The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, February 24, 2007

News for 02-23-07

02-23-07 - Told to wait, a Marine dies

02-23-07 - American armada prepares to take on Iran ** The addition of a second aircraft carrier to its strike groups has fuelled the belief that America is gearing up for a fight with Iran. Not since the Iraq war in 2003 has America amassed so much fire power around the Gulf.

02-23-07 - Israel seeks all clear for Iran air strike ** Israel is negotiating with the United States for permission to fly over Iraq as part of a plan to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.....A senior Israeli defence official said negotiations were now underway between the two countries for the US-led coalition in Iraq to provide an "air corridor" in the event of the Israeli government deciding on unilateral military action to prevent Teheran developing nuclear weapons.

02-23-07 - Iran faces new sanctions over nuclear expansion ** some UN diplomats are not hopeful that Iran can be persuaded to give up its nuclear programme. One said that there was "a 60 per cent chance" of military strikes on Iran.

02-23-07 - Straying From the Script the briefing wound up raising new questions about whether the Bush administration is hyping intelligence about Iran in much the same way it did about Saddam Hussein?s regime in Iraq four years ago

02-23-07 - Cheney criticizes China's arms buildup

02-23-07 - Rice says Europe, Russia want Iran talks

02-23-07 - US keeps 'all options' open concerning Iran: Cheney **

02-23-07 - Cheney hints at Iran strike ** He has endorsed Republican senator John McCain's proposition that the only thing worse than a military confrontation with Iran would be a nuclear-armed Iran.....The visiting Vice-President said that he had no doubt Iran was striving to enrich uranium to the point where they could make nuclear weapons. And I have no doubts that Cheney is planning for an Iran attack (and has been doing so since at least Aug. 2005).

02-23-07 - Blair in talks with Bush to site US defence shield in Britain The siting of the weapons in Europe has led to a hostile reaction from Russia, causing fears of a new Cold War.

02-23-07 - Iran leader vows nuclear defiance Permanent UN Security Council members and Germany will meet on Monday to discuss further sanctions against Iran.

02-23-07 - Any U.S. strike might not destroy Iran nuclear sites **

02-23-07 - Rice Faces Formidable White House Foe Abrams' personal influence over Bush could not possibly match Rice's, but his bureaucratic skills and political connections -- notably to the so-called "Israel Lobby" of pro-Likud Jewish organisations and the Christian Right -- give him considerable clout. According to various sources, Abrams has been working systematically to undermine any prospect for serious negotiations designed to give substance to Rice's hopes -- and increasingly impatient demands by Saudi King Abdullah -- of offering the Palestinians a "political horizon" for a final settlement.....Abrams was an early protégé of Richard Perle, whom he first met, along with other prominent pro-Likud hard-liners, such as Feith, former U.N. Amb. Jeane Kirpatrick, and Weekly Standard editor William Kristol, while working in the offices of Washington State Sen. Henry "Scoop" Jackson....Badly damaged by his felony conviction for lying to Congress about his role in the Iran-Contra affair, Abrams, like many neo-cons, left government service under the decidedly "realist" administration of President George H.W. Bush
'felony conviction for lying to Congress'? Why is this man back in the US government? Because he's a darling of the neocons/AIPACers. Read the entire article.

02-23-07 - Speculation Rages: Is Iran Bush's Next Target? ** "I still believe, at the end of the day, that he will bomb the Iranian (nuclear) facilities," said Joshua Muravchik, a neoconservative scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a think tank with close ties to the Bush administration. Muravchik, who favors military action, sees Bush's current focus on diplomacy as a prelude to attack

02-23-07 - Democrats Seek to Repeal 2002 War Authorization

02-23-07 - Tougher sanctions against Iran are on the table

02-23-07 - No False Choices: Chuck Hagel's Foreign Policy Roadmap Bush should take advantage of Powell's loyalty and the respect that Powell still commands globally and make him the Middle East arm-twister. Elliot Abrams, who is not a productive player when it comes to moving a new stable equilibrium forward in the Middle East, would be trumped by Powell's status and engagement. Here here. Bring back Powell! Read on for Hagel's opinion about military action against Iran.

02-23-07 - India bans atomic exports to Iran

02-23-07 - Iran-Bashing Fails to Get Far "This involves turning the confrontation between Muslim countries and Israel and the U.S. into one in which Arabs and Muslims fight against each other," Abu al-Hadid told IPS. "Unfortunately, some are helping the U.S. create animosity between the regional actors, and the primary struggle -- for the liberation of occupied Arab land -- is being forgotten."

