The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, April 19, 2007

News for 04-18-07

04-18-07 - Iran starts enrichment at Natanz site: IAEA A close observer of the IAEA said "enrichment has not really started. The centrifuges are running at low pressure," a first step to getting them up to speed.

04-18-07 - Iran hopes for more efforts to stabilize Iraq

04-18-07 - Wolfie's Piggy Bank by Patrick J. Buchanan Now, president of the World Bank is not your average sinecure. The job commands a munificent salary, tax free. Nor does it require Senate confirmation, where Wolfowitz might have had to explain his role in deceiving us into war.

04-18-07 - Signs point to Iran's "unhealthy" Afghan role: U.S. "We have been seeing a series of indicators that Iran is maybe getting more involved in an unhealthy way in Afghanistan,"

04-18-07 - Gates vows US will persevere with Baghdad crackdown "We have anticipated from the very beginning... that the insurgency and others would increase the violence to make the people of Iraq believe the plan is a failure," Gates said at a joint press conference with his Israeli counterpart Amir Peretz in Tel Aviv as he continued a regional tour.

04-18-07 - Call to End Wolfowitz?s Reign Goes Global

04-18-07 - Squeeze Play: Approach Tehran with Sticks, Not Carrots ** In short, all the key players in the Middle East -- Sunni, Shia, Israeli -- now have nuclear weapons at a moment when the simmering and, in some cases, quite open conflicts between the region's states, sects, and ethnicities are almost too numerous to count. If that situation sounds terrifying, it should.......Needless to say, a nuclear arms race in the Middle East would greatly increase the chances of war -- between Sunnis and Shia or between Israelis and Muslims -- through mistake or miscalculation. For this reason alone, we must prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.
Another genius that has failed to grasp the notion that America is NOT Israel. That's Dennis Ross (a pro-Israeli) writing for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy - AIPAC'S 'thinktank'.

04-18-07 - Rice Resists Testimony to House Panel on Niger Claim

04-18-07 - Dems Divided over Webb?s Proposal Requiring Approval for Attacking Iran ** The reversal quieted some Democrats? concerns that reining in Bush on Iran could endanger Israel?s security in the Middle East.

04-18-07 - Belgian Defense Minister: Israel must pay to clear cluster bombs in Lebanon

04-18-07 - Civil Rights on Campus The Civil Rights Commission's new Web site has already won praise from both the Zionist Organization of America and the Anti-Defamation League. The battle against anti-Israel sentiment on campus will be a long struggle and not an easy one, for the tendencies are related to the anti-American sentiment that also all too often obtains among college professors This is from the NY Sun, a staunchly pro-Israel newspaper. Did you read between the lines here? This is an admission that these new efforts by the Civil Rights Comission to study anti-Semitism on campus are about ONE THING - the fight against critics of Israel. Be warned. Americans have EVERY RIGHT to criticize Israel. The Israeli lobby is seeking to take away your right to FREE SPEECH.

04-18-07 - US says Lebanon's Hezbollah still getting arms via Syria The council expressed its "serious concern at mounting information by Israel and another state" of arms smuggling across the border in violation of UN resolution 1701.

04-18-07 - Scheuer Corrects National Review, Weekly Standard If the administration needed a terrorism peg on which to hang the rest of its case for war, it had it in spades without the slightest need to even fabricate a tale about Saddam and Osama. Of course, Saddam?s Palestinian proteges only attacked Israelis, and it would hardly have been practical to leverage the Saddam-Palestinian relationship as a means of persuading American parents to spend the lives of their soldier-children to protect foreigners.

04-18-07 - Silencing New Voices t it's hard to avoid concluding the decision was also political, a pointed message from a well-heeled group of Jewish donors to an undersized publication with a small but important audience that the magazine was not propagating the right message in a crucial battle: the campus wars on Israel. ......."We had a conversation with a source with firsthand knowledge of Solelim's inner workings who told us there was some controversy over our coverage of Israel, that something was said at one meeting about how New Voices put quality journalism ahead of support for Israel,"

04-18-07 - Gates tries to ease Israeli concerns "I'm confident that the Russians would be very happy to sell weapons to countries in the region," he said. Gates said he affirmed the U.S. will continue to help Israel maintain its qualitative military edge, but did not say whether the Saudi deal would go through. Our government must get Israel's permission to sell weapons to Middle Eastern nations, among other things.

04-18-07 - Film explores Hollywood vilification of Arabs "I've watched over a 1,000 films and each one consists of hateful Arab stereotypes,"


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