeli combat veterans through the Turkish-Iraqi Kurdish border, traveling on Israeli passports whose details were duly noted by Ankara. Soon the Turkish government grew alarmed that Israeli military types were moving into northern Iraq, claiming to be agriculture advisers and the like

04-14-07 - FBI: Hizbullah avoiding attacks on US Fuentes described the FBI as having a "close relationship" with Israel when it comes to combating terrorism, adding that that was also true for the FBI's counterparts in neighboring countries.

04-14-07 - UN's 30-year quest for Lebanon peace Four unarmed observers - from Finland, Canada, Austria and China - were killed when the UN's observation post was bombed to smithereens by Israel at the height of last summer's fighting. Israel apologised, saying it was a mistake, but eight months on, UN personnel barely conceal their contempt.

04-14-07 - The men behind Israel's proxy war Together with his boss, Paul Wolfowitz, then deputy defence secretary, Douglas Feith was part of an influential group of pro-Israeli neo-conservatives in the Bush administration who exploited the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the US to campaign and plot the overthrow of Saddam Hussain.

04-14-07 - Walt, Mearsheimer walk back from Iraq claim Two professors who published a controversial paper on the "Israel lobby" appear to have walked back from their claim that pro-Israel voices were principally responsible for the Iraq war.

04-14-07 - Plans for New York Arabic school draw protests, 'jihad' labels This month, some parents have held protests. A headline in The Brooklyn Paper called the fight a "holy war."

04-14-07 - Damascus denies secret Israel peace talks "The statements and the ideas of the American-Syrian Ibrahim Suleiman do not reflect the point of view of Syria, which has repeated many times its refusal to undertake secret negotiations" with Israel, the official was quoted as saying.

04-14-07 - Dilemmas for aid policy in Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territories

04-14-07 - Guess Who Wants to "Micromanage" the President's Policy on Iran? the American Israel Public Affairs Committee - the same folks who lobbied to remove the provision against an illegal attack on Iran from the supplemental - is pushing to strengthen unilateral U.S. sanctions against Iran. Guess what their proposed legislation - H.R. 1400 and S. 970 - would do?


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