The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, April 13, 2007

News for 04-12-07

04-12-07 - Flawed system may hurt disabled soldiers Scott suggested there could be an effort to keep costs down as the military rates the severity of soldiers' disabilities. He said the Pentagon "has strong incentive to assign ratings less than 30 percent" so the military won't have to pay disability benefits.

04-12-07 - Tehran's nuclear programme still in early stages, says UN "It has not been demonstrated until now that there are underground nuclear facilities in Iran working covertly, and Iran doesn't have the material to make a nuclear weapon."

04-12-07 - Turkish army demands incursion into Iraq

04-12-07 - Iran arrests 90 militants from shadowy Sunni group Iran has arrested 90 members of a shadowy Sunni militant group known as Jundallah accused of attacks in a volatile area on the border with Pakistan and Afghanistan, a press report said on Thursday.

04-12-07 - Musharraf threatens to quit coalition against terror He reiterated that lingering disputes in the Muslim world, including those of the Palestinian territories, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon had to be resolved to clamp down on extremism and terrorism.

04-12-07 - Cheney Daughter Rages Against Syria Cheney, who left the State Department on maternity leave in the spring of 2006, is known to be politically very close to her father and to some of the neo-conservatives, notably the vice president's national security adviser, John Hannah, and senior Middle East aide, David Wurmser, in his office.....Despite the fact that U.N. investigators have yet to submit their final report, Cheney all but accused Assad of responsibility not only for Hariri's assassination, but also for that of four other prominent Lebanese

04-12-07 - Germany Expands Economic Assistance to Syria Germany and Syria also agreed to cooperate in the area of renewable energies and energy efficiency, two industrial branches where Germany has been traditionally strong.

04-12-07 - Saudi comments on Iraq still a puzzle to U.S. Two weeks after long-time ally Saudi King Abdullah rebuked the United States for the Iraq war, the Bush administration still has not received a satisfactory explanation of the unusual public criticism.

04-12-07 - Weekly Standard: Bush has "near dictatorial power" But The Weekly Standard has an agenda single-mindedly focused on the Middle East and Muslims that outweighs everything else, and nothing can impede that agenda -- certainly not something as comparatively unimportant as the American constitutional framework.

04-12-07 - An interview with Rep. Ron Paul

04-12-07 - Leahy Doubts Bush Aides on Lost E-Mails

04-12-07 - China poses risk to key U.S. satellites: top general

04-12-07 - Ukraine President Yushchenko rejects US anti-missile system

04-12-07 - UN envoy on children says Israel broke international law in 2006 war in Lebanon A UN envoy for children in conflict said Thursday she had been horrified by the destruction of a Lebanese village besieged by Israeli troops last year, and that many of Israel's actions during the war against Hezbollah had violated international law.

04-12-07 - Awful Truth About Hillary, Barack, John... and Whitewash ** The Pentagon?s most likely next target is Iran.

04-12-07 - Wolfowitz says sorry for helping partner's career

04-12-07 - Wolfowitz Stamped Lover?s Pay Under the deal the Libyan-born Riza was also promoted and eventually seconded to the US state department, where US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reportedly earns less than she does.

04-12-07 - Some White House E-Mails on Fired Attorneys May be Lost

04-12-07 - Hagel?s Dilemma

04-12-07 - Holbrooke blasts Bush over Iraq refugees Former United Nations Ambassador Richard Holbrooke blasted the Bush administration Thursday for bringing too few refugees of the Iraq war into the United States.

04-12-07 - Bank staff asks Wolfowitz to resign The White House voiced its support for Wolfowitz

04-12-07 - Iran May Be The Greatest Crisis Of Modern Times **

04-12-07 - AMCHA files to join AIPAC case A Jewish organization has for the first time formally joined in a motion friendly to the defense of two former AIPAC staffers facing classified information leak charges.

