The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Sunday, February 18, 2007

News for 02-17-07

02-17-07 - Photo exhibit bares wounds of U.S. troops in Iraq "It's important for the people of our country to understand the nature of the sacrifice being made. "These are mainly young people, mainly in their 20s, athletic, active people who have sustained a great loss and want to move on with their lives."

02-17-07 - Iran chases militants behind new bomb blast ** Local officials said the unrest bore suspicious hallmarks of involvement by the United States and Britain, reiterating previous allegations of Western trouble-making in the southeastern Sistuan-Baluchestan province.

02-17-07 - Top official: Iran needs nuclear fuel

02-17-07 - Report: Weapons used in attack in Zahedan, Iran come from U.S. ** Explosive devices and arsenals used in a terrorist attack in the southeastern Iranian city of Zahedan on Wednesday came from the United States, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Saturday.

02-17-07 - US Senate blocks vote on Iraq war The rare Saturday session followed a non-binding vote backing the resolution in the House of Representatives

02-17-07 - Field Day for Iranian Militarists as Standoff with US Continues

02-17-07 - New deadly chopper crash in Iran State radio reported that the helicopter involved in Saturday's crash was on its way to recover the wreckage of the chopper from the previous incident.

02-17-07 - Iranian Force, Focus of U.S., Still a Mystery

02-17-07 - US piles pressure on Iran as Rice flies into Baghdad

02-17-07 - US not seeking Iran showdown: Pentagon official ** "They seem to think that the removal of Saddam from power in Iraq and the absence of a regional counterweight provides them with the licence to expand their influence and presence throughout the Gulf."

02-17-07 - Auditors: Billions squandered in Iraq

02-17-07 - Rove Said to Have Received 2003 Iranian Proposal The revelation that Rove received a copy of the Iranian negotiating proposal within days of the receipt of the State Department makes it appear very unlikely that Rice was not immediately made aware of the document.

02-17-07 - Troop reduction in Iraq delayed after pressure from US Yielding to American pressure, Tony Blair will announce this week that a reduction of British troop levels in Iraq is to be delayed.

02-17-07 - Scrambling to Frame Iran

02-17-07 - Making Enemies - How Israel helped to create Hamas Indeed, according to former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Charles Freeman, Shin Bet?the Israeli counter-intelligence and internal security service?knowingly created Hamas: "Israel started Hamas. It was a project of Shin Bet, which had a feeling that they could use it to hem in the PLO."

02-17-07 - 14 nations accused of allowing CIA flights

02-17-07 - Iran: US Has Many Options

02-17-07 - Target Iran: The Truth About the White House's Plans for Regime Change by Scott Ritter

02-17-07 - Syria's Assad holds talks in Iran over Iraq Syrian President Bashar al-Assad discussed instability in Iraq and the crisis in Lebanon with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the start of a two-day visit to Iran on Saturday, the official IRNA news agency said.

02-17-07 - Israel's Bomb, Iran's Pursuit of the Bomb and U.S. War Preparations (Part Three) Israel's role in attempting to prod the U.S. to attack Iran has been considerable and is a major theme of Ritter's book.

02-17-07 - 'Made in Iran' isn't proof of complicity just as Bush is demanding that Iran stop providing weapons to Iraq, human rights groups are demanding that the United States cut off sales of cluster bombs to Israel. The reason: Since Israel's war with Hezbollah last summer, more than 30 Lebanese have been killed by previously unexploded "bomblets" that were dropped by Israel but manufactured in the United States.

02-17-07 - Saudis are not the solution, experts say Saudi leaders fear losing public legitimacy more than they fear Iran, said Schueftan. Therefore, even though solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would help them in their fight against Islamic extremism and Iran, they were unlikely to take the lead in bringing the Israelis and the Palestinians together, he said

02-17-07 - Explosion on Lebanese side of northern border No injuries reported, IDF estimates blast caused by old explosive device triggered by an animal


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