The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

News for 01-30-07

01-30-07 - Senators warn against war with Iran ** Sen. Chuck Hagel (news, bio, voting record), R-Neb., a possible presidential candidate, asked Negroponte if he thinks the United States is edging toward a military confrontation with Tehran. In response, Negroponte repeated President Bush's oft-stated preference for diplomacy, although he later added, "We don't rule out other possibilities."

01-30-07 - Officials: White House Holding Back Report Detailing Iran's Meddling in Iraq ** A plan by the Bush administration to release detailed and possibly damning specific evidence linking the Iranian government to efforts to destabilize Iraq have been put on hold, U.S. officials told FOX News.

01-30-07 - Iranian Reveals Plan to Expand Role in Iraq

01-30-07 - Bush 'spoiling for a fight' with Iran** US officials in Baghdad and Washington are expected to unveil a secret intelligence "dossier" this week detailing evidence of Iran's alleged complicity in attacks on American troops in Iraq. The move, uncomfortably echoing Downing Street's dossier debacle in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion, is one more sign that the Bush administration is building a case for war.

01-30-07 - The Feingold Option - How to end the war

01-30-07 - Negroponte says Iran cannot go unchallenged in Iraq

01-30-07 - Experts: US-Iran tensions could trigger accidental war ** Neocons are giddy at the prospect, no doubt.

01-30-07 - Miller testimony contradicts Libby story

01-30-07 - FBI turns to broad new wiretap method "What they're doing is even worse than Carnivore," said Kevin Bankston, a staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation who attended the Stanford event. "What they're doing is intercepting everyone and then choosing their targets."

01-30-07 - US chief seeks new tack on Iraq Admiral William Fallon told a Senate confirmation hearing that "time is short" for the US to turn Iraq around.
Countering Iranian influence in Iraq would also be an important priority if he was confirmed in his post

01-30-07 - Sockgate featuring Paul Wolfowitz Listen, it could happen to any of us...

01-30-07 - Kucinich: Bush's actions 'could lead to impeachment' ** Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) says the White House is "up to its old tricks" as it preparess for a U.S. attack on Iran, according to a press release.

01-30-07 - Israel not likely to face sanction for breaching cluster-bomb pact A pro-Israel lobbyist said one possible repercussion is that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) may reintroduce legislation to make the sale of cluster bombs explicitly conditional on not using them in civilian areas.

01-30-07 - Bush: Iraq failure impacts Iran ** Israeli leaders have expressed concerns that controversies surrounding the Iraq war will inhibit U.S. resolve in confronting Iran?s nuclear program.

01-30-07 - Avoiding another US war in the Middle East **

01-30-07 - Pentagon halts sale of F-14 parts

01-30-07 - U.N. says 700 Palestinians stranded at Iraq border Some 700 Palestinians are stranded at the Iraq-Syria border, living in inhumane conditions in no-man's land after fleeing violence in Iraq, the United Nations refugee agency said on Tuesday.

01-30-07 - Israeli Realism on Iran Belies Threat Rhetoric Occasionally, Israeli officials do let slip indications that their fears of Iran are less extreme than the "second holocaust" rhetoric would indicate. Last November, Deputy Defence Minister Ephraim Sneh explained candidly in an interview with the Jerusalem Post that the fear was not that such weapons would be launched against Israel but that the existence of nuclear capability would interfere with Israel's recruitment of new immigrants and cause more Israelis to emigrate to other countries.

01-30-07 - Baker: Syria talks may help Israel If the Bush administration opened a dialogue with Syria it could remove a major roadblock to Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking - Hamas' refusal to recognize the Jewish state - former Secretary of State James A. Baker III said Tuesday.

01-30-07 - Consequences of US commitment to Iraq America's focus on Iraq is allowing Russia and China to assert themselves

01-30-07 - Judge rejects complaint in AIPAC ex-staffers case The judge in the classified information case against two former AIPAC staffers dismissed their request for a hearing on what they called violations of grand jury leak laws.

01-30-07 - Iran, Israel, and our shared security goals By Newt Gingrich The US should have as an explicit goal, regime change in Iran, as its constitution makes them a revolutionary regime.....If we are going to live with the Palestinians then we need to gain control of their urban spaces

01-30-07 - Nasrallah vows Lebanon will be graveyard for invaders Nasrallah, addressing a huge crowd gathered for the sacred Shiite day of Ashura, accused US President George W. Bush and Israel of "trying to defeat resistance movements in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq by starting civil wars."

01-30-07 - Israel was skeptical of Iraq, scholar says "Israel was very aware of the fact that from its point of view, Iran was the bigger threat." Israel wants all of its enemies removed - by US.

01-30-07 - Here We Go Again - Pentagon leaks 'proof positive' against Iran

01-30-07 - Event billed as speech by ex-terrorists draws ire "Where is the FBI? Where is the (Immigration and Naturalization Service) to strip his citizenship, as they did with so many others with so fewer allegations?" These 'former terrorists' are darlings of the Israeli lobby - THAT'S why they're allowed in this country; to propagandize. Others that committed lesser crimes are in our PRISONS right now.

01-30-07 - Wolf Blitzer is a Zionist


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