The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, February 22, 2007

News for 02-21-07

02-21-07 - US probes troops' neglect claims Washington has ordered a review of the way wounded US soldiers are cared for at military hospitals, following highly critical reports in the US media.

02-21-07 - Iran Sends Mixed Signals Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called on Western nations Tuesday to stop their own enrichment programs if they wanted his country to stop its own and return to negotiations.

02-21-07 - Officials: Iranian patrol boats probe Iraqi waters **

02-21-07 - US soldier admits murdering girl

02-21-07 - A top aide to Bush heads to Moscow after Putin criticism The trip by the adviser, Stephen Hadley, was planned weeks ago. But it now comes in the context of the harsh Russian words about the antimissile plan, the earlier stinging denunciation of U.S. policy by President Vladimir Putin, and the underlying Russian suggestion that a hidden American agenda is designed to expand its influence in Eastern Europe.

02-21-07 - Scooter Libby and World War III **

02-21-07 - Russia, U.S. at odds on Palestinians before meeting Russia called on Wednesday for an easing of pressure on the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority but the United States said an aid embargo must remain in place until the Palestinians meet conditions set out by western powers.

02-21-07 - Two 'Gators' deploy from Norfolk in two different directions ** The 1,000 sailors of the Saipan had just six weeks to get ready. The Captain said they're needed in the Arabian Gulf, where they could remain for four to six months.

02-21-07 - Rice slams Russian general over comments "I think everyone understands that with a growing Iranian missile threat, which is quite pronounced, that there need to be ways to deal with that problem,"

02-21-07 - US Navy denies reports of offensive military build-up in Gulf **

02-21-07 - Death toll from Iran bomb blast rises to 13 Zahedan, a dusty and restive border city, is the capital of Sistan-Baluchestan province which borders both Afghanistan and Pakistan and has been the centre of low-level unrest over the past months.

02-21-07 - Olmert calls for tougher Iran sanctions

02-21-07 - US wants tougher Iran sanctions Hey, where did I just hear that?...

02-21-07 - Viewpoint: Iranians speak out Four Iranians inside Iran respond to questions about their country's nuclear programme - and their president's handling of international concern surrounding it.

02-21-07 - States begin criticizing Iraq policy, too

02-21-07 - Why US is now turning to diplomacy After success with Libya and North Korea, the US is bringing its multilateral approach to Iran.

02-21-07 - Cheney: Thanks for Cutting and Running Vice President Dick Cheney, keeping as far from federal prosecutors as possible these days, arrived in Japan Wednesday to officially thank that country for supporting the Bush-Cheney administration's invasion and occupation of Iraq.

02-21-07 - The Libby-Cheney Connection If Libby is found guilty, investigators are likely to probe further to determine if Libby devised what they consider a cover story in an effort to shield Cheney

02-21-07 - Trial Spotlights Cheney?s Power as an Infighter

02-21-07 - Anti-American Feelings Soar as Muslim Society is Radicalised by War on Terror This poll skirted the Israel factor which is absolutely a key part of the animosity towards America.

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02-21-07 - Great rebuttal by CNN anchor against a Israel Spokeswomen Israel cares not for the lives of Arabs - be they civilian or otherwise. Never has. Recall that AFTER the incident in question of the video clip, that Israel fired 1 million cluster bomblets into Lebanese civilian areas knowing that a ceasefire was to be implemented in 3 days. The same Israeli spokeswoman can be seen during the last few minutes in this clip on this British news website trying to spin Israel's attack on Beit Hanoun which killed many civilians including children. It's pitiful.

02-21-07 - Lebanese army fire at Israeli planes The Israeli planes had "violated Lebanese sovereignty, posing a challenge to U.N. Resolution 1701," the spokesman said, referring to the Security Council resolution that ended Israel's 34-day war with Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon last August. What do you suppose Israel would do if the Lebanese (or any other nation in the region), routinely and in defiance of international law, flew over the country?

02-21-07 - Lantos calls for end to Jackson-Vanik It was imposed because of the Soviet Union?s emigration and human rights policies toward Jews.

02-21-07 - Hezbollah slams assets freeze A Hezbollah statement faxed to The Associated Press said the measure against Jihad al-Bina came because the company is "rebuilding areas destroyed by the brutal Zionist aggression last summer which occurred with a clear political, military and financial American support."

02-21-07 - As Democrats flex their muscles, groups array against Bush agenda Another area promising tension with the Bush administration is its drive to revive the Israel-Palestinian peace process. Pro-Israel and Jewish Democrats, backed by the pro-Israel lobby, often drive congressional Middle East policy, and they already have made clear their skepticism about Rice?s efforts. Note the source.


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