02-23-07 - Kurds deny deal to allow Palestinians safe haven

02-23-07 - Analysis: U.S. nixes Israel-Syria talks It is laughable the notion that the US directs Israeli policy and not the other way around.

02-23-07 - 46 nations push for cluster bomb treaty Some key arms makers - including the U.S., Russia, Israel and China - snubbed the conference

02-23-07 - The British government must take this new opportunity to end its shameful opposition to a ban on cluster bombs According to the police report, Kamaleddine Mohammad was gathering wood near the Rashidiyeh Palestinian refugee camp outside Tyre in Lebanon last month when he stepped on an unexploded submunition from a cluster bomb. Mohammad was yet another victim of Israel's cluster bombing campaign at the end of last summer's war between Israel and Hizbollah. He is one of the tens of thousands of civilians killed or injured by cluster munitions in war zones throughout the world in recent decades.

02-23-07 - What else can Israel ask of President Bush? On Friday, when Rice was en route to the region, Olmert and Bush spoke on the phone. It is not clear who called whom, and what exactly was said, but Olmert announced after the conversation that Bush is in line with him about insisting on "the Quartet's conditions" for the Palestinian government: recognize Israel, renounce terror and honor previous Palestinian-Israeli agreements........Some believe that since Bush is the best thing to ever happen to Israel, it is important to exploit the remainder of his term to upgrade relations. GFY. The first thing that comes to mind after having read this article. America has done quite enough, thanks.

02-23-07 - British U-turn brings global ban on deadly cluster bombs a step closer

02-23-07 - Victory of Iraq war isn't for U.S., but Iran The neocons are apparently gone from Washington, but there are still some of them around, writing memos and influencing policy. The memos for the deployment of another 21,500 troops to Iraq came from William Kristol and Robert Kagan, lesser lights than I. Lewis Libby and Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz, but still neocons. Despite all the mistakes the neocons have made in understanding the importance of religion in that part of the world, the President is still apparently willing to listen to them. Now he is doing all he can to prepare the public for a war with Iran.

02-23-07 - Shell, Repsol, Total, Defy U.S. to Seek Iran Deals

02-23-07 - Savage on Sawyer: a "lying whore" who "in essence, is agreeing that the Holocaust didn't occur" Despite his best efforts to portray himself as a Conservative - Savage is a part of the Israeli lobby. He is the epitome of a neocon (former granola-munching liberal-cum-conservative).

02-23-07 - Old Europe and the Mullahs by Philip Giraldi ** AIPAC's formulation that the option of force "must remain on the table" when dealing with Iran has been repeated like a mantra by numerous politicians and government officials, not too surprisingly as AIPAC writes the briefings and position papers that many Congressmen unfortunately rely on

02-23-07 - UN envoy to visit Lebanon to assess August truce A UN envoy is to visit Lebanon next week to assess compliance with an August truce resolution that ended last summer's war between Israel and Shiite militant group Hezbollah.

02-23-07 - Dems call on GOP to drop Indianapolis pol ..."My opinion is, if Israel would go into Iran, Democrats will follow that cause. I really do believe that."

02-23-07 - Romney issues pension challenge, again Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney challenged New York?s governor and U.S. senators to divest state pension funds from Iran ? though it?s not clear they?re in fact invested there.

02-23-07 - Wolfowitz May Bring Bank Back to Iraq In a previous statement, Edwards argued that "Wolfowitz's apparent determination to use the World Bank to further questionable American military goals in the Middle East is a fundamental distortion of the Bank's mission, a violation of its founding Articles of Agreement, and a reckless waste of donor resources." Now we know why Wolfowitz was given that position.

02-23-07 - Hizbullah rep says no talks on hostage swap There are currently no negotiations for prisoner exchange between Israel and Hizbullah, Lebanese Hizbullah parliamentarian Hasan Haballah says. Haballah warns group may launch civil revolt in Lebanon if ?doors closed in our face?

02-23-07 - Three out of four Israelis would like to be part of EU Seventy-six per cent of Israelis cited foreign policy as a priority, which suggests that the widespread perception of Tony Blair as a friend of Israel may have influenced Britain's 80 per cent approval as the Israelis' favourite European country And that would be because under Blair, Britain has gone along with the Bush administration's neocon-driven foreign policies.

02-23-07 - ACLU asks NY federal court to strike down US terrorism policy It said an entry in the State Department's Foreign Affairs Manual says that the provision is directed at those who have voiced "irresponsible expressions of opinion."

02-23-07 - War drills occupy French sailors amid Lebanon lull Amid the drills, Israeli warplanes continue to overfly UN peacekeeping ships, a practice French Defence Minister Michele Alliot-Marie criticised last October as "dangerous".


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