The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, February 10, 2007

News for 02-09-07

02-09-07 - Disabled vets post-war employment problems 'understated' warns government auditor A report out on Thursday from the Government Accountability Office warns that the federal government is "understating" the complaints of disabled veterans. It is also doing a poor job of reporting to Congress on the complaints of veterans more generally.

02-09-07 - Pentagon: Prewar intel on Al Qaeda-Hussein link not illegal but 'dubious' McClatchy also reports that Feith's unit cited as one of its strongest piece of evidence of this relationship "a purported April 2001 meeting in the Czech capital of Prague between a senior Iraqi intelligence officer and Mohammed Atta, who led the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon several months later." The CIA and the FBI later concluded that the meeting never took place, but as late as 2004, Mr. Cheney was still citing this finding as evidence of an Al Qaeda and Iraqi link.

02-09-07 - Gates: U.S. can prove Iran's Iraq role ** Gates told reporters Friday that markings on explosives provide "pretty good" evidence that Iranians are supplying either weapons or technology for Iraqi extremists...."I think there's some serial numbers, there may be some markings on some of the projectile fragments that we found" that point to Iran, he said.....Gates' remarks left unclear how the U.S. knows the serial numbers are traceable to Iran and whether such weapons would have been sent to Iraq by the Iranian government or by private arms dealers.

02-09-07 - Pentagon Office Produced 'Alternative' Intelligence on Iraq The Pentagon investigation focused on the Policy Counter-Terrorism Evaluation Group, which Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz created shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to look for state sponsors of terrorism, according to a Pentagon response to the inspector general's report. The unit then began probing for possible links between Saddam's regime and Osama bin Laden's terrorist network. The Pentagon response from Eric Edelman, Feith's successor and a former aide to Cheney, said Wolfowitz asked Feith's analysts to ignore the intelligence community's belief that the militant Islamist al-Qaida and Saddam's secular dictatorship were unlikely allies.
These SOB's should be in prison.

02-09-07 - U.S. blames Iran for Iraqi arms surge

02-09-07 - IAEA suspends Iran aid projects

02-09-07 - Marine 'congratulated' men for murder of Iraqi civilian: witness

02-09-07 - How close is Iran to a nuclear bomb? ** Some voices argue that Iran remains at least five years away from nuclear weapons capability, and US intelligence estimates have consistently pushed back when that might be - so some argue there is no rush. 'They almost have the bomb! No wait, can't use that. I know, they're supplying the bombs to Iraqis. Yeh yeh, that's it, that's the ticket!!'

02-09-07 - Pentagon Report Finds Killing Over 600,000 Iraqis (For Israel) "Inappropriate" But Not Illegal

02-09-07 - Iranian official: U.S. seeks to mask failure in Iraq by scapegoating Iran

02-09-07 - Al-Qaeda Suspects Color White House Debate Over Iran ** Last week, the CIA sent an urgent report to President Bush's National Security Council: Iranian authorities had arrested two al-Qaeda operatives traveling through Iran on their way from Pakistan to Iraq. The suspects were caught along a well-worn, if little-noticed, route for militants determined to fight U.S. troops on Iraqi soil, according to a senior intelligence official......Since al-Qaeda fighters began streaming into Iran from Afghanistan in the winter of 2001, Tehran had turned over hundreds of people to U.S. allies and provided U.S. intelligence with the names, photographs and fingerprints of those it held in custody, according to senior U.S. intelligence and administration officials. Paragraphs 4 and 5 from the bottom of the article are of interest as well.

02-09-07 - Is Bombing Iran Bush's Call? by Patrick J. Buchanan ** will the neocons get their way and their new war ? on Iran?

02-09-07 - Army Says It Will Withhold $19.6 Million From Halliburton, Citing Potential Contract Breach

02-09-07 - Russian says U.S. expansion a threat Russian President Vladimir Putin has reacted angrily to U.S. plans to deploy missile defense sites in Poland and the Czech Republic, saying Moscow does not trust U.S. claims they were aimed to counter missile threats from Iran and will take relevant countermeasures. Both countries are former Soviet satellites that became NATO members.

