The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Saturday, February 03, 2007

News for 02-02-07

02-02-07 - Britain plays down claims of Tehran role ** Senior British officials, citing mistakes over Saddam Hussein?s alleged weapons of mass destruction, are voicing scepticism about US efforts to build an intelligence-based case against Iran.

02-02-07 - U.S. not planning for war with Iran, Gates says ** Gates said the United States was pursuing a purely diplomatic path to try to halt Iran's nuclear program, which Tehran says is for power generation but Washington says is aimed at producing nuclear weapons. This is a keeper. For, a few years from now, we'll be asking the same questions we are currently asking about Iraq - about Iran. Thus will there be the same backpedaling that we see now with regard to Iraq.

02-02-07 - Support the Troops by Ending the War by Rep. Ron Paul Why must so many Americans be killed or hurt in Iraq when our security and our liberty were not threatened? And why have those that deliberately misled the American people into attacking a country that posed no threat to us NOT been brought to justice? They are at it again. Their cohorts in the mainstream media are as well.

02-02-07 - Iran official says allows U.N. cameras at key atom site

02-02-07 - Justifications for attacking Iran on shaky ground ** A new U.S. intelligence estimate on Friday, however, concluded that Iranian and other outside meddling is "not likely" a major cause of the bloodshed in Iraq, and a new McClatchy analysis of U.S. casualties in Iraq found that Sunni Muslim insurgents, not Iranian-backed Shiites, have mounted most - but not all - of the attacks on American forces.

02-02-07 - Iran hosts tour of nuclear plant Some countries suspect Iran of secretly trying to develop a nuclear weapon.

02-02-07 - Kissinger, Albright urge Bush administration to talk to Iran and Syria strategy

02-02-07 - White House to Release Details on Eavesdropping Bowing to bipartisan pressure from lawmakers, the Justice Department announced today that it was turning over to select members of Congress secret documents detailing the National Security Agency?s domestic eavesdropping program.

02-02-07 - Choice for No. 2 at State Dept. Defends Bush?s Stance on Iran In a sign that the debate over Iraq is increasingly becoming a debate over Iran, Mr. Negroponte, appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, found himself answering the same questions, over and over again.

02-02-07 - Changing the Subject: From Bush?s Mess in Mesopotamia to the Peril in Persia Bush appears puppet-like under the influence of Vice-President Cheney and his cabal of neo-con warmongers, the principle architects of the imperialistic mis-adventure in Iraq. We are facing another fear driven, made-up run-up to an even more costly war against Iran to divert our attention from the debilitating debacle in Iraq that has taken such a terrible toll in lives, suffering and money, and to make more money for oil and war profiteers.....On January 7, 2007 the UK Guardian reported that Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR), a division of the energy and military giant Halliburton, had secured contracts in Iraq worth $13 billion including an uncontested $7 billion contract to rebuild Iraq's oil infrastructure.

02-02-07 - Iran blames US policy for Iraq conflict Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has said that US "militaristic" policies in the region were to blame for the raging violence in neighbouring Iraq.

02-02-07 - Libby: Don't release grand jury tapes Trial evidence is normally public and all exhibits in Libby's case have been made public so far. Even though Fitzgerald successfully fought to get Libby's full grand jury testimony admitted into evidence, Libby's attorneys say the audiotapes should not be released outside the courtroom.

02-02-07 - US report warns of worsening Iraq violence The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iraq, which was presented to President George Bush yesterday, said a political reconciliation between Sunni and Shia factions is unlikely in the next 18 months.

02-02-07 - Malaysia stands by Iran gas deal Malaysia is threatening to end free trade talks with the United States if it is asked to break an energy development deal with Iran.

02-02-07 - Syria 'hostile' towards Iraqis: Baghdad Baghdad lashed out at Damascus, saying the strife-torn country's western neighbour was hostile towards Iraqis after it imposed new time limits for refugees staying in Syria.

02-02-07 - Bush Is Hiding the Ball on Iran ** instead of front-page stories about the dangers of an expanded war in the Middle East or an examination of alternative strategies that might be tried, the major U.S. newspapers act as if nothing is happening. Americans are clueless at this point. A repost of the Four Day War.

02-02-07 - Democrats Sidestep Defunding Demands after returning from a trip to Iraq, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sidestepped questions over whether she would try to scuttle Bush's plan to increase the number of U.S. troops in Iraq, calling it "the one last chance" that the U.S. war in Iraq will "succeed."

02-02-07 - Libby Lawyers Seize on Miller Hesitation Miller the neoconette.

02-02-07 - Iraq: A humanitarian operation that will go on for years The Palestinians and the Syrians have to be our main protection concern as they are being targeted by various militias and they are being continually threatened and killed on a weekly basis. There is basically nowhere that we can send them at the moment.
Syrians? Interesting.

02-02-07 - Romney says Sen. Clinton 'timid' on Iran ** Responding to Romney's criticism, Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee said Friday: "Senator Clinton believes that no option should be taken off the table when it comes to preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Given his record of flip flops, the only thing that's timid are Governor Romney's convictions The bipartisan game of 'who can kiss the pro-Israeli ass the best' has shifted into high gear - a game where America always seems to come out the loser. Look no further for the reason why we will be attacking Iran.

