The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, February 25, 2007

News for 02-24-07

02-24-07 - Iran ready for anything in nuclear dispute ** "We do not see America in a position to impose another crisis on its tax-payers ... by starting another war in the Middle East," Mottaki said.

02-24-07 - Iranian envoy blasts U.S., U.K., Israel Iran's deputy U.N. ambassador Mehdi Danesh Yazdi told the U.N. Security Council Friday that his country has an "inalienable right" to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes and would not "give in to the pressures emanating from groundless and unsubstantiated allegations and ulterior political motives."

02-24-07 - Iran kills 17 rebels close to Turkey border

02-24-07 - Israel denies seeking US go-ahead for Iran strike **

02-24-07 - Dick Cheney: Iran Not Making Nukes

02-24-07 - Dark Clouds Over the White House Patrick J. Fitzgerald lets the cat out of the bag

02-24-07 - Sen. Sununu speaks on Iraq; Bush policy on war; upcoming election Sununu did not dispute corruption exists in both Israeli and Palestinian governments, but made clear: "Corruption is horrible, but that doesn't mean that two parties can't come to an agreement on things like borders and security and have that agreement hold."

02-24-07 - US rejects ban on cluster bombs


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