02-09-07 - Norquist: Bush?s Advisers Telling Him ?Invade Iran. Then Everyone Will See How Smart We Are? **

02-09-07 - Selective Service System Has Draft Boards Ready

02-09-07 - Iran "digging a hole" in nuclear dispute "Iran seems to be determined to further its isolation internationally on this issue of nuclear weapons," Nicholas Burns, U.S. undersecretary of state for political affairs, told reporters in Buenos Aires.

02-09-07 - No new arms race despite U.S. missile plan: Russia

02-09-07 - Palestinian official asks Iraq to protect refugees

02-09-07 - Libby Trial: Prosecution Rests--Strongly

02-09-07 - Oil prices stay near $60 a barrel Meanwhile, Opec members - led by Saudi Arabia - cut output in recent weeks. The move was designed to stabilise prices after they fell steadily from a high of more than $78 a barrel in August.

02-09-07 - Clint Eastwood against Iraq war, but admires Bush "tenacity" "I wasn't for going in there," Eastwood said. "Only because democracy isn't something that you get overnight. I don't think America got democracy overnight. It's something we had to fight for and believe in."

02-09-07 - DoD Report Appears to Confirm Downing Street Memo Senior administration officials, including Vice President Cheney, made numerous public statements that reflected the views of the Feith alternative analysis, which were inconsistent with the analysis and judgments of the intelligence community

02-09-07 - Rice Denies Seeing Iranian Proposal in '03

02-09-07 - Wolfowitz Warns of 'Surprise like Pearl Harbor' Months Before 9/11 Attacks This surfacing video only reinforces the pre-meditation established by the Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

02-09-07 - UNHCR urges support for Iraqi refugees in Syria, Jordan

02-09-07 - High Commissioner winds up visit to Middle East region, new arrivals of Palestinians at Iraq-Syria border Meanwhile in a related development, the number of Palestinian refugees stranded at Al Waleed on the Iraq-Syria border has now reached more than 750 after the arrival over the last two days of 73 refugees fleeing the violence, harassment and killings in Baghdad.


02-09-07 - 'Startling moment' at Libby trial as President Bush is referenced "It was a Kristof article in May of 2003 which first got the White House thinking about Ambassador Wilson, because it talked about an ambassador?s trip, which essentially undercut the State of the Union speech."

02-09-07 - Palestinian Refugees in Iraq

02-09-07 - Policy Watch: Russia-Iran gas OPEC unlikely To the extent that OPEC works as an effective oil cartel, it only does so because the largest producer -- Saudi Arabia -- has been willing to reduce production in order to raise prices (or keep them from falling).

02-09-07 - Syria waging war against us, says Netanyahu Opposition leader: Golan must remain part of Israel in any peace agreement land grabbers

02-09-07 - Netanyahu: Try Iranian on genocide charge genocide def - the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group . Who has driven nearly 3/4 million people from their homes, who has wiped Palestine off the map, who continues to squeeze a people into smaller and smaller areas of land by unlawful land confiscation (this includes by way of the wall)? Is it the Palestinians? And what of Avigdor Lieberman's comments calling on Israel to transfer the Arabs out of that country, hmm? He was just put in a very powerful position in the Israeli government. Can you say HYPOCRISY.

02-09-07 - Chris Hedges: The Christian Right?s War on America I try not to focus on it. I?ve had to deal with the Israeli lobby for so long that I really try and shut it out and try not to read it, because a lot of it is just completely untrue and unfair, and I don?t want to burn up a lot of energy. I?d rather just put the blinders on and keep going and say what I have to say. I don?t like it, obviously, and I especially don?t like it when it devolves?as it usually does?into character assassination. We saw that with the response to Jimmy Carter?s book

02-09-07 - Gatekeepers Bury Dancing Israeli Movers And Bogus Art Students On DN! They were released because they had no foreknowledge but they were celebrating because why? Why were they the only people in New York who seemed to realize that the first impact was a terrorist attack and not an accident? Because they lacked foreknowledge? I would bet all of my money on the fact that they knew what was coming, and that's why they came to Liberty Park to watch the incident, and that's precisely why they were seen cheering after the FIRST plane went into the WTC - when it had not yet been established that this was a terrorist attack. "Cui bono- Who benefits? - is a question that must ever be asked about Middle Eastern terror" - Pat Buchanan. Do your own research - who has benefited the most from the subsequent 'war on terror' and the political situation as well. You will get a few different answers: Israel, Cheney, and the neocons. Whose war is this?. I've got that Fox News video that has since disappeared without a trace from the internet at Fox's insistance. somewhere. Though I am not sure that I have all four parts of that series. For your perusal: the Bergen County Record article about the incident retrieved from the Internet Archiver.