04-12-07 - How different would a Hagelian foreign policy be? And so we must, the consensus continues, all be Tommy Franks: we must be ready to use force to defend not only Israel but also its occupation of Arab territories Like hell.

04-12-07 - The Israel lobby (AIPAC): a danger to the world THis is an incredibly well-made and put together video clip which really really makes me wonder why someone felt the need to insert an anti-Semitic diatribe by the Malaysian guy there, and then insert the text about 'the Jews rule the world by proxy'. Very odd, uncalled for, and unwelcome. And may even have been an attempt to lump criticism of this lobby in with genuine anti-Semitism; my guess. You see, having that BS at the beginning would appear to be geared toward having people do one of two things: a) not watching the rest of the clip. b) watching the rest of the clip but because of the anti-Semitic crap in the beginning, the subsequent genuine criticism of the Israeli lobby in the clip is thereby discredited. I wonder: did the person that put this film together really include the anti-Semitic stuff, or did someone else insert it after the fact? I strongly believe the latter.

04-12-07 - U.S. defense chief to visit Israel Jerusalem hopes the trip will help put to rest a 2005 dispute caused by Israel's sale of advanced weaponry to China.

04-12-07 - Bush extends PLO office waiver Recent congressional action has sought to limit Bush's ability to waive laws dating back to the 1980s that ban such a presence.

04-12-07 - Americans, Israelis eye joint satellite project American and Israeli defense firms hope to team up in designing tactical military satellites. Israel wants us so intertwined and clusterf#$%ed with them that it would be impossible for us to ever extricate ourselves - which is the point.

04-12-07 - Albright Calls for Diplomacy in Iraq

04-12-07 - Is It Possible To Have A Frank Debate About Israel? Just because Israel is a democracy, has religious liberties and is usually sympathetic to our interests does not mean that her wars are America's wars. Yes it is true that Iran poses a vital threat to Israel, as does Hezbollah, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and scores of other radical Islamic groups. But those are her enemies, not ours. I stumbled upon this article because I saw a neocon whining about it. And anytime a neocon attacks a commentator or politician, you know that the truth got out somewhere.

04-12-07 - Beirut offer poses dilemma for Israel Aluf Benn of the newspaper Ha'aretz put it plainly about a year ago: "Israel could always do business with Arab dictators; (they were) a barrier protecting it from the rage of the 'Arab street.' That was the basis of the peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan (and with) Yasser Arafat and his heirs ? but those days are over. Henceforth Israel will have to factor into its foreign policy something it has always ignored - Arab public opinion."

04-12-07 - Sun-rise in New York Stoll had been reading a Harvard University working paper by professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer, of Harvard and the University of Chicago, respectively, titled "The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy." The barrage began with a piece by reporter Eli Lake, who contacted David Duke and then produced a page-one story announcing that the Walt-Mearsheimer paper was "winning praise from white supremacist David Duke." (That story was headlined "David Duke Claims to be Vindicated by a Harvard Dean.") A few days later another Sun story insisted, with no evidence, that the two professors had "culled sections of the paper from neo-Nazi and other anti-Israel hate Web sites."

04-12-07 - Lebanon won't use children in conflict The U.N. envoy had earlier met with several NGOs working with Palestinian families and children in Lebanon, who apparently complained to her that restricted adult access to employment and poor educational and health facilities in the camps have trapped the Palestinian children in an environment where violence and abuse were more likely to occur.

04-12-07 - Unofficial mediator calls on Israel to begin peace talks with Syria Syrian-American businessman Ibrahim Soliman met with the Knesset (Parliament)'s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee members on Thursday, and made an impassioned appeal for the two countries to restart peace talks, according to local Israeli daily Ha'aretz.

04-12-07 - Gulf states have right to nuclear energy: UN atomic chief The head of the UN atomic watchdog said on Thursday that the oil-rich Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has the right to develop nuclear energy for peaceful ends.

04-12-07 - Robobugs set to spy for Pentagon


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