The US inches ever closer to attacking Iran

Thursday, February 08, 2007

News for 02-07-07

02-07-07 - Iran test-fires Russian air defence missiles

02-07-07 - Five charged over US Iraq 'scam'

02-07-07 - Russert contradicts Libby's testimony

02-07-07 - Rice grilled over lack of smoking gun in allegations against Iran ** US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice faced a blistering challenge in Congress over the administration's failure to provide evidence to back up allegations Iran is building nuclear weapons and fueling attacks on US forces in Iraq.

02-07-07 - What to Ask Before the Next War ** The writer, a former national intelligence officer for the Near East and South Asia, teaches security studies at Georgetown University Paul Pillar was interviewed in the PBS Frontline documentary The Dark Side, which is available (last I knew) to watch online.

02-07-07 - U.S. Envoy Urges Sustained Nonmilitary Campaign Against Iran European countries should join the United States in a nonmilitary campaign aimed at pressuring the Iranian government to turn away from its nuclear ambitions, the U.S. representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency says.

02-07-07 - US should weigh war on terrorism tax - Lieberman To the contrary, Joe, a tax should be levied upon the neocons and all of the other warmongerers who stampeded the American people into war based on deceptive intelligence (and these same folks are at it again). And that includes you, num****.

02-07-07 - World must help Jordan, Syria assist Iraqi refugees: UN

02-07-07 - Israel calls for sanctions on Iran that bypass UN Security Council

02-07-07 - Ann Coulter angry that any mainstream news channel dare give the Libby trial too much attention Here's a tissue, Ann, to wipe the brown off your nose (How do the asses of the Bush admin/neocons smell these days, mm?).

02-07-07 - Russia plans new ICBMs, nuclear subs Sergei Ivanov's statements appeared aimed at raising his profile at home ahead of the 2008 election in which he is widely seen as a potential contender to succeed President Vladimir Putin. But they also seemed to reflect a growing chill in Russian-U.S. relations and the Kremlin's concern about U.S. missile defense plans.

02-07-07 - Iranian urges action vs. holy site work Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on Wednesday called on Islamic nations to retaliate against Israel for its construction work at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, known to Jews as the Temple Mount, state TV reported.

02-07-07 - Sunni Arab view of US-Iran tensions ** There's virtually unanimous opposition to a US attack on Iran.

02-07-07 - Israel sounds alarm on Iran's nuclear efforts ** "It might be bad for Israel and bad for American Jews for Israel to be seen as pushing for action on Iran," said Yossi Klein Halevi, a senior fellow at the Shalem Center, a research institute in Jerusalem. "But we don't have the luxury of time anymore."....."I see a syndrome of America acting late," Sami Friedrich, an Israeli management consultant, lectured Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who joined the conference by video hookup from Washington.....Israel lacks the capability for a sustained offensive that might be needed to strike the bulk of Iran's facilities. Because of that, Ben-Israel and other officials say, Israel would prefer to join in an American-led attack on Iran Because, America doesn't have enough on its hands right now. K. If Israel seriously believed that it was in such grave danger - as it is leading us Americans to believe - there would be no talk. The Israeli nukes would've dropped on Iran by now. The fact is, Israel is not in imminent grave danger. That's why it's telling its own people ONE thing, and us quite another.

02-07-07 - Taki Goes Online

02-07-07 - U.S.-Israeli agreement on anti-terror due An Israel official said the memorandum would provide for exchanges of information, joint research and ways of coping with conventional and non-conventional terror. We need that like we need a hole in the head.

02-07-07 - U.S., Israel face trial in unofficial war tribunal in Malaysia A tribunal initiated by former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad was launched Wednesday to hear complaints of abuse and torture by victims of war in Iraq and the Palestinian territory.

02-07-07 - Israel weighing force against Hezbollah Israel's defense minister on Wednesday accused Syria of allowing the rearmament of Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon and said Israel has the right to act "forcefully" against the Shiite militia to counter the threat.

02-07-07 - Israeli and Lebanese troops clash at border A Reuters correspondent at the scene and Israeli security sources said the clash began after the Lebanese troops shot in the air as an Israeli patrol crossed a security fence to search for explosives planted by Hizbullah. Israeli troops responded with tank and light weapons fire, Israeli security officials said. Notice the difference between the Israeli version and that of the eyewitness.

02-07-07 - Clash on Israel-Lebanese border Lebanese officials said the Israelis were across the border. "An Israeli bulldozer crossed into south Lebanon tonight. Our forces opened fire at it. It pulled back and there was a brief exchange of fire," an army official told Reuters

02-07-07 - Syria waging war against us, says Netanyahu Syria is waging an indirect war against Israel , Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday

02-07-07 - Rice: Israel-Palestinian peace won't help Iraq US Secretary of State says Bush administration disagrees with Baker-Hamilton report, does not believe Israeli-Palestinian peace is key to solving conflicts elsewhere. Emphasizes however that new US diplomatic push is expected at upcoming three-way meeting with Olmert, Abbas

02-07-07 - Lebanon boycotts Munich meet because Israel attending Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora will not attend a major security conference in Germany this weekend because Israel's foreign minister will be attending.

02-07-07 - 12 Consequences of Attacking Iran ** The containment and disbanding of the Israeli lobby, one of the consequences put forth by the author, would actually be good for America. The rest of course, would not.

02-07-07 - Interpol lists 7 in AMIA bombing Interpol reportedly will put under high priority the detention of six Iranians and one Lebanese wanted in the 1994 AMIA bombing.

02-07-07 - US and Iran help rebuild Lebanon's destroyed bridges Send the bill to Israel.

02-07-07 - Benton Man Says Rapture Is Near Swell.


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