02-09-07 - Lerner open to 9/11 conspiracy theory "I would not be surprised to learn that some branch of our government conspired either actively to promote or passively to allow the attack on 9/11," It is my belief that there are (and have been for some time) rogue elements in (and in a position to influence) our government at the highest levels. These elements do not give a damn about the lives of Americans - their agenda trumps all. They are not of the ordinary average type of American (such as police officers, firefighters; public servants) - and they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, even if some Americans have to lose their lives in the process. They needed a new Pearl Harbor, and, with all of the players in the right place, by golly - they got one. For you to understand what kind of individuals to which I am referring, you need to study all of the materials in my website. They are a minority of extremists that can be found both here and in Israel. And their influence far exceeds their numbers. To the detriment of many nations. I don't care what you want to call me ('conspiracy theorist', etc). My mind goes there when every day I bear witness to the utter contempt for law and life by these folks. They are not American by any stretch of the imagination. And they are not 'our friends'. Those folks that got arrested because they were caught cheering the attack on the WTC - in the very least - had advanced knowledge of the attack, and they let it happen (there are precedents for this, the advanced knowledge of the bombings of the barracks in Beirut in 1983 and the deliberate suppression of information that could have saved the lives of our men, is one example. Read 'They Dare to Speak Out' by Paul Findley). That story was veritably buried by the MSM. The press have become accomplices.

02-09-07 - Rice focuses on endgame, but says conditions for Hamas remain in place At least a few of the 17 Jewish leaders arrived at the State Department armed with hard questions about Rice?s planned Feb. 19 summit with Olmert and Abbas.....They walked away reassured......Rice also forcefully addressed the U.S. determination to continue isolating Iran until it agrees to transparency about its nuclear program. She saw no point in otherwise dealing with the Iranian government.

02-09-07 - U.N.'s Ban Veers From Standard Line on Israel Lebanese military commanders said that before the shooting began on Wednesday, Israeli bulldozers crossed the border, moving 22 yards into Lebanon's territory near the village of Maroun el-Rass. But the Israeli press, quoting IDF sources, said the bulldozers came under fire from the Lebanese side after crossing a "technical fence" within Israel's territory, several yards from the international border, known as the "blue line."
The NY Sun is a staunchly pro-Israel rag, in case you hadn't yet noticed.

02-09-07 - Arabs Less Worried About Iran The face-to-face survey of a total of 3,850 respondents in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates found that close to 80 percent of Arabs consider Israel and the United States the two biggest external threats to their security. Only six percent cited Iran.

02-09-07 - Pair eager to leave their legal limbo "I came here for a way of life," he says. "I'd lived all my life under Israeli occupation, and I wanted to be free." Unfortunately, you will find that Israel occupies America as well - and you will be treated virtually the same here as there, seems.

02-09-07 - Lebanon to use seized Hezbollah arms to fight Israel The Lebanese army will use weapons seized from the Shiite group Hezbollah to fight Israel in case of any future violation of Lebanese sovereignty, Defence Minister Elias Murr said.

02-09-07 - Helping Israel Die ** this is the inevitable consequence of the planned air and missile attack on Iran

02-09-07 - Jordan's Queen says Islam does not demand veil

02-09-07 - Shoebat Paints Unflattering Portrait of World?s Muslims And that's precisely why this 'former Palestinian terrorist' is allowed to traipse around this country in the first place - the Hasbara(propaganda).

02-09-07 - JINSA Bestows Distinguished Service Award Upon Senator John McCain If JINSA likes him, then he in fact must be bad for America. JINSA = "Israel first!"


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