02-02-07 - Russia, U.S. clash at ?Quartet? meet ?I don?t think you can solve any problem through boycott and isolation,? said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who pledged to continue Russia?s contacts with Hamas,

02-02-07 - US intelligence report projects deteriorating situation in Iraq ** Stratfor goes onto say that Israel, not wanting to take any chances and having realized that an overt attack on Iran is not really possible, is conducting covert activities in Iran, hinting that the recent death of a top Iranian nuclear scientist may be connected to Israel's secret service, the Mossad.

02-02-07 - Palestinians in Iraq say they are targeted by "ethnic cleansing campaign"

02-02-07 - Acquittal just latest setback in courts The resulting case against Salah relied largely on a confession obtained by Israeli intelligence agents in 1993. Salah claimed he had been tortured into confessing, a charge denied by the Israeli agents who, in an unprecedented move, testified under pseudonyms in a courtroom closed to the public. The American people are still, by and large, some of the most fair (among other things) people in the world.

02-02-07 - Kurds train for battle with Iran Meir Javedanfar, an Israel-based Iran expert, noted however that Israel has a long-standing relationship with Iraqi Kurdish leader Mustafa Barzani and "It would not surprise me to discover that Israel is using the Kurdish areas of Iraq to undermine Iran's influence in Iraq and monitor what's going on along the Iranian border, as well as to undermine the Iranian government itself." Israel is in fact training the Kurds. And again. One more.

02-02-07 - French lawmakers urge terror label for Hezbollah Both the IDF and Hezbollah deliberately targeted civilians during the summer war, according to the relevant HRW reports. What's good for the goose...

02-02-07 - American Involvement Deepens in Lebanon In recent weeks, Washington has also provided Saniora's government with military supplies, such as Humvee vehicles. After assassinations in 2006 of pro-government politicians opposing Syria, the FBI helped investigate.

Divide and conquer.

02-02-07 - AJC Disappointed in Mixed Verdict at U.S. Terror Trial The American Jewish Committee expressed its disappointment at a jury's decision to acquit two Palestinians on American federal racketeering laws, but find them guilty on obstruction of justice charges. Disappointed that AMERICAN justice was served? Disappointed that the AMERICAN jury didn't buy the dog and pony act? The heart bleeds.

02-02-07 - Israel planes still buzzing Lebanon: U.N. commander "They are continuing to do (overflights) on a daily basis ... sometimes five or six a day," Major-General Alain Pellegrini told Europe 1 radio. Asked what was the point of the flights, Pellegrini said: "It's obviously to control the territory, but it could also be to provoke."
Israel = rogue nation.

02-02-07 - Clinton wants talks with Iran Clinton told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee dinner in New York.

02-02-07 - Robert Fisk: Please spare me the word 'terrorist' the crisis in Lebanon is also about Iran and Syria, especially Iran's determination to damage or destroy any Middle East government which has earned America's friendship. In the growing, overheated drama being played out between Washington and Tehran (and Israel, of course), Lebanon is another board game for the two sides to use. America thus lined up to defend Lebanon's democracy - though it didn't care a damn about it when Israel bombarded the country last summer - while Iran continues to support Hizbollah whose government ministers resigned last year, provoking the current crisis.

02-02-07 - Pipes talk disrupted in California Anti-Israel protesters at a California college disrupted a speech by academic Daniel Pipes

02-02-07 - Orthodox teenagers indicted in hate crime On Oct. 29, Shahid Amber, 24, an immigrant from Pakistan, was eating an ice cream outside a Brooklyn Dunkin? Donuts when he was approached by a group of teenagers who taunted him, called him a terrorist, kicked and punched him and pushed him against a wall. He was treated for a broken nose and other injuries.

02-02-07 - Suleiman: 'Israel missed its best chance for peace' Suleiman said that Olmert's weakness led the IDF to embark on the Lebanon War instead of using the leverage of the talks to end the crisis peacefully.

02-02-07 - Clinton, Edwards Will Square Off At Aipac Tonight A Democratic political consultant who worked on President Clinton's re-election campaign, Hank Sheinkopf, noted that the Aipac dinner always draws a parade of politicians. "New York is the ATM for American politicians. Large amounts of money come from the Jewish community," he said. "If you're running for president and you want dollars from that group, you need to show that you're interested in the issue that matters most to them."
'Ziagra'. (Say, whatever was that brouhaha regarding Wesley Clark's comments regarding 'NY money people' all about anyway, mewonders?...)

02-02-07 - Israeli media says Syria has tested Scud The Israeli army's Green Pine radar system detected the test at the start of the week, according to security sources cited by the media Friday. Mmm k.

02-02-07 - Conference of Presidents in Prague The delegation is expected to thank Czech officials for their support of Israel and express concern over issues such as Europe?s relationship with Iran and United Nations votes condemning Israel.

02-02-07 - Hillary fails to 'perform' for pro-israel crowd Clinton's remarks at the Marriott Marquis were met with little applause, and after she left the stage, several people said they were put off by the presidential candidate. "This is the wrong crowd to do that with," said one person at the dinner, noting the pro-Israel crowd wanted to hear tougher rhetoric.

As to the title: give her some 'Zio-agra' or 'Ziagra' = more AIPAC $$$.


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