The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, April 15, 2007

News for 04-15-07

04-15-07 - Returning troops face obstacles to care

04-15-07 - Iran seeks bids for two new nuclear plants

04-15-07 - Iraq reacts sharply to Turkish incursion threat

04-15-07 - Conflict with Iran 'not desirable', 'not inevitable': US ** Diplomacy must be given time to work in the West's stand-off with Iran over its controversial nuclear programme, the US undersecretary of state for political affairs said on Thursday, adding that conflict with Iran was not "desirable" or "inevitable."

04-15-07 - 40 Afghan civilians killed or wounded by US marines The US military has reportedly determined that more than 40 Afghan civilians were killed or wounded by US marines after a suicide bombing in a village near Jalalabad last month.

04-15-07 - Bush Administration Threatens Veto of Secret Prison Measure Administration officials will advise President George W. Bush to veto legislation requiring him to provide lawmakers with details of the CIA's secret prisons for terrorism suspects, a White House statement said.

04-15-07 - Missing American feared a victim of 'dirty war' Just why Robert Levinson, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and now private investigator, should venture into Iran to meet a American fugitive wanted for murder in the US remains a mystery that the highest Bush administration authorities are trying to unravel.

04-15-07 - Gates: Use Navy, Air Force money to fund war If Congress approved the money shift, the Air Force and Navy could have to delay reassignment moves, withhold or reduce bonuses and incentive pays, and delay promotions so the Army could continuing carrying out military operations, congressional aides said. How dire the situation might get would depend on when and if the money is replaced.

04-15-07 - Fugitive says he met missing ex-FBI agent

04-15-07 - Wolfowitz's fate to be decided by ministers

04-15-07 - Conspiracy, Collusion, War Well, the conspirators are nigh onto doing it again, getting Congress, the mainstream media and most Americans to totally disregard the null findings of Director-General ElBaradei in Iran.

04-15-07 - Wolfowitz Fight Has Subplot Over time, Mr. Wolfowitz created an impression that at critical moments he was putting American foreign policy interests first, most notably when he suspended a program in Uzbekistan after the country denied landing rights to American military aircraft, and directed huge amounts of aid to the countries he once recruited to sign on to Washington?s counterterrorism agenda.

04-15-07 - Nebraska congressmen to travel to Iraq despite bombing Hagel, a Republican and outspoken critic of President Bush's strategy, plans to meet with civilian Iraqi leaders, U.S. commander Gen. David Petraeus, and Nebraska soldiers

04-15-07 - Libby goes through Appeals Court Former White House aide, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, says he no longer plans to ask for a new trial in the CIA leak case but still expects to appeal his conviction.

04-15-07 - U.S. should be wary of offending its biggest lender - China Is it risky for a big borrower to offend its largest lender? China, which is the subject of increasing protectionist pressures in the United States, is not only the largest contributor to the large American trade deficit. It is also the largest lender to the United States.

04-15-07 - Cheney hasn't called Libby since trial "I just - I haven't had occasion to do that,"

04-15-07 - IRAQ: Palestinian refugees hold border protest Hundreds of Palestinian refugees who are stranded on the Iraq-Syria border have staged an open sit-in since 12 April to draw international attention to what they say is their ongoing suffering.

04-15-07 - Bad Options on Iran By Mortimer B. Zuckerman Only the United States has the will and the capacity to constrain Iran. .....The critical moment will arrive when this or the next president's national security adviser walks into the Oval Office with credible intelligence that a radical Tehran is at the point of getting the bomb and only military action will stop it. Then the crisis will escalate no matter what the president's decision will be. Time is not on our side. Whaddya know. Another Israel-firster in the MSM attempts to make Israel's problem our problem.

04-15-07 - FACTBOX-Iraqi exodus worsens Mideast refugee problem

04-15-07 - ElBaradei urges Israel, Iran to join nuclear-free Mideast

04-15-07 - Chavez backs Iran in nuclear dispute

04-15-07 - A Paradigm Shift: America as Proxy ** While Iran's prime objective is to discourage an American military assault against it, Israel seeks regional hegemony, where it is left only with "moderate" neighbours. According to this vision, conceived and promoted publicly by Israeli leaders and their friends in Washington and emphasised to the point of boring repetition by every relevant US official at every possible opportunity, the Iranian "threat" must be eradicated at any cost..... Israel is still cheering for war. Former director of Mossad, Uzi Arad, told the British Guardian that, "A military strike may be easier than you think." He outlined what targets were to be bombed -- not just nuclear, but security and economic centres

04-15-07 - FEATURE-Soros adds voice to debate over Israel lobby Former President Jimmy Carter's book "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid" shot up the bestseller lists after its publication last November, stayed there for more than three months and is still selling well.

It had an initial print run of 300,000 copies and there are now 485,000 copies in print, said Victoria Meyer, a spokeswoman for Simon and Schuster.


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