The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Monday, February 19, 2007

News for 02-18-07

02-18-07 - Iran denies lodging radical Iraqi cleric Iran has for the first time formally denied claims by Iraqi and US officials that radical Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr is in the Islamic republic, the ISNA news agency reports.

02-18-07 - Iran's elite guards to hold war games ** Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards will launch their second war games in a month on Monday, just days ahead of a U.N. deadline regarding Iran's nuclear program.

02-18-07 - The Forgotten Families Grandparents Raising Slain Soldiers' Children Are Denied A Government Benefit Intended to Sustain the Bereaved

02-18-07 - Lawmaker pleads with Rice to engage Syria A veteran Republican congressman pleaded on Friday for the United States to talk to Syria about easing the violence in Iraq and proposed former Secretary of State George Shultz as an envoy

02-18-07 - Iran flap exposes public skepticism of US intelligence, intentions President George W. Bush and his top aides had to admit by week's end that they did not know whether Iran's leaders knew that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was supplying Shiite militias with sophisticated bombs and training.

02-18-07 - Credibility, a Precious Trait ** The American people must be careful not to let this administration lead them into yet another war, this time with Iran, with the same kinds of deception it used to justify the Iraq War.

02-18-07 - Marine jailed over Iraqi murder Investigators said the soldiers dragged disabled Mr Awad from his home and killed him in Hamdaniya in April 2006.

02-18-07 - Iran bars Greenpeace ship from entering waters "Plans had been made to hold a press conference on board the group's ship the Rainbow Warrior in Bushehr, Iran, to present the results of research into different energy options for Iran which would allow it to meet its energy needs without recourse to nuclear power,"

02-18-07 - Iran's Khamenei says U.S. to lose in Mideast: TV

02-18-07 - Germany chides U.S. move on anti-missile shield "What the United States is doing can only be seen in Russia as a provocation," Kuhn said in an interview with the Saarbruecker Zeitung newspaper.

02-18-07 - Rice: World response to Iran not the same as Nazi appeasement Rice detailed the steps that Washington has taken to contain Iran

02-18-07 - Why Iran 'meddles' in Iraq Is Tehran's supposed involvement malign, or are its interests in the war legitimate?

02-18-07 - As Iraq divides into camps, a wave of resentment toward foreign Arabs Hit by violence from all sides, it is perhaps not surprising that many Shiite Muslim Arabs here have begun showing widespread suspicion of foreign Arabs, who are often from Sunni Muslim countries. Iraq's Shiite-led government is close to Iran, a non-Arab Shiite Muslim country.

02-18-07 - Documents show new secretive US prison program isolating Muslim, Middle Eastern prisoners the program appears to have been ordered and implemented by a senior official at the Department of Justice.

02-18-07 - US military planes criss-cross Europe using bogus call sign

02-18-07 - The Unwanted Refugees Of The Iraq War "I think the scale of the violence and the attacks on the Palestinian community make it absolutely unacceptable for them to return," sayd UNHCR's representative in Jordan, Robert Breen. No other Arab country has offered to take them in.

02-18-07 - Israeli Rightist Warns That Bush's Iraq Policy Could Hurt Effort To Combat Iran ** Despite tepid public support in America for another military venture in the Middle East, Eitam asserted that he sensed strong bipartisan support in Washington for using all available means to stop Iran?s nuclear program. Eitam noted that while American intelligence disagreed a year ago with Israel?s assessment that Iran was three to four years away from reaching a critical point, Washington now endorses Jerusalem?s estimates.....Eitam said that even if Israel were to carry out strikes on its own, it would need American support for refueling, as well as authorization to fly over Iraq and intelligence cooperation. "This is why I tell the Americans that they will be seen as being part of it anyway, which is why they should prepare accordingly,"

02-18-07 - From April 2006: America must take action against Iran: Israeli official

02-18-07 - American senators to visit Israel "We think that it is important that the members of the delegation feel the connection and understand Israel better. They are mostly non-Jewish and we want them to feel some obligation to the country," Obligation to the country? Which country were they elected to serve? is the question that should be asked here.

02-18-07 - Poll sees hope in West-Islam ties "Most people feel this is about political power and interests, not religion and culture," Neocons better dust off and trot out them there Mohammed cartoons again. Their propaganda efforts are not making the grade.

02-18-07 - Middle Eastern Reality Show Explores America


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