The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Friday, February 16, 2007

News for 02-15-07

02-15-07 - Giants meet to counter US power India, China and Russia account for 40 per cent of the world?s population, a fifth of its economy and more than half of its nuclear warheads. Now they appear to be forming a partnership to challenge the US-dominated world order that has prevailed since the end of the Cold War.

02-15-07 - U.N. Security Council condemns bus bombing in Iran The statement provoked a closed-door debate between the United States and Russia. As a result the statement was edited, extending condolences to the families of the victims and the Iranian people but not to the Tehran government, diplomats said.

02-15-07 - Pelosi: Bush lacks power to invade Iran ** "I do believe that Congress should assert itself, though, and make it very clear that there is no previous authority for the president, any president, to go into Iran."

02-15-07 - War with Iran? ** Today I'm running responses from independent analysts?experienced policy experts who study the Middle East. Tomorrow's responses will come from former members of the CIA, and on Thursday we'll wrap up with opinions from people working at major think tanks.

02-15-07 - Sadr aides deny cleric's Iraq departure There is disagreement over the whereabouts of the radical Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, with the United States saying he has left Iraq for Iran.

02-15-07 - Gates says U.S. not looking for excuse for Iran war ** "For the umpteenth time, we are not looking for an excuse to go to war with Iran," Gates said. "We are not planning a war with Iran." Right.

02-15-07 - Is the Bush Administration Lying About Iran? Leverett says Rice is lying. She's acknowledged the existence of the Iranian offer in previous interviews and discussed it with him personally. "She owes Congress an apology for saying she has never seen that document," he says.

02-15-07 - Murtha seeks to restrain action in Iran **

02-15-07 - Hell-Bent on War ** Yahoo is complicit in this campaign. If the AP - notoriously pro-Israel -has a story that fuels the propaganda effort for war on Iran, then Yahoo will give it front-page honors without fail.

02-15-07 - Olmert Urges Economic Sanctions for Iran "I believe that Turkey and many other countries will need to change their ties with Iran," he said in an interview with Turkey's Milliyet newspaper. Turkey buys natural gas from Iran.

02-15-07 - Backlash grows against free trade Not neocon-related, but important all the same. How does this free-trade policy affect us? But one example.

02-15-07 - Al Qaeda calls for attacks on oil facilities A Saudi Arabian terrorist group with ties to Al Qaeda has called for Muslims around the world to attack oil installations ? including those in Canada, Venezuela, and Mexico ? in order to stop the flow of oil to the United States.

02-15-07 - Is the Military Our Last Hope? There is absolutely no doubt that Bush-Cheney and the neoconservative nazis are planning revenge against General Pace. We can only hope the general does not have a wife who works for the CIA.

02-15-07 - US using Russia 'as threat' RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin accused the US of using Russia as a "threat" to secure funds from Congress for its military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan and for its anti-missile program in Europe.

02-15-07 - The Road Map to Despotism Over the six-month trial a parade of 80 witnesses, including 21 from Israel, attempted to brand the Florida professor as a terrorist.....The 94 charges against Al-Arian and his co-defendants resulted in no convictions. Hmm. Another failed trial that featured testimony by Israel agents.

02-15-07 - Senators introduce bill to restrict use of cluster munitions

02-15-07 - In pictures: Views from Beirut's southern suburbs Residents from the southern suburbs of Beirut give their views on the Lebanese government a day after the mass rally that marked the second anniversary of the killing of ex-PM Rafik Hariri

02-15-07 - Syria lashes out at Lebanese leaders Syrian state media has accused leaders of Lebanon's anti-Damascus parliament majority of being involved in a deadly bus bombing in a Christian village in which three people were killed.

02-15-07 - US anti-Iran documents on Iraq forged - Zarif Rose: I mean what is your own judgment? Does Tehran think the US is preparing for an attack against Iran? Unfortunately, I was only able to catch the last two minutes of that program.

02-15-07 - Hagel's insights inform government class Speaking to a false perception that there exists a religious basis for terrorism, Hagel said, "There is very little difference between a Palestinian Muslim family, an Israeli Jewish family and an American Christian family. We have more in common than we have in difference."...."A world that is peaceful, secure, stable and tolerant-If I had that kind of world, I'd take it," Hagel said. He cautioned, however, that he would "fight like hell" against attempts to take away civil liberties in the name of security. "History suggests that once you take them away, you don't get them back," he said.
Chuck Hagel for President.

02-15-07 - Olmert: Israel wants peace with Syria Visiting Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told reporters here Thursday that he is "happy" to make peace with Syria, but Damascus must stop supporting what he called "terrorism".

02-15-07 - From 2002: The Bushes and the Jews - Explaining the president's philo-Semitism. The source of the alleged Baker comment was Ed Koch - a staunch Israel-supporter.

02-15-07 - Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant An interesting story coming from a credible news outfit. What else do they do, mm? (Pay particular attention to what outfit applauded this action).

02-15-07 - Govt unlikely to recover Lebanese evacuation expenses The Federal Government spent more than $30 million evacuating Australians from Lebanon during the conflict with Israel last year, but says it is unlikely to get much of the money back


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