The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, February 15, 2007

News for 02-14-07

02-14-07 - Al-Qa'ida group blamed for bus bomb attack on Iranian guards

02-14-07 - Bush backs off key charge against Iran ** US President George W. Bush said he was unsure whether top Iranian leaders were behind arms shipments to anti-US fighters in Iraq, undercutting a volatile US charge levelled just days ago.

02-14-07 - Iraq plays down Sadr's 'short visit' to Iran Sadr will be back in Iraq soon, said Sami al-Askari Thursday, an aide to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, confirming a disputed claim by the US military but criticizing the Americans for stirring up controversy.

02-14-07 - Iran official hints at halting atomic work: paper

02-14-07 - Bush: Iran is source of deadly weapons **

02-14-07 - Russia expects U.S. flexibility on Iran as on N.Korea "I would like to note the efforts by the American side (which) made compromise steps toward Pyongyang and unblocked the six-party process," Lavrov told journalists. "(I) would like to see the same flexibility, a sensible flexibility ... with regards to Iran's nuclear program."

02-14-07 - For Neocons, an Attack on Iran Has Been a Six-Year Project ** While the Iraq war was publicly founded upon questionable sources, much of the buildup to Iran has been entirely covert, using non-government assets and foreign instruments of influence to conduct disinformation campaigns, plant intelligence and commit acts of violence via proxy groups

02-14-07 - Unilateral force has nothing to do with global democracy by Vladimir Putin

02-14-07 - Does Putin not have a point? By Patrick J. Buchanan

02-14-07 - Top Cheney Aide: 2007 Is ?The Year Of Iran,? U.S. Attack ?A Real Possibility? ** John Hannah?s comments about Iran should be taken seriously. He knows how to mislead a nation into war.

02-14-07 - US Briefing on Iran Discredits the Official Line ** Although it was clearly not the intention, moreover, the briefing revealed for the first time that the Iranians and Iraqis detained by U.S. forces in recent months did not provide any evidence implicating either the Iranian government or the Islamic Revolutionary Guards in the acquisition of armour-piercing explosive devices and other weapons by Iraqi Shiite groups.

02-14-07 - Iraq Shi'ites fear getting snared in Iran-U.S. spat

02-14-07 - Five UK soldiers cleared over Iraqi civilian's death It was the latest in a series of trials over allegations of abuse in Iraq, including killing of detainees, to have led to acquittals

02-14-07 - Don't seek revenge, Iran cleric tells Iraq Shi'ites Iraq's Shi'ites say they were oppressed for decades under the Baathist rule of Sunni former president Saddam Hussein, whose regime was replaced by a Shi'ite-led government after the 2003 U.S.-led war.

02-14-07 - Sunni rebels claim deadly terror attack in Iran Though accused by the United States of sponsoring terrorism, Iran has not been immune to terrorist attacks.

02-14-07 - Outside View: Risks of war with Iran **

02-14-07 - Iran envoy Larijani visits Saudi for nuclear talks Iran's official IRNA news agency quoted sources in Saudi Arabia as saying the aim of the visit was "to exchange views over Iran's nuclear issue and the recent changes in the region."

02-14-07 - PM visit to Turkey to focus on reining in Iran nukes program

02-14-07 - Before the Invasion, There Was Feith why did the president raise Feith?s analysis over that of the government?s lavishly funded intelligence agencies? That is the basic question, and one that truth-diggers such as Levin eventually may be able to answer.

02-14-07 - Statement on the Iraq War Resolution by RON PAUL

02-14-07 - Radio Station Cries 'Enough' -- Won't Quote From Certain News Stories Relying on Unnamed Officials After the latest widely-publicized stories in national newspapers about weapons from Iran allegedly killing Americans in Iraq -- based completely on unnamed sources -- at least one smaller news outlet has had enough of it.

02-14-07 - Poll: Americans want complete withdrawal from Iraq within 2 years

02-14-07 - Libby's Fate in Jury's Hands Next Week

02-14-07 - 'Reality' of Holocaust can't justify oppression of Palestinians: Iranian diplomat A high-ranking Iranian official acknowledged Wednesday the "reality" of the Holocaust, unlike President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but said it should not be used to justify the repression of the Palestinians.

02-14-07 - Ex-aide says Rice misled Congress on Iran Leverett said Powell, in a conversation about the Iranian proposal, told him he "couldn't sell it at the White House." This was evidence it had been discussed there, he said.

02-14-07 - Libby Believes NBC News Could Clear Him

02-14-07 - Journalists Testify That Libby Never Mentioned CIA Officer

02-14-07 - Intelligence on the NIE NIo: What would be your own intelligence estimate of the threat that Al-Qaeda poses today? MS: I think it?s probably worse then it was on 9/11. Not necessarily because they?re stronger, simply because we?ve done nothing to defend the United States.

02-14-07 - UN welcomes US Iraq refugee plan The US move has been prompted by criticism over the number it has taken in so far.

02-14-07 - Military Accepting More Recruits With Criminal Records Defense Department statistics show that the number of Army and Marine recruits needing waivers for felonies and serious misdemeanors, including minor drug offenses, has grown since 2003. Some recruits may get more than one waiver.

02-14-07 - Thousands rally in Lebanon in memory of Hariri

02-14-07 - Chirac leans toward Iran to protect French UN troops According to reports, Chirac proposed sending a special envoy to Tehran to reach understandings that would protect the French soldiers serving in in the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

02-14-07 - Media fall for pro-Israel hate group's "Terror Free Oil" It takes only moments to discover that TFO spokesman Joe Kaufman is founder of a group called "Americans Against Hate," whose main agenda appears to be support for the Israeli extremist right

02-14-07 - Israel, Turkey have to do some deep thinking It is clear that Israel feels deep interest in the Iraqi Kurdish region but does not even attempt to forge direct links not to offend Turkey.

02-14-07 - Obama Set For Big Jewish Push That includes the recruitment of top Jewish donors and advisers, and an expected major speech on Israel and the Middle East that a Democratic insider said "will set the baseline and establish Sen. Obama as a reliable, strong supporter of Israel."
Pucker up, Obama, the pro-Israeli heiney is quivering with anticipation.

02-14-07 - The Covert War and Elevated Risks Israel is far from a passive victim of Iranian skullduggery, of course. It has been involved in these types of intelligence wars since the founding of the state -- and, if one counts the Jewish insurgent and terrorist attacks against British forces and Muslims in the 1930s and 1940s, even before

02-14-07 - Jewish groups back bias crimes bill U.S. Jewish groups are backing a proposed bill that would expand prosecution of hate crimes. There is some controversy over this bill as it relates to freedom of speech and how it will relate to criticism of Israel.

02-14-07 - A pair of honest politicians who deserve